Sochi Olympics: Figure Skating Results Questioned

USA Today Sports' Christine Brennan discusses the conflict of interest within the panel of nine judges.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Transcript for Sochi Olympics: Figure Skating Results Questioned
-- the other world obviously still buzzing over the results of yesterday's women's figure skating with Russia's -- outside -- -- Taking the gold medal over Korea's Kim you know who took -- joining us on the thought of Sochi Christine Brennan USA -- sports columnist and ABC news contributor. -- in a three -- that's in your column today. You uncover some pretty shocking details about the figure skating judges. Yet and that no shot just kidding what candidate but there have been -- -- Remember LA city a year ago a bit but it look that bad it got there won't ever be able to get -- -- -- judges now at an amateur judging but. I -- that would remark by a good job one -- Ukrainian guard number two last night -- out of. In 1998 in Nagano he actually was. -- Canadian judge trying to work a deal with our. Pretty like yeah there are the Ukrainian -- actually the competition kicked out of the -- alarmingly only one here. -- elected -- -- Gary out of our Bennett Brad and -- with accurate judge -- Q -- arranged and the Russians guidance. Why is aide Mary you -- Russian Federation's Secretary General -- lady had been -- Russian figure skating. Our -- -- -- and see what it's garbage -- there -- -- uncovered at one country like oh. Panel members he -- great job -- rebel didn't. Very important point the Gator when they woke up there -- -- and I got over the -- with Dean -- The entire -- and took out ceremony last night. The third. -- -- that they are at an interest Delorean figured it. Well the question obviously is that how are these judges with those kind of backgrounds allowed to still take part in the Olympics. Its board its current stature and it is it's ridiculous I mean really -- and -- technical the -- -- -- one of the judges but even made it more important than deciding -- Quarter she got -- -- been built up over the double. But leveled on the bench. And a mechanic got crushed by president under -- getting federation. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hard to explain -- we're trying to come up our air and it it would at a huge whale once every four years. -- -- -- It all and then. What security allowed -- to go on. But it's the IOC. Member under what is president of the risk of getting -- union federation for the -- Keynote at the cargo they -- -- on and they don't -- your mind old boy love girl girl can't be European. The art of Russian mafia whatever it maybe it -- alive -- well -- urged. Well that -- the New York Times also -- Johnson. Pretty good detail about the golden silver medal performance has -- -- conclusion that. Sun a couple of -- up -- camp that her program was more difficult more challenging you were there though means what did you think would you agree with economic assessment. I think he could -- on the technical part edgy yet do or don't I don't get any any. There. That by itself doesn't mean anything because you've got program on the -- And to me at my -- spirit and got an article of the canal lined up on -- but -- out there. Would you not would not -- government comfort is -- But that is -- boat carried a -- -- Italian. And -- younger I thought we are the gonna wonder what -- -- better Kirk audit score which have been. We're live I don't know. Gerber unit -- Indeed to be. And -- bigger than white bear is back. See old -- -- would be the second part it did the other unique screen that now the program important component court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Beat beat you. Incredibly find older -- -- And that our Electoral College score -- unthinkable that she would win that and again that currently it is part of the comfort station. And -- got to jump the color there are a -- -- guilt transitions interpretation. And quite every cargo pocket there's no way it could be -- -- -- Are -- him on the court. Which is which is why the conversation has certainly exploded. Christine Brennan for such -- Christine thanks so much we look forward of that article as well.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"USA Today Sports' Christine Brennan discusses the conflict of interest within the panel of nine judges.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"22619452","title":"Sochi Olympics: Figure Skating Results Questioned","url":"/International/video/sochi-olympics-figure-skating-results-questioned-22619452"}