Madeline Albright Praises Ukraine Election

Former US secretary of state led a delegation of election observers in Ukraine from the National Democratic Institute.
1:49 | 05/26/14

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Transcript for Madeline Albright Praises Ukraine Election
I think the elections went extremely well. And very well in terms of fact that it was organized. That. People went out and vote is that they were. Patient to wait in lines that -- polling hours were extended that. There had really been -- sense. That this was to build on what the demonstrators in the Mike Dunn had done for months. Kind of restoring the dignity to the Ukrainian people and their boat was really. A very clear sign that they wanted independence sovereignty and democracy. And and I think the vote has spoken there. Has been this desire for unity there's no question about it. They have a very difficult economic situation and I think the hardest part is that in order to rebuild this country. They are going to be asked to do some difficult things and what has to happen I would hope is that the international community. Would be supportive. Not just in terms of money that which is obvious Yeltsin needed and investment but also. Contending in. A lot of experts that can be helpful I do think it's a good -- That that -- at the Russians have said that they would. Deal with portion of the thing that I've heard from the ukrainians I've spoken to. Over months and my experience for the ukrainians. Is that they want to be a European country at the same time they know the geography. Russia is a neighbor. And I think it is always better can try to figure out how to have a functional relationship that your neighbor this does not have to be a zero sum game. Clinton is trying to make it a zero sum game should not be as -- some.

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{"id":23876435,"title":"Madeline Albright Praises Ukraine Election ","duration":"1:49","description":"Former US secretary of state led a delegation of election observers in Ukraine from the National Democratic Institute.","url":"/International/video/ukraine-elections-madeline-albright-praises-ukraine-election-good-23876435","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}