Thieves in France Steal $9.5 Million in Jewels in Brazen Heist

Two vans robbed on the highway by fifteen thieves in eastern France.
5:08 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for Thieves in France Steal $9.5 Million in Jewels in Brazen Heist
I. A brazen heist in the middle of the highway jewels worth nine and a half million dollars stolen from two fans. And no one got hurt right now to international hot spot. Hello everyone untie Hernandez in new York and fifteen men who robbed a transport vans carrying the jewelry. Were reportedly armed but instead he gassed the four security guards. And we're now joined by ABC news chief correspondent Terry Moran Terry this is something out of a movie. Had a high take place. It is tie it's just an amazing story around midnight last night at a nondescript tollbooth. In the middle of nowhere essentially in France two large trucks. We're going through that tollbooth and out of nowhere this gang of up to fifteen men. Hit them hard they they would have had to know precisely what these. Van what these trucks were caring since they were unmarked and they hit them. As you say with arms to subdue them but no one was hurt this is again asked the drivers left them on the side of the road they took those trucks away and then with a backhoe. That they had stashed in the area they tore the truck's open. Made away with as you say nine and a half million dollars worth of jewels burned the cars that they arrived in. And it disappeared into the French countryside it was it was quick professional and an ambitious to say Italy's. This is that very well planned as one can imagine from the clues left behind they they had stashed that backhoe. Why did they choose this particular site near tollbooth. Well because that's one of the sites on the road where where everybody has to slow down a bid to all and end clear that they had staked out. This particular route. That the jewels would be on. That this point was vulnerable it's where the trucks would slow or even stop and so there wouldn't have to be any kind of chase if the drivers got. Would became aware of what was happening. And it was remote it's kind of a lonely party a couple hundred miles. South and east of Paris its countryside. Famous countryside not not far. From the Burgundy wine region but really not not well traveled so they had. The cover of night. They had the element of of surprise they had vulnerable drivers and trucks at a tollbooth. And there were at the middle of nowhere more. He's still high if not unheard and France in these and these ones that make news anyway. Absolutely they they they make the news because increasingly they take our breath away. With their daring and their meticulous planning we we've seen before. The kind of smash and grab gangs who are doing back even with more and more efficiency. Weigh in and nonlethal no one's getting killed necessarily but they go in and they grab on but it these. Which have almost got to the ocean's twelve elaborate ness of preparation. That are. You're seeing them in France and and around Europe which means that fencing all of this gold and jewelry. Is getting easier and easier we have a kind of gangster billionaire culture. In many parts of new of the world now people make a ton of money. On the grave markets or the black markets or the very black markets in deed of drugs of oil of weapons of all kinds of things and they've got money they want jewels and these guys are get a for a given the value of these jewels what is the manhunt plight to try to find perpetrators. What you know attack that that that scatters and failing France's a big country but it's not a particularly common sight in the French countryside. To see fifteen guys heavily armed. And mask day in the middle of the night nevertheless they seem to vanished into thin air in other words they're getaway must've been exceedingly. Well planned and part of the get well is just jump in in the car and speeding off that you get car chase going it was melting. Into the scenery. As it were they are desperately searching for them. They haven't had great luck catching. Robbers of this caliber before. The Pink Panther group since 1999. People think it. Have made away with more than 300 million dollars worth of jewels and strikes like these in this highly efficient smash and grab strikes. This there's no evidence that this heist is linked to that group but it's the same caliber of group and it is hard to catch people who plan. This carefully this far in advance scope out the get away routes go about how to how to melts into the countryside French police looking desperately for. Writing BC's Terry Moran thank you so much for joining us jewel thieves take a nine point five million dollar. Heights angels you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring the story for exclusive updates on the ago you've been watching international hot spot. Anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Two vans robbed on the highway by fifteen thieves in eastern France.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"29556068","title":"Thieves in France Steal $9.5 Million in Jewels in Brazen Heist","url":"/International/video/thieves-france-steal-95-million-jewels-brazen-heist-29556068"}