World View: Inside a Syrian refugee camp, tensions rise in Venezuela and more

An inside look at a refugee camp harboring Iraqis and Syrians fleeing ISIS, mass protests continue in Venezuela and an admitted Russian agent speaks out from behind bars on this week's "World View."
22:18 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for World View: Inside a Syrian refugee camp, tensions rise in Venezuela and more
Welcome ABC news world view a snapshot of the best of our coverage from around the globe I'm Maggie burly ABC news headquarters in New York in. We begin in Syria where the final push against crisis is under way Kurdish forces. Backed by US air power are moving to take back the last of the territory claimed by basis. Now comes as president trump says he wants to pull the US troops out of Syria. ABC's James Longley and our team are inside Syria with the latest. List if you've been watching anything of Syria's civil war over the last seven years or cited you know seen a lot of pictures. Like these endless rows all of white tents. The refugees to you live in them. But base has been a reality for. Millions for seven years and tied generation now basically has grown up in places like these we are an account. Four Iraqis and Syrians just over the border into Syria Iraq is not way. And many of the people who have calling this home now off people who every recently left areas that Iraq hardy. And at the center of the fight to liberate the loss few towns from the cycled Islamic state it's down along the Euphrates River. And as we speak Kurdish forces are in a battle with crisis fleiss' down that. When people law able to finally leave those towns they come north to stay in refugee camps like these but amongst the needy. I'm Kadish forces have to find two these posing as civilians that is a real risk now. The State Department says something like 20000. Gee how these remain. Across this region and just because license the kind of fate is being dismantled from an area which was roughly the size of Indiana. You when I station remains. Seeking melting back into the civilian populations. Ready perhaps to launch an insurgency wants US troops leave hand. As you can see. This is not a problem is going to be saluted and tonight. It is only ABC news in Syria. To Venezuela now where protests continued this week battled president Nicholas Woodrow continues to block much needed US assistance. From crossing the Colombian border. Here's freelance journalist Cody went out with more. I Cody waddle in Caracas where one wide though he has set the date he has said that on February 23 several tons of aid on the Venezuela Colombia border. Will enter this country he made the announcement at more massive anti government protests were tens of thousands of venezuelans once again turned out. To hear him announce the plans for the coming days. But what white no did not say it how exactly he would get that aid. Into the country to put up by the would have continued blocking its entry we know there had been some conversations in his circles about how that might make that happen. What option might be a river of venezuelans individuals crossing the border. And then bringing back that aid individually. But that will be difficult the armed forces would probably try to stop that effort. And this is an isolated area but the flame and it would be difficult to distribute it among the population another option. Might be military forcing of the US has since has consistently said that all options here on the table. So perhaps on February 23. People are saying today that last option may become a reality we're waiting for reaction from the US as more information. From why though on the other hand the government here. I was on state TV while why bill was speaking the vice president got claiming that that aid is poison and that it contains. Biological arms trying to explain why there are not accepting it here in the country. She did not however offer any proof of those claims. Cody who idol ABC news Kodak us Venezuela. Now to a major development in the trial against walking L Chappel Guzman this week the notorious and Mexican drug lord was found guilty on all ten counts of drug trafficking and conspiracy to murder. After a dramatic three month long trial here's ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman with an in depth look. When the plane carrying out shuffle touchdown in two or three years ago. The world's most wanted no RKO looked confused. Overwhelmed indeed asking the DEA agent where not much the Whitley York they told. MySpace says it all. The most powerful drug lord ever to live reduced to tears in the hands of US federal agents. Shell one keynote jungle was unaware of basic life behind bars after a months long trial found him guilty or. Ten charges related. It's. Been Sinaloa Cartel whose. Conviction we expect. Will bring a sentence of life. Without the possibility of parole. Is a sense for which there is no escape. And no return. He managed to do capture for years. Even escaping prison twice whose Monday billions. Pouring poison over our southern border drugs