Survivor of Ireland sexual abuse scandal

Michael O'Brien is a survivor of sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church. He is now calling for Pope Francis, who is in Ireland this weekend, to make a change.
7:34 | 08/25/18

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Transcript for Survivor of Ireland sexual abuse scandal
I'm David Wright in Carmel Ireland a small town and county temporary we're here in Ireland. To cover Pope francis' visit his first trip to Ireland takes place in the shadow. Of the sexual abuse crisis joining us is Michael O'Brien he is. Sexual abuse. There's a run Abrams. U. Institutional abuse survivor. What do you expect us. The horse to water the Pope was Coleman it's. And these are hopeless case. He's in trade and we welcome and Arnold this arch is also common as head of the Roman Catholic Charles. He should be a coroner's sample call. Bought. I've listened to him apologized and towards going there was who refuse intrusions. And people of blues outside institution. What I see no action. And that's what I want I want action. Rick very recently there's been a new wave of. Allegations specifically this Pennsylvania grand jury report which sets out the scope of a in a way that hasn't been seen before you parable. Zito and and it. Horrific scale of abuse that I think is comparable gotten some of the things that happened here. Hope Francis in the wake of that Pennsylvania report issued a pastoral letter. In which he called some of the church's past actions atrocities because of crime yeah. Is that they'll welcome adults of all I don't king K I see vehicle of today's call them crimes. I think you're afraid to do here right. What he has no ties to this man has to do would now push time I was abused I was just in shock. The didn't send through. Conservation and trials. And but I think his second I don't know. Jewish invade. My brother him and I were embedded. I would you homes caused me to resume the priest there bro bro bro go broke loose some priests from. And there are peaks after messing with me I'll read it usually need to put them was remember eight years of age game. It's completely stages of it you just imagine what but I try to be if you are divisional battle I want I knew then I knew nothing. Nothing much about the I talk to preschools guard. And here he was. Commitment cry and I knew nothing about. And continue to do Dana Priest to stop you. And one particular time it took me into the longer it. And abused me day. The next morning. If majority commune the most. Hostess in no wasn't me. That he was talking to a new FedEx you're brave and make sure don't put that has always been him who was already indicted for what he don't. And I went on until I was about four game fifteen years of age. When sweet maybe twice a week sometimes. Just caught your eye and do it and ended run so much it's at my Brothers is way. Tell me this. The attorney general of Pennsylvania. Talks about how the church weaponized. And used it to abuse young boy's finger does not a phrase ring true you of course you do cookbook because you see the cup. If the priests some beautiful. Walk don't you and I won't go from my feelings on I had synutra. A regimented some little. If I passed six ethic charge I had just salute to traffic chuck. That's what I was wrong hope go to work dual blogs. Who gods. But do differently. And are due to a shoulder room though what in God's. And who believe my god my god. Why. Played in his state. I go to up. Why did it chalk. And I would happened. Because they didn't scale. Day didn't get a digital. Both fronts in this in this that building judge will not give me fill. The standard. Priests who who abuse should remember Brothers who view humor in and institutions. And a free why because this dish and then a fight. We had to sign a form when we got here. Redress. That there would never walk. I would know. Bring deaf priest according to bring. I'm that was dates desolate look. It is it possible. For the church. Two to atone sufficiently for the guys are you exactly what we want we want to DM inform. Com feed day of and a woman. For what they don't towards. That means taking responsibility pay exactly gay must take response and it forget how responsibly don't have to take respond to our response. I'm sudden obliterated my life. Bremen angry my. Not a lot of time on what you put John in my. I enjoyed talking bowed his I get very understandable when I know what to do. What did don't lose. I have nothing nice. Musical. Guest amenities or who grew. From it was who institutional abuse. Because big goal that went both fronts in this that in India and prone to me. I would see it you walk by you want to do block action that you won't take yes you apologized. But upon Unita so shipment of the church says that it has put in place safeguards to prevent this from happening again do you run. John Newman yeah I don't know military. But not if there where a quiet place Pennsylvania blazers had no. Planned annoy you don't get to play no dispute on BB is being abused that's generally been abused over this war. By members of the company charge Africa. Asia. America. Bureau. Nothing there and on. Staten don't. Pull up front. I'm shores like puke and do it I'm what you should do. That's my British couple lives. My wife Camilla the head of the stairs. And head of the country charts but I want to see you doing their job that you should be do passage out. Please god he's gone one day supply route from grownup or do. In the house. And I would be at peace. Owned and over towards me. Strong words now on an understandable respect human thank you so much for sharing agreement with us. Michael O'Brien as a survivor here one of thousands. Watching with intensity this week and understandable intensity what the Pope has to say about this worldwide crisis. I'm David right there watching ABC news look.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Michael O'Brien is a survivor of sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church. He is now calling for Pope Francis, who is in Ireland this weekend, to make a change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57388770","title":"Survivor of Ireland sexual abuse scandal","url":"/International/video/survivor-ireland-sexual-abuse-scandal-57388770"}