Ukrainian Protesters Storm Government Building in Kiev

Fires burn throughout the capital city as opposition protests resume.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Ukrainian Protesters Storm Government Building in Kiev
This is a special room. I'm -- -- New -- with a CBC news digital special report anti government protests in Ukraine have spread to the second city love vive. That's -- demonstrators have taken over state building erecting barricades of snow tires and wood sticks and this. As pro Russian president Viktor Yanukovych -- promises to reshuffle his government next week. So for the latest on the developments there from -- wanna bring an ABC news international affairs correspondent punishment -- -- -- -- thank you for being with us appreciate it. I was at the very beginning on this who -- the demonstrators what do they want. Well the demonstrators are pretty complex buttons but bottom Lodz are pro European Union pro -- -- I want. All look the same things that people in America in Europe want out a lot I want democracy that -- -- -- page. I won't -- -- -- the greatest stake in that direction and there -- economy. -- big hard presidents -- to be negotiating also some things in that direction. Moving this country -- -- -- Europe. And then at the last minute he changed his mind and he effectively sided we've got an increasing in Russia he signed up to a whole -- deals trade deals. Any G deals. It trade concessions which Russia. That night the community -- -- -- -- parts -- -- I'm -- As these is at all protest group has become more complicated as is always the case is now some thought -- Groups in -- that have very different desires. But the bottom line these up pro European demonstrators. Meanwhile president -- continue on the -- he had been all which was moving closer to which Europe. Yes he does the government though is not without its supporters mostly in the east what would they lose that if Ukraine signed the European Union deal. Yeah it it's a difficult. Scenario -- -- released these -- because you -- his enormous. It's six -- on the edge of Russia it's a former Soviet bloc country. -- -- -- other side of the west inside is you're and pollute these former eastern block countries that have also joined to Europe to join the -- -- time. And it also signed up to all of the other things that come along -- got like human rights obligations. And so the challenge for whoever runs the Ukraine and remember there's been -- political -- in recent news has been a number of trees. Number of governments thrown out idiotic -- -- current president was also trying to and occurred a few years ago and what they call the Orange Revolution. So this is not a new problem if you liked -- it's it's not an easy one salt because the country effectively split. We've been met one guy on the protest barricades tonight and Iraq said he's brought that was on the other side of the barricades. With the riot squads cited -- something that divides. The country it divides the communities. It divides -- Steve you have all facing off against even down to that level what you're sure to mention the fact the president -- Ukraine. As very close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin's what is -- done or was threatened to do. If in fact Ukraine signs that deal with the west. Well this is ha ha I mean I guess that big the issue recruits and is they don't he's -- -- he's been a prime minister. Way to be he's been president and remember it he says despite. He has tried to expand Russia's sphere in some people describe it -- he's. Orbit of influence and that's effectively cross -- whether all the Soviet -- former Soviet republics. And the neighboring sites places -- You crime. You remember if you use -- it was a war between Georgia and Russia and that was boom I suppose -- society should be how much influence and control. Moscow it has. Are the former Soviet states. And you know rusher is now their powerful economy. It is growing very frost and it wields enormous influence across -- region as well as. Other pots and well and -- prisoners tried to secure that through trade. Through strategy don't forget -- -- yet oil and gas deposits from Russia two year goes through Ukraine. And at various times expense which stall. And that's -- -- -- very heavily on the minds of people in this country as well as the rest of your. I think something like minus twenty degrees at -- That's well below others in Fahrenheit as well. And you know it. Energy is a very big issue. What are the things -- wanted to ask -- -- Harris was the fact that you're putting this out. -- going down to the very micro level of a family being divided on this that it is not merely a symbol of Cold War. Mentality or action but it really seems to be a very strong east west divide throughout the country. It certainly east west I think -- you know it the Cold War analogy. Stretching it because Russia is such a different countries. You know -- before you might have been faced with a choice of you know freedom and democracy freedom and democracy. By aligning with the west vs. Everything of the Soviet Union represented today Russia. In April -- He's a very fast growing economy