Retired Navy Seal sets record for highest altitude ever jumped at Mt. Everest

Navy veteran Admiral Bob Harward discusses how he and his team completed the world record for highest parachute jump.
5:19 | 11/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Retired Navy Seal sets record for highest altitude ever jumped at Mt. Everest
Finally today in incredible record breaking feat by some of this country's fiercest military veterans a group of veterans led by two former Navy SEALs. I recently completed or they say they completed the highest ever. Parachute jump in world history take a look at this video coming in. Here to ABC news the group was led by former CEO Freddy Williams also joined by the former. I deputy cent com commander and navy seal admiral Bob forward who joins me now on the phone Bob we're looking at the pictures. From this jump in this took place at Mount Everest 20000 feet. Tell us how you did it. Forward to effect there were burned beyond the culprit be. Development sold parachutes for the military. If they do off high altitude worked excellent wandered prepared fire through group. Now we put people everywhere of the United States wanted to where people and what better way to prove that by. Over twenty solvency you don't bother outburst that it took a couple jobs were jobs. 1410036. Seat belt would be easier than 2000 feet. Do act cooperate aired the architecture of a helicopter could get shot or Africa. After a cougar golf course was when I pick up its work they. Camp of Mount Everest stood up over twelve itself it street. Wow and Bob and Bob you are obviously no stranger to extreme missions as a former CEO yourself. Where does this job compare for you in in your lifetime of of extreme things this looks pretty spectacular and dangerous. Forward to interpret different actually built with steel community dude does a lot of higher altitudes. Parachute work we're jumper that altitude to spot both in style but he's. Spoke with the intent to be able to my pistol toward a prisoner anywhere they want but what we're talking usual pop goes Slorc what the Atlantic so. I'm created slope challengers because Jack dapper helicopters. Doctor Deborah potter. Sort just so you have. Lose your jump out by helicopter about 25000. Feet. Which will reduce its level bulk of it to work we have so little different person but six I think gazette and have our our mission but it's GO. Each senator. We're easily navigate the roads with plant recorder right. Network construction site up their habit where the world fitness do you put up. Complete parachute solutions unit that are literally you're afraid of epic action that they can do. Everything that shook our country needs archives to acts accused. And aside from setting a record which is they're gonna freeze in an itself I suppose highest altitude ever jump. Why did you do this a lot of people would say why go to such lengths to go to did do something so extreme. Well but very purpose is to demonstrate and prove their capabilities. Throughout the terrorist irked its orbit military. And trains them to be able to ensure insert god and where they need to be is that wide area. Thank you don't know we're about why they're all now efforts there's as higher which can land around it but there are other places that Afghanistan. Our Rio suburb where guards AP ticker at area high altitude she aren't sure about. A quirk are works of Wallace fully absorbed through Golub pop out. By jumping into the Atlantic the highest possible drop so when it felt good but world. Urine sugarcoat bad equipment probably the parachutes but the oxygen system. In the used to bridge the wolf function and be where else that the world should be out. A real happy with their careers because they're and it sure our military how's that spelled. Krueger. Equipment at the world. M admiral before we let you go I just wanted to ask you about Monday it's being veterans day obviously a moment to recognize the service and sacrifice of view and so many other. Americans and we we know president trumped to commemorate the day is considering pardoning. Three. I either accused or convicted US service members including Navy SEALs. For misconduct in some of the recent wars. Oh that's and that what are your thoughts on that do you think it would be appropriate for the president to usurp the military justice system. I don't think you are usurping would be a very powerful tool of or code of military killed this blurb. For decades. And it's really hard Kruger system that insurance. I'd just received the herb but won't be in public service rappers and military itself there's. And the gap the cut there who are and chief Baptist core market. Like the bulk of those factories that are playing at this. Important disclosure. And we will wait and see you what decision he makes if he makes a decision had about Monday which is veterans day and admiral Harvard we salute you and your service in the service of all the Navy SEALs and thousands of US military service members thank you sir thanks for sharing your story.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Navy veteran Admiral Bob Harward discusses how he and his team completed the world record for highest parachute jump. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66862485","title":"Retired Navy Seal sets record for highest altitude ever jumped at Mt. Everest ","url":"/International/video/retired-navy-seal-sets-record-highest-altitude-jumped-66862485"}