Obama Thanks Italian PM for Support in Mosul, Other Anti-ISIS Initiatives

The president and Matteo Renzi held a joint press conference at the White House and discussed the ongoing fight against the terror group.
5:11 | 10/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Thanks Italian PM for Support in Mosul, Other Anti-ISIS Initiatives
I thanked Italy very strongly for its leading role. And the coalition against iced after the United States Italy is the second largest contributor of forces in Iraq. Italian forces are helping to stabilize. Cities through its training a police. After they are liberated from Beisel. The start of Iraqi operations to liberate Mosul as an. Another major step forward Mosul as many of you know is Iraq's second largest city in Neitzel has been entrenched there more than two years. Perhaps a million civilians are still living there and so in addition to routing out Beisel. Our focus jointly as on the safety and humanitarian aid for civilians were escaping the fight that's going to be a top priority for both our governments. But Mosul will be a difficult fight and the will be advances and there will be setbacks but. I am confident that justice Russell's been defused defeated in communities across Iraq. I soul will be defeated in Mosul was well and that will be another step towards their ultimate destruction. Meanwhile Italy continues to be one of our strongest counterterrorism partners as we work together to prevent terrorist attacks in our countries. More broadly we agreed to continue our strong support of the Libyan government of national accord which. As we've seen in recent days continues to face challenges to its authority. Italy provided critical diplomatic support Libya's efforts to force the government. Together we intend to continue to support. The government of national court as the worst inject myself from Libya provide stability and services throughout the country. And a sisal trust expand its presence in Afghanistan Italy continues to play a vital role. As we train and assist Afghan forces in support him well. We discussed the continuing need for strong coordinated responses that largest migrant and refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. As the leader. The use naval operations in the Mediterranean to Italy and its partners have helped to save. Hundreds of thousands of lives. As NATO agreed in Warsaw the alliance is moving ahead with plans to increase its support of these new operations and material I want to commend you. And the Italian people. The leadership in Europe that you have shown. A as an eloquent voice for a collective orderly and humane response to this crisis. Is in keeping with our values and are sure commitment to human Dick. And finally the past two weeks have been a powerful reminder the when our country's work together we can. Leave the world a little bit better than we found it. Because the United States in the lead joined with other nations across the globe we brought the Paris agreement on climate change and force. We reached an agreement to limit aviation emissions and through the Montreal protocol nearly 200 nations. I just this past week. Agreed to phase out production and consumption of dangerous hydra floor conference. Which are. A enormous contributor other greenhouse gases and a major step towards achieving the goals that we set in Paris. Meanwhile Italy continues to be a strong partner for development especially combat hunger and malnutrition around the world so. Once again material thank you for friendship thing cuper partnership. I could not ask for a better partner and him are people could not ask for better friend and ally. Then nearly so go out. Arctic national. We achieved it took it can't imagine them yet have an agenda is definitely be a millionaire juicy we are barely on this matter of the need. To melody of the army of ants achieving value. To be able to open at least get him to him being being cynical about the only light that hasn't done ourselves to learn after international. The collection be featured in our commuters are in Iraq and maintenance of its Italian troops arts and some party that he got a. He moves an operation in which they them in Mosul rockets and if on the legality that it's fundamentally. And not. To these little to the school weakening of the year. In policy here yesterday we cannot know must Chapman can I be if there AD that is so he immediately entanglement that goes by. The demeanor on the Needham Heights is this is the best richest and understand that and efficiently you itself in the numbers it is it's may assumption that the it was always look at things a local not only my deep commitment and they'll put me that with this president in opportunities that its companies in the in and in the next week this is an addendum of at least. Upon his we will be working together on. Thank you so much mr.

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{"id":42884008,"title":"Obama Thanks Italian PM for Support in Mosul, Other Anti-ISIS Initiatives","duration":"5:11","description":"The president and Matteo Renzi held a joint press conference at the White House and discussed the ongoing fight against the terror group.","url":"/International/video/obama-italian-pm-support-mosul-anti-isis-initiatives-42884008","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}