and there are a lot of people here -- site. This modest thing -- -- a deluge in his suit ally itself. -- those emerging markets. Russia gives them a pothole or considered into many other -- in this region -- atrocities also closely allied. And has united the west whether the United States where -- you're has really struggled economically in recent years and a pool of those things that. At one point in time -- -- -- the people here who want to join your. No longer exists in the same degree you know the global economy may be recovering to a very. -- but the reality is people almost skeptical about when you have countries like -- -- Germany and Italy. Not sure what the future of your opinion -- and the common currency. Then it can't -- on the edges of that region grew up thinking about you know how close they want a piece of would also -- There -- a lot of talk in the western press about heavyweight boxing champ. -- -- that -- role. As the protest leader there is that is that symbolic position or is in fact he -- potential future president. Well he certainly sees himself that way he has run in elections he's done reasonably well and throughout apartheid it. -- throughout the process of these protests he's really immersed in. If -- get it but he's not beyond the opposition leader I don't. Of course regardless of what happens now at some point they will need to be elections and if you notice how people -- It has been such a force recent political history in -- country get a lot of the strongholds a lot of -- keep our players that. Our various -- -- out because I end up in prison don't end up on corruption charges. So is ready to go to -- -- clear picture of exactly where allegiances and more importantly in numbers -- It's certainly gluten intolerant Klitschko is a popular guy he's one of the few -- is entitled to go out hope that it sometimes very aggressive crowds and keep -- about it I'm. But that's sitting in when they have I've gone into negotiations that we did on Thursday and met with the president for another -- They invest effectively empty had to have been some concessions and promises -- concessions at next week's opponent made some cheese diet. But some -- it Vitaly Klitschko hasn't secured. The -- concessions. That so many people here on the -- that wanting. The images that we've been taking a look at image out of -- really remarkable Sullivan -- seem like snapshots frozen in time. Because the crude -- some way in which -- These sides are battling back and forth what is it about the city the protesters that -- led to such. Unique scenes -- -- this is men in medieval armor Molotov cocktails sling shots. Yeah and you -- -- that protest sign -- even when it's not violent feels like you're walking in -- I've kind of gotten a -- that -- winter is coming springs to mind. Big big temperatures are -- That you said it wouldn't cannons to spare parts -- main that you wake up in the morning and -- these kind of frozen battles saints it doesn't mean maybe people because so much of the web Henry's Mike -- people -- -- Bordeaux buildings in breaking off line -- from using -- -- Intended to -- ladies and potentially weapons there are barricades being built. There Arafat has -- Aaron Todd has the beast a lot those spots. People are pulling -- rubbish from from anywhere that -- To keep the mole. Certainly if he's truly an incredible saint and it doesn't like something out of the century that's. And if we go outside of the country and look at western influence vice president Joseph Biden called president and a -- yesterday. Telling him to call off riot police how much influence though -- the US really have there. The US still is still does -- degrade him fluids -- Kerry has been talking in the last few hours instead of the United States stands by the protests. It is here in -- I think the important thing to remember is that you know many people that -- protesting. Duke. Place Greg rising while the west thinks whether you're -- whether -- the United States. That -- -- different future of their country at night see the ideals that are represented by western democracies bombs that I would like to see Chiat. -- -- -- -- When Matt -- had protest before when Manhattan artist right these very same president that ended up -- different governments here that then. Are thrown as well so I don't think it's as simple picture is very complex but at the coal or -- -- choice. About that I look at -- -- -- Russia are always. For very different kind of future a lot of. Outside influences certainly played a situation ABC news international affairs correspondent -- -- in Kiev -- thank you so much appreciate your time and your insight on this. Of course a complete recap right here on ABC news dot -- on death -- their New York with the CBC news digital special report.

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{"id":21658730,"title":"Ukrainian Protesters Storm Government Building in Kiev","duration":"3:00","description":"Fires burn throughout the capital city as opposition protests resume.","url":"/International/video/ukrainian-protesters-storm-government-building-kiev-21658730","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}