Across the Pond: Uganda reports 1st Ebola case

Plus: Russia drops charges against journalist after outcry, and Duchess Kate shears sheep.
5:22 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Uganda reports 1st Ebola case
Now let's go across the pond now to our foreign correspondent Julia MacFarlane in the London bureau good morning Julia a study in Africa where we've been covering the Ebola outbreak that has now. Expanded to Uganda. Mourning Kenneth that some bad news in the fight for a bed let it hasn't abated since that horrific outbreak but to into an effective and many sixty grumbled as headlines. Of this disease which was furious makes finding Chris West Africa more than 111000 people died. Back then and while there was logic contained up to 2016 house actually cracked back. In the DIC more than 14100 people have died us since last August and now some really bad news. A five year old boy in you've gone has been consigned to how the disease according to the World Health Organization. The country has issued an emergency response following this outbreak it's thought that he's traveled from the DeOssie to Uganda but a couple of its founding members. Have exhibited some signs. Of the disease say you. Health officials while health organization Ugandan officials on of course eight what is it that the Osce are really trying to get this outbreak under control before we see a repeat. About horrific epidemic. A few years ago. That's hope they do I'm sure they are working as fast that's possible. I'm a Julian overnight Russia was who has released a journalist being held on drug charges that it now would drop effort quite a public outcry so what's the latest there. Tenet this is a really really extraordinary story from Russia nicely because it's kind of I'm pretty strong and one of the finest real. This sort of exams we've seen of civil. Society of civil action being taken on the government responding to pressure on this remember Russia is ranks around eighty set out to the hundreds. On the world press freedom index a hundred being the absolute last say of course Russia pretty far down on that list. Puzzled the story even golden of he is and an independent freelance investigative reports. 48 Latvian based Russian. Outlets and he'd he'd done Alatas investment stories on bike lane shot business corruption. All of these sorts of things and last week he was detained by police. On drug charges now there was a huge international outcry about as I'm ticket very very much domestic outcry. Hey this same of these charges what Foltz got pictures that a pitch to Shays fascism method driving his apartment what I see pictures of his apartment. A lot of campaign is saying this was a sham and this was growing into a real embarrassment. Foyt the crowd let. Now one of our colleagues has just pointed out that today actually is a Russian. Public holidays it's an interesting timing for the Russians to release him from prison. And drop the charges against him and Interior Minister today. Saying he's gained Oscar Vladimir Putin Russian president. 252. Officials. Who are in bold. In this in this whole debacle. But this is really quite extraordinary example all of Russian civil society sort of standing up for press freedom and the authority's taxi taking names that stick. And interesting timing on that release and interesting. Kate made an appearance with some furry friends. Yes say a weather and K somewhere. We love the pictures of that visit saying some from as encumbered northern England's. They let tossing the problem isn't just understanding that what they do and they even got to go sheering. Some sheet cake that just trying to you very delicately. Tried should receive let's she seems to be tickling the animal cool thing. Matt and yep and doesn't sing because bomb as. There was that talks due to the future king and one thing that's really important to them as Brett exit because they may leaves a lot of subsidies. From the EU. If the deal gays bodies so they were trying to get that message across. But one thing we chosen Eric page she does a lot of that a look at this sort of thing she needs a lot of members of the public she goes on lot of what trips and it's what that she has recently been recognizable by the queen. She's recently been awarded to dame head of the royal Victorian cross which as a ready really high with. In the British no no the system. But not image of Kate and Treasury Secretary Steve nation you can see she's wearing the sash. All of the Victoria cross in she's got a hot or depends that. The bulletin it's a gritty. Steamed on a for the creed to bestow on Kate and that's in recognition of many years of Kate doing things just like this traveling up and down a country look vesting charities visiting. Ordinary working people and just getting to know has subjects in the habit past. I really do believe the queen likes her granddaughters. And law. Yeah I mean we can expect. Megan is clear they really acts have been doing this kind of lack is while and I'm sure that we can expect American to receive. Similar on his from the queen if she keeps this keeps up the good part. Yes he's definitely they by giving them. Given the queen there are some my beautiful great grandchildren so yes definitely pay Juliette thank you so much we appreciate panacea.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Plus: Russia drops charges against journalist after outcry, and Duchess Kate shears sheep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63653962","title":"Across the Pond: Uganda reports 1st Ebola case","url":"/International/video/pond-uganda-reports-1st-ebola-case-63653962"}