'Dry January' challenge mocktails

Delicious mocktails to make during the 'Dry January' challenge.
2:48 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for 'Dry January' challenge mocktails
I'm can whitworth in Los Angeles to dry January it is a phenomenon that millions of people are taking part in. Can you go thirty days with no alcohol. Well if you decide to take it on their arson tricks of the trade including. Mocked details we have some fantastic recipes we want to share. Sometimes I need a break from this honor means something else Eva air ads is in this. I'm not tales that you can order it again challenged. You're telling us that people are coming in here now more and more and ordering. Mocked him. Absolutely anything to be a little bit more of a common trend. Here so that's first one is it's called a strawberry Islamic smash and normally use our rock ark in here but this has been probably the most. Colorful. The that's artist cocktail usually start with the actual. Strawberries cucumber. And a couple lines fresh lime wedges. That's what the also advocates of the light. Quarter analysts. Paul vomit and then just a little bit of house samples Europe and that's going to be like model to try to break all the juices and means and us don't know really. Oh yeah head down and it's one of those things up a mother and a apply lets you can muddle anything together so. And then this is our artistry got to have skills but this is shake you should get everything together. I'm with there if you're gonna actually. Straight at least were just a little bit us honored Ulbrich little net and there's a nice return. Mr. you do. Group expects coming through. Stroke bird local Spanish. Last hope that's really that still wouldn't treats certainly that is if you're out at a distillery and on order it or not it's amazing to make you feel part of it you know under him separate from the crowd and you really think we think you are in no way you can tape like that. I was worried different ingredients that. But every year that all the time all the talk you know. Right people and the. Though it's one. Last year we probably saw more people tried in January it here enjoying themselves we greatest years. It reported 93%. Of people report being happier after four weeks without alcohol so if you're doing this best of luck to all of you. I'm can whitworth and watching ABC news lie.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Delicious mocktails to make during the 'Dry January' challenge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"60217823","title":"'Dry January' challenge mocktails","url":"/Lifestyle/video/dry-january-challenge-mocktails-60217823"}