Royal Baby Receives Traditional Tower of London 62 Gun Salute

Guards from Britain's Tower of London shoot celebratory salute in honor of newest heir.
13:58 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Receives Traditional Tower of London 62 Gun Salute
Mobile I'm Dan Cutler -- New York where this ABC news digital special report -- -- up with tradition. The -- royal prince is now receiving a sixteen -- gun salutes from a Tower of London. Let's listen then. -- -- -- Now normally. -- -- guns military salute by. It is bumped out. An additional 41 whenever it is performed in royal palace or are -- -- -- Tower of London. We're celebrating the -- Of the next -- to the -- Little baby boy who want to do. Today about 430. Local time of the afternoon eight pounds six ounces. Still yet to name we could find out -- Ward's. Mother and father. Son -- Polled -- Kensington Palace. That they are resting there -- well -- let's -- Mary's hospital. -- Way back to. -- Shortly after the gun salute is performed -- Else feeling in the background and those bells will be coming from Westminster Abbey ten bell ringers will be on hand -- That -- ceremony and craftsmen and interestingly enough memory of those ten bell ringers. Before the same duty 31 years ago when Prince William was more. A lot of celebration. Following yesterday's announcement. Reacting prime minister reacting between issuing a statement. Of course -- prince charles' grandfather. The duchess of Cornwall Camilla also saying thrilled to be grandparents. And it's well. Yeah. A a. There's some of the ceremony. In the announcement of this. Current. Course that was on full display yesterday when we saw the official birth and carried out from Saint -- It over to the palace the queen to review. Then of course and -- ceremonial baction. But. Across the courtyard. To an easel that was set up just inside the perimeter of the case. Sat there and the birds. Of the third in line to the -- I continue what. The gun salute I want to bring an ABC news. Heart is in line up. Alex big celebration the parents. Well the duke and -- almost 24 year 24 hour. Parenting and no word yet on on a -- Nothing yet on -- name the book -- have floated -- number. Civility is among them are some of the more traditional royal names James Henry George others like. -- birds and Philip but we really don't know what they're gonna check. Many brits are hoping that they will choose perhaps a more modern name also on that -- list what -- it was Alexander which of course. Is a personal favorite of the don't know the name yet. This is almost as you say well sixteen hours old we are told from tens of college that we should expect to find out an immunity. Scores plummeted -- US special shout out Alex and if in fact we do get that announcement this afternoon. Julie -- -- -- -- and that's as they welcome any visitors. The hospital at Saint Mary's. So far we understand that they haven't had any visitors yet the palace told us. Expect visitors but they haven't. Really updated that is you can imagine and I imagine both sides of the family from the queen on -- to Kate's side to Middleton school will be. To see there. The newest heir to the throne but as of yet there have been no visitors were hoping to at least catch a glimpse of Prince William today. May or may not come out and give a statement in front of the hospital. The departure. Of the on the royal family -- of the new family. Me this evening at which point so we could catch our first glimpse of the new prints they would then travel -- -- -- palace which is. -- official residence. Where we believe they'll spend at least the next two weeks Prince William has -- paternity leave from the royal air force -- -- -- search and rescue. Helicopter -- -- that he can -- spend some time with his wife and newborn son. And if you are just joining us for watching -- gun salute outside this -- Park there. And barely any announcements of the birth. -- -- The militants. They they of course are now part of the royal family and and and -- part of the tradition. Home. And as the queen and as Prince Charles they've also issued there congratulations. And excitement when it would hurt the militants. -- -- Very little they live about the countryside in buffalo very but we haven't heard too much from their side really the -- comments that we've heard are. The British prime minister David Cameron from the queen who said that she's delighted. And from Prince Charles the father. Of Prince William so we haven't heard much from. From the militants it's unclear when they might visits. If they do whether it would be at the hospital or at Kensington Palace. But what's interesting about the way this all happened yesterday. The prince rather the duchess of Cambridge and gave birth at around 4:30 PM yesterday after ten hours in labor and we didn't find out about. The new friends Intel. 