Across the Pond: Afghanistan peace summit set

Plus: Hong Kong protesters occupy legislative chamber, and the U.S. faces off with England in the Women's World Cup.
6:30 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Afghanistan peace summit set
Let's go across the pond out to do it McFarlin in the London bureau for the latest international news. Julia good morning let's start with Afghanistan's. You're really in after the attack yesterday that killed at least six. But now there's some hope for peace. Morning guys yes that's right Afghanistan as you say still reeling off their dot horrific. Bombing a tide yes they rush hour attack that left six dead. We'll know hundred Wayne did and children. Among the casualties. But can't be some hip on the horizon the US peace envoy has announced that that will be a seventh round. Of talks with the Pollock bond and cut tired now these talks are gonna because it tasted as Kate's phone said. By the Germans and its head that this may cub some kind of peace settlement that would involve the US withdrawing its troops. From Afghanistan in exchange for the town about it. Halting its attacks the Talabani did claimed responsibility for that horrific attack in central Kabul. Yes today. But what is and sing about the talks is that the Afghan government will have no other participation in the column on refusing to. Speak with any official member is off the Afghan government they are happy however it's 202 any other Afghans were not involved in it in an official capacity with the current government. Even a former president homage cause I they've been meeting with him recently and Julia moving on to Hong Kong where massive protest turned violent yesterday as police clashed with demonstrators. We've been seeing this for weeks how are things looking there today. Yes slight loss tonight some are ready stunning images all of protest is smash single. The skis is smashing glossed. Smashing barricades into the legislative building in Hong Kong making their way inside even to occupy the chamber is way then they laugh. Graffiti on the wall as they painted. Chinese Communist Party. Symbols and slogans inside the legends let's to indicate that the Hong Kong executive. Is completely within the grip. All of Beijing now yes they was. The 22 out of three since the Hyundai that of Hong Kong to China this here is of course says he is since the Tiananmen square protests. In China's it has a lot of heavy symbolism. With what's going on but protest is still demanding the resignation of the Hong Kong chief executive Connie lamm. Dave of the whole extradition bill that has gripped the city with these huge protests. And Julia before you leave us out of here with a little game today. And there's a little rivalry that's going on. First of all we can even come to terms about what to call it soccer vs booked let me know it cold Whipple what we call was. Under ended. Can cool lit united likes baseball Trulia explains how. Well wolf. Came from England I miss the and it is coming and you know. I didn't feel like we said earlier today before you joined as you guys may have started it. But today our dear friend we will have its. We will and so ahead of the women's World Cup semifinal with. The US vs England as I hear the British press have them is so kind to our national team typically we don't try to give that trolls any type of life. Overall how. There's some cool is is the highly anticipated semifinal between England and the US the US previous world time Indians. All of the fifa thoughtful will cop. Say the US team lot of favorites to win but because of the huge swell of support for the English the English team known as the lion s.'s it would be the last time they get they make. A major final since 1966. It's on tying guys I'm sure you cannot find any hot streak for us but controversy because apparently. The US team. They've been accused of spying on England because they with scenes. Scooping it's. Staking the English hates how. Apparently that was a man hiding in a train watching English team per pack and so the goal cut him spoke accusations. Of lying around. But you can be sure it's going to be an electric game at the studs in the own tonight let's of people wanting I'll be watching from the departure lounge. On unhappy happy flight and I. Heard you early he's undergoing the Bali Martin telling her travel and also all have cousins. I instead Harry doing about what I believe it isn't like I don't think the need that I. Unit in Bible Cano erupts I'll be sure to. The new guys some behind the scenes footage up and run my life. Welcome when he gets back from holiday album we will know. This match so maybe I should do a friendly wager yeah I'm thinking for years though it. If England loses I Betsy thought about this and kind I think that you we do across the pond next time you come back. To work from holiday and I thought that you should do that the generally our third story the little lighter you guys haven't noticed. Maybe that entire third story. You do within American accent. I'm like get. Blame Tim yeah as well it doesn't taste just an American accent. Hey it. I know what you guys wanted to say it might have I don't I'm always watching American TV and so I feel like taken may be kind of imitated but it's kinda hard pig and yeah. My eyes well yeah. It hired her to connect idea. Tell you what guys I won't affect my southern accent just be you can end there. Vizio back on I was lemon ice cup a day the financing and in England. Went look at. You guy is you have to stunned. You've gotten to saying god save the queen and I want you to be decked in the union Jack and I will wow. Also what W drinking tea on sat with a T what and the host of buying I. I believe it team USA so my. Way. I guess that's true that's true that's like him all right that'll virtual crops and Wednesday's O'Shea I haired entered. Let you thought you thought. So like always they got this thought well on my when you're on Friday. Give us the answer grab pictures and also work on your southern accent yet candidate on the southern bail. Say yeah. I half. Guy got hungry holiday.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Plus: Hong Kong protesters occupy legislative chamber, and the U.S. faces off with England in the Women's World Cup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64082858","title":"Across the Pond: Afghanistan peace summit set","url":"/International/video/pond-afghanistan-peace-summit-set-64082858"}