Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle in Wales

Fans of the newest royal couple spoke about the visit and Markle's immersion in British culture.
10:30 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle in Wales
He's hitting an engineer with ABC we hit in the Welsh capsule of content. It's very very cold often in today the crowds have kind of gone away. But they've got that it's because Prince Harry and meg in Moscow have come here to attend a Wisconsin passed a hit in the wealth capital. And we not joints by. And Judy. High. And employers come out of the Dark Knight you've come from Condit. Visit have a couple did you just told the national. She didn't seem 1980 hours as well the basic difference is sound and he came by its absence of Chapman QD in. And you'd have to open up and medic and acts and ice it pains me and we like to take Mac and on nights and a bachelorette night and I. She found that night to pocket and he just knock you and what's really just not his head up. Snakes. Neck and had nine and all the things you can not commitment to see it. And ice and Judy night and I keep thinking around the night and the content on the. But a bachelor pads and Ed hi I'm what did she say. I've not seen. I'm not off its how how important is is it to you guys. They've come here and it's way to Condit says line. Monument in it because big east prints can be awfully. Sad when nick at nite and majesty me. My just do. Welch type home and Enid. Duke and duchess applicable any. Hockey something might. Happen if that's all there can be happier and contests and lacks. PIQ and that's just came to be looking heights. You know well. And I guess it was a night and with. The US and and fees and speak steam and think you since. News this amendment is being eaten ice to Judy in prince gave tech. Being protected and I. She knew. This. Thing you even. Ends and plans for the big day made its case. Means. Maintenance and now we can to send me in selecting. Sweeping doing things that leaves me. And I think they do you. Next time you see. McNamee. And time is spent on. It is beautiful because my father. Attached to Buckingham attitude behind god some thing into the car and age you the basking in Cuba and this could be tremendous day wouldn't there is giving millions of people in Sudan and world. I'm. And many. Miles. And Vincent. It's an infant that won't by that time yeah. Continued he's going to be fifty today. And they think execute me thinking it's. What you when he had bachelorette. She's here. I. And I've seen in the UK and handed out that pocketed US action to thinking this same thing around nine points and yes. Yes I. So you can see you. How it's. Used. Succeeded on it would be one pot that indeed thank you emirates identity thanks so much school and still to us. And I enjoyed the the big day when it comes and they didn't think he. Likes. And if he. Could not everyone's a statement it Canadians and but just in. That it has been an act and think he'd be something quite HC quite well liked him. And I think me. I. She asked not listen and Gwendolyn let me nice to meet. Thank you. There as you can see those also the excitement and questions and speculation well with. What's gonna happen between men. And some of those questions. I'm gains parents they are run ice bats payments they'd be. Hey thanks so much for joining I think timing made it's a little colds it's spring day but it's raising event that we all about it in Atlantic City. It will well I think today's that he I think I think for ban human according days cars that that he won it's kind of take back and around the country and kind of get. In two G sets the in the places that he's from of course went faster than unit that the prince of Wales is kind of namesake campus though. And current much it costs of the process of initiating agony and the rule it. Rather like with Kate Prince William taking how and its book across the UK it was different parts of the UK and achieving we'll see the same but Magid will see. And Harry visit Scotland and all the pots of England's. I think we'll see them it's between now in the waiting is almost like you're kind of unofficial towards that you. You know Harry once the kind of shy. The best of what this country house off this is a great place to be doing it brutal slave kind of instance that some of the organizations that he's been working with. It is today than sneak and meet with organize a single sports games. Which introduced as apple to kind of and to privileged youth across the UK that's it. Charity that he's worked with. But before once I mean Megan's fest I mean things from the kind of impact does from now. Organizations such as well as kind of a little bit of sort of sightseeing as kind of an educational sided as well. And she she's been very heavily involved with lots of charities before cousin she's she's done a lot of a lot of promotional. Things for various charges that his points but she's and half say. And relationships with previous charts used in order to join the world charts and efficient. Gavel and Megan and her regarding gays I think Macon made it quite clear is that you know meeting took the case you really want is kind of a mess the south. Into the kind of cults and and the kind of the past humanitarian CNET here as well Saddam has he done a lot of kind of locally. Kind of philanthropy who six but of course. Here in the UK price very much involved in kind of UK organizations the case is announced pot of what this craft or the UK is all about it's kind of make in getting to notice some of these terms he's Harry's been working with and eventually choosing the ones she wants to work but as well. And of course. Punt of the presence of mind and mind into the is she's gained have to undertake the citizenship test is enough to land also some things about the history of the United Kingdom. How we think you think it is full and an able and gowns and they born and raised. Joining one of the oldest institutions. In in the while at the British royal family. Well I think the best ways be preparing for a test flight time is seeing the whole country and I think wolf what was considering whether Al right now unit that kind of landing a lot about them Welsh heritage. Welsh culture you know we had kind of music coming from inside sediments in the kind of seeing the best of carnival whales kind of obstacle to us off. Anything amusing some sports spokesman spokeswoman inside here's lisle site she's kind of really getting prepped sort of this I think she's kind of doing it right way. I know these kinds kind of questions about the wedding what shifting to laugh. You know what's gonna happen if he does have a thought that pots the it was the wedding day and Eli. They're very much coming out there and image on say that doing things that aren't way and everything from. The venue to. How they've had they've kind of been very hip and with. With people in and making themselves accessible is it's it's a break from tradition. Yeah I think it would be surprised and hit that that very much in control of that diaries the organizations they want to quit even with the wedding night those kinds of very much be bankrupt that rain coming from narrowing from mines in it. There isn't that kind of influence from from other people that people may suspects may be the case you know Harry's kind of very independent very headstrong. He's marrying a woman that. Takes those boxes is while say you know it is we'll going to be that way for incurred. A match made in heaven is I never sold pulled to try and all school predictions and speculation but what's annual expectations old what do you think is happening on the big and you know what how how the gonna do things it do you think meg might whack an American designer and Philip. I think from what I've been told from sources is meg and once it's can be very traditional on the day but to incorporate some African and American stations. Into the ceremony as well this going to kind of a royal wedding by numb is and they've bites that have expressed desire it's connected that way involve the friends and family as much as possible so I think it's going to be eerie kind of personal intimate today I'm. It's not it's not an official statement royal wedding incentives that gonna be a more private Mickey Simon needs the wedding of William and Kate seven years. Bright note Pratt says the kind of been fight sets and had sustained so dignitaries us on this will be a gathering of that kind of nearest and dearest and I think apple make it's I spent so. And probably what MS excellence at about. Thank you so much for joining us and tots as it gets Clayson to the big day. On the excitement Israeli media gathering those same questions you velocity and people. As on and Judy tell us that make him there and preparations for the day how they gonna celebrates at the wedding is on the south today 700 dale black. Say between now and then there is lots of food to accomplice to you and we don't yet know. When that next to an engagement is games being buts you can imagine that sending be hundreds and hundreds of crowds to greet them when they come back there. Thanks so much for tuning in staying went off some ABC news and we'll bring you all of those updates. For ABC I'm giving McFarland Palestinian.

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{"duration":"10:30","description":"Fans of the newest royal couple spoke about the visit and Markle's immersion in British culture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"52435629","title":"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle in Wales","url":"/International/video/prince-harry-meghan-markle-visit-cardiff-castle-wales-52435629"}