8:30 PM four hours later so we can imagine that during that time not only -- -- duke -- -- Getting to know. Newborn son and spending some time -- him before the announcement but I imagine they were also. Calling members of their family and and certainly the -- grandparents on both sides you know it strikes me about our coverage and in -- from all of these. Events play out as this mixed. Tradition. And new. Embrace of technology. Media four in the public for their for the press releases you were just talking about right there because if you look at the right side of your screen you can see this. This is how. Pulling those -- away after making -- 62 gun salute about the announcement. And yesterday it was Twitter -- it was FaceBook and it was. That really were were front and in center with the attention of the announcement and and I imagine in London. That's very I mean this kind of this tradition of honor at an end protocol. Being delivered into separate way. It's. Absolutely well if you know anything about -- you know that loves its traditions -- fact it's actually when it comes. To the monarch he wanted to what you're watching there on the screen it is just one of two. He's gun -- that are taking place there is a 62 gun salute. Taking place at the Tower of London but I believe the one that you are watching it -- Troop royal horse horse artillery which is taking place near Buckingham Palace we're also expecting an appeal. Bells to start sounding out from west. So -- -- they righted it is this mixing of tradition. Of nostalgia history and the 21 century and this is the first royal -- to be. By email. We saw of course the -- that announcement being placed on the easel -- Buckingham Palace and that's how we thought that we are all going. About the -- prince or princess but shortly before the announcement was made we found out that. There are going to alert the press by email that of course was followed by -- Twitter FaceBook Tumblr and all the Grasso really is perhaps -- side of the -- moving into the 21 entry in the indeed it was all. Sentencing yesterday is sort of watched the everyone gathering outside of Saint Mary's hospital and then I chronic. -- -- Where Princess Diana and Prince Charles. I came out of -- wing with prince Williams 31 years ago. And you can see still. Great deal of -- that have been gathering over the past 24 hours there. Waiting for when the new parents may emerge. Can you can back them. Plus. And it was interesting yesterday when the when he announced that was made from from emails from FaceBook and then yesterday when. -- -- is a gentleman dressed in traditional -- in uniform came out with the decree. Announcing the birth and the details. The little baby on the footsteps. Be. Hospital. To see that mix of of new and old media. Thinks it is spent shells there yeah. I'm gun salute. I'm not sure that was terribly -- -- or necessarily part of the the palace one -- -- rule it out he was a town crier. And -- and he seemed to sort of jump in there and and an announcer and of course it is added to the -- added to the to enjoy the occasion really -- a lot more colorful. The way that it was supposed to go down was as we just mentioned the EB Press Secretary that you're conducting. -- -- Handed off the statements two a driver who then took -- under police escort to Buckingham Palace. Where it was -- put on that easel for all to see announcing that the baby had been born. Four hours earlier. And now has the gun -- have finished up. As you mentioned -- were also going to be -- -- hearing. Bells tolling from Westminster Abbey. Right where we're expecting -- hours of -- from Westminster -- that's just one of the many elements that we're seeing in this celebration in addition to the gun salutes. The mayor of London Boris Johnson also said that the famous fountains of Trafalgar Square. Will be blue for the next week. The union flags will fly from government buildings and navy ships and of course that's just here. In the UK you have to remember that this royal air presuming there is a monarchy when he takes the throne. Will be the king of not just the United Kingdom. But fifteen other countries fifteen other -- that make up. The commonwealth so last night in. In Canada after the announcement was made we saw Niagara Falls being. Lit in blue or turn blue -- tower in Toronto also turning blue so. We're seeing the celebrations taking place not just United Kingdom but all around the world's in the countries that belong to the commonwealth a lot of well -- and a lot of. Regulations coming actually from around the world ABC's -- -- part in -- and Alex of course. Keep us abreast on when we might hear the possibility of a name and if it's Alex well of course will be ready for that one as well we appreciate your time. -- -- -- Of course to win the happy couple and the parents leave Saint Mary's hospital we will break in and have coverage for that as well or. The possible announcement of -- name but all eyes. On those stores -- Linda wing at Saint Mary's hospital will wait to see the third in line to the throne. At some point. Come out being carried in the arms of the duke and duchess of Cambridge. A complete report on All things royal for now. I'm Dan -- New York. With this ABC news digital special --

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{"duration":"13:58","description":"Guards from Britain's Tower of London shoot celebratory salute in honor of newest heir.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"19746174","title":"Royal Baby Receives Traditional Tower of London 62 Gun Salute","url":"/International/video/royal-baby-receives-traditional-tower-london-62-gun-19746174"}