smuggled in bananas mistresses smuggling tunnels. Diamond encrusted hand guns. And the Sinaloa cartels corruption which some say penetrated the Mexican government. With one witness testifying 100 million dollar bribe. We speak to former Mexican president and reeking of pain and yet deal he denies the accusation. The near mythic tale of a hill chapel brought crashing down. An army of law enforcement agency's chief among them the DEA rate Jonathan has been hunting and job vote for the better part of two decades. He really controlled his entire empire and he did it on purpose toppled in trust anyone and what kind of message does it send you. Other drug traffickers. It says very clearly that if we can get our hands on helped topple I would say we can get our hands and anyone. It's been in operation years in the making involving over 22 agencies and standing to country it's he is probably. Warren most vicious. Well organized. Bad guys this world's ever seen. Jack Reilly spent an entire career at the DEA tracking down they'll chuckle. He planned his business model on cops not talking to cops in what his downfall was we got better and better. Final rate the key to his capture and extradition. Of gun battle. A chuckle you slipping away from the sewer before being apprehended by Mexican authorities. How did the extradition play out we work concern but hey fury escape from this prison there's an opportunity for him to do it again. Giving credit to the Mexican government they realized they had to get him out of Mexico just how he managed to evade capture while amassing eight. Fourteen billion dollar fort June running the world's largest drug smuggling ring. Lee did they are over his lengthy trial. A trial marked by unprecedented security for jurors. Many of whom were scared for their minds think prior to the trial. Well topple was powerful name that was synonymous with wealth. Power in the trial put it spotlights a real top who is a ruthless killer manipulator. A violent drug trafficker. Money launder. Liar and adulterer but Joba was one of the chief architects behind the open your crisis he was the one decided to. On ad fentanyl to heroin to make their heroin stronger heating care about the consequences he didn't care about your lives your loss. An expert manipulator who had infiltrated the police. At they have on that front but they have opened it here. And harm their dog. He believes very strongly in a business model and that business model included corrupting virtually every corner of the Mexican government. And he's influence and power over subordinates with so complete. One testified that he even underwent a number of plastic surgeries to fool authorities on his trail. If you wanted to work for Sinaloa you have to state where you live who your parents are where your children are in the event the law enforcement or capture you. So that you wouldn't cooperate. Another supportive telling the court but it smuggling operation that brought 500 million dollars in the cocaine into LA. Inside kids of how opinions. Every year. Then there was the weeping mistress who testified that she had no jump poke fled naked from Mexican Marines. Through a tunnel hidden beneath a bath tell. A story she detailed in front of this month glamorous young wife who dutifully sat in court every day of the trial. He's sprawling multinational drug empire extend it across the globe and into every major and there are six. From north to Chicago the Chicago crime commission is needed him as public enemy number one. Drop always is a genius he had people working for them that didn't know they were working 400000. Street gang members in Chicago who made their living putting his dope on the street. He smugglers aided by innovative techniques in affected by that drug lord himself. Draw looks cute and on boats and cars. Perhaps most notably in tunnels. His nickname was I happy though meaning fast he was able to turn around drugs in the streets throughout the US. Suffice it to say that whoever built this subtle problem not the first try there's an expertise and experience here in the news. From above ground just an average looking home. Oh. At one point authorities believe there were close to 200. Functioning tunnels along the US Mexico border. One thing seems clear a wall is no match for the Sinaloa Cartel. It's still the number one cartel in the US with the most. Drug markets couple songs are very much taken over couple cited solo cartel you know following their father's footsteps. Until the end shuffle maintained his innocence. His defense team only putting up one witness to the prosecution's. 56. The defense claiming she was the victim of an elaborate conspiracy. Now 61. Notorious drug lord has run out of escaped. He exchanged in thumbs up with his wife before being asked. Quoted out of the courtroom. I think about. Justice for all those fans pulls people itself there were literally hundreds of people being killed innocent. Citizens there were in the wrong place at the wrong time and those images are seared in my memory because I saw them all the time. Shuffle is responsible for. Now latest on accused Russian spy Maria blue teen an ABC news exclusive those. Never before heard audiotapes of the admitted Russian agent speaking help from behind bars. Here's ABC's Kara Phillips and Alexandria Virginia with the details. Her arrest made international headlines Maria good Tina a Russian national painted as this benefits house seeking access in America. Well I had the chance to meet with CNET here in jail just for a couple of times for off the record meetings and now on the record. Your body hear her in her own words as she says quote. Truth is my best defender. Hey art competition will not paying. Kroger family. You're listening to the voice of Maria blue Tina. The gun loving graduate student and Russia's national accused of courting conservative elite and power players in the NRA on behalf of the Kremlin. This morning we're hearing the thirty year old speak for the first time since her July arrest. Defending herself against allegations. She was working as a Covert foreign agent. You know immediately right reasons why you would never see news get caught. I don't believe always been honest in person on earth. The Tina recording this duet with an NRA insider. After they became romantically involved. Spent time with the author and journalist Jim Stanford during the last months of her freedom. Branford recording their conversations. For a peace in the latest issue of the new republic titled. The spy who wasn't we had a number of long interviews one time chief. Just never showed up the next day she told me she apologized to said the FBI had raided her apartment. Oh. They yell at the otters and where is anything. Stanford sharing these never before seen photos taken in the aftermath of the raid. They think that America. Which is really. Frightened by it all after pitino was arrested her conversations with Branford continued from behind bars. Finally connect channel echoed where else kind of week I actually I do everything I am all for train and trolley ticket sure our hit my. Conclude our nation of British our. In December but Tina cut a deal with federal prosecutors. Pleading guilty to conspiracy to act as a foreign agent. But Sanford believes she's just looking for a way out. I think he's probably hoping that. This may bring an end to it and she'll go back to Russia and this'll be a nightmare that'll be over. And interesting to note routine also told pampered. She was never interviewed by special counsel Robert Muller's office as part of the investigation. It's a Russian election that. Moving out of the royals and in revelation from Megan Michael's father. He released a personal letter she wrote to him after marrying Prince Harry which says her heart has been broken into a million pieces. Hey guys you're watching ABC news like I'm. In London let's just recap what this laces developments. House doesn't have to be put amendment that People Magazine had a big exclusive last five. Duchess Americans nicest friends. Confided anonymously with the magazine bass adds that they've the need to set the record straight on a lot of negative stories that appeared in the press lately they thought they had to voice their sons. And a maggots tells you of course is in the final status. A pregnancy. And this public drama doesn't let up but it was Mok some members of thumbing they say it's causing reluctance. All of the dot justices held that worried about how stresses making and they found the need to speak out. On defense now of course what happened often not well letter and hold him in how the mail on Sunday. I'm that they said that they had. And own shell lesson which they bought from Thomas Markel madness it is congressman. Issa. From I didn't question he reportedly got in touch with Thomas maglis up to a wedding las. Prince Harry. This less she begs how a father she says if you love me. Please stop lying and exploiting my relationship with my husband she starts off with daddy it's with a heavy heart that I write this. Not understanding why do you have. Residents take this cross having a blind eye to the pain that you'll cool is it what she finds it I was marquis told the media that. Maggert and how I never reached out to him. Seen an in this let's she says you know why you saying this I reached not to use any time that's right cool you never picks up Thomas Motley telling violence Sunday. Very painful lesson from my uncle was like a Doggett to his hot of course is playing out as it is continuing to pick that song session. From member of the public from a public and and writes. Member of this very aids ancient institution that is well finally with Iran in particular ways of doing things and handling things especially. Like the media say of course says. Pub expects that is being played out. We'll see what the latest developments now we'll stay with them and we'll bring you the latest news is watching him do an island in London stay with us on ABC news lives. Sticking with the royals this think the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson. Is weighing in on the cyber bullying that came in Megan at found themselves in the middle of she says the online dating is similar to what the media did with her in Princess Diana. His exit aerial Russia with more. Sarah Ferguson opening up in a candid letter in hello magazine taking aim at what she calls the sewer of social media. In what many royal watchers see as a not so veiled reference to a media driven divide between duchess Maggie and duchess Kate. Fergie writing. Women in particular are constantly pitted against and compared with each other in a way that reminds me of how people tried to portray Diana and me all the time his rivals. Which is something neither of us ever really felt. She Cindy Lee history firing. Emptying the treatment of neck and okay Sunday's. Parallels. Between their relationship back to. Kate and I can have and Diana turned back to past. The pointed essay by the duchess of York and endorsement of the hello Jim kindness campaign an effort to quell toxic online bullying. Something Fergie said can take a lasting home. This isn't about freedom of speech the truth is it's not acceptable to post abuse or threats on social media or new sites she writes. Adding it's not acceptable to troll other people viciously on line. Fergie not the only one condemning the harsh scrutiny. Duchess Maggie good friend George Clooney would this ominous warning at a press panel in Australia she's a woman who is seven months pregnant and she is been pursued and vilified and chased in the same way Diana wise. And its history repeating itself. We've seen how that ends. In recent months social media swirling with hateful comments fanning an alleged feud between the royal sisters in law. It's safe to say that when. That doesn't fuel and princess of Wales there around social need to didn't exiting. And this is always being played out he's paid his nowadays missing from the events in the on line with back problems. It's against each have a. Fergie ending her commentary with the call for compassion. Let's all try to think before we post let's all try to treat each other a little more gently. And royal watchers say the bullying of Megan and Kate has become so toxic that Kensington Palace which controls their social media has actually been forced to delete. Some of the comments and now that Fergie is no longer a senior royal she's free to have her own answer Graham her own Twitter and it seems like. She's stepping up to the plate. Now a look at some of the video from across the globe that caught our attention this week and first up. A man trying to make the world a better place by. Making it a little less he Hungary. Since begun paying not speak this is Jimmie Patton he's I didn't want people happy just. Please snacks and that actually works. Jeremy feel upping grocery cart full of food and rolled around Ontario Canada cleaning out free snacks to strangers he would peen he would checks at gun. All of it was very many people were in shock to saying are you for real others recently incredibly grateful. He says is only missing here went to inspire others to hear him and he. Says that. I start this priest I giveaway in our newsroom I think. Everyone would love me do you agree. There's chicks there's chairs Evelyn great idea Jeremy. Right now in his next video I think. This chart navy thought that humid with a free snack who. No I. Didn't really insane and paid too close of a call for me the camera is literally. Inside the sharks now this incredible close encounter happened off the coast in the Bahamas and wouldn't that drop divers incumbent is go broke the shark. Beaten down looking at the diapers said he was never concerned. And according and hammerhead sharks are harmless to divert as long as they don't act crazy dude I feel like. You were kind of acting a little crease in his reply. Larry let's check in on colder climates now in. Ever wonder what you can do in Quebec for fun in the winter when I decided that the parent Mary pop and just grab the umbrella and go for a ride him. Think that some. For it though he says be careful what I'm huge news because his first traveled with the guardian umbrella and go. Aaron last a fact grumpy cat we grow because one. That you. And quite just sitting. So apparently two friends were playing video games in southern Australia went finger. At the door. One went to investigate but instead of personally see this guy tapping on the glass with his claws and it. Do flat they did not maybe you need help or something that Waterford but it turned out. Wanted to come by insane high. Adorable little. Plant in Iraq as for here at ABC news world view in New York I'm Magdalene here. In the best. Oakland.

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{"duration":"22:18","description":"An inside look at a refugee camp harboring Iraqis and Syrians fleeing ISIS, mass protests continue in Venezuela and an admitted Russian agent speaks out from behind bars on this week's \"World View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61110772","title":"World View: Inside a Syrian refugee camp, tensions rise in Venezuela and more","url":"/International/video/world-view-inside-syrian-refugee-camp-tensions-rise-61110772"}