How to make Ukrainian egg art

ABC News' Charli James interviews artist Sofika Zielyk on how to create Ukrainian egg art.
26:37 | 04/06/17

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Transcript for How to make Ukrainian egg art
So as we watch you draw paint of these eggs tell us just a little bit about how we view it became of the thank. You know what they started out at us. Another hobby but a tradition I grew up. With this. As violence. Everybody else. But. He remembers the girl go to sleep in the school sisters and seen their. School. It's so. Chuckle because I would wake up in the morning in there with colorful. Well my mother was doing one white. So is this past it. And when you're the five or six actually started doing jail started. And you. I doing it. Definitely war actually. Right Phoenix. Right the order or learning about. The traditions. In for. The stories religion. What people. But lights rating it's the word picks. Comes from them or it's which. Some you write singles. The in order grants them got wrecked. And I am doing a floral design. And flowers symbolize happiness. And the review of spring. How many. People are there at like yourself in this world that can. Can. Dedicate so much of their life it's our farm. Well there are very many people who make eggs at Easter time for their Easter best you have to. Some typing your Easter baskets bullets. Easter Saturday at this is what you do. Because there wax is very hot. But it does. Sometimes you have to. Changed the peace because depending on how the wax goes. Are these tools that you can buy an arguments people made their bill you can buy the okay. Here is an easy. Aspect. So anyone is getting in fire earlier Gary Matthews can come into the Ukrainian museum here in the village in New York City and get. Get the tools for yourself so this is the first level yes everything that is under the black. Wax. Will meet me white but the egg shell. A change. This has to be in the 40. I'd say it could. Five minutes but I think for our purposes you know a little and full hour waiting for can we talk a little bit about some of these gorgeous at that you have that up here. On display. And I mean the one that pops out of course immediately is that over time slot and this is an Ostertag correct this is an ostrich. Wrote. Like they've. Five years ago. And it's based that this the company in mountain region which if it was very intricate didn't put the simple life. Symbolism here if the deal which is prosperity in the spring. Birds. Symbol. The hacking this spring time. Or looked at fertility depending what one is in the market were hit. This is the tree of life with the pine branch which has held. More help here. Crosses equal on all sides symbols of the site. As well list never ending line going from BA which is a symbol of the turn me. And actually symbols of eternity. Are some of our favorite. It's just. Something like this. With the kind of an error and name never ended in our minds we don't know where we started. Or where we finished so the legend says that if you're hanging. If these eggs in the doorway of the whole. And when evil spirits after they'll become trapped of these lines but it won't be able. The end because there is it symbolizes the tree so your home we'll be evil spirit pre for the rest of your life. Amazing to see the diversity of the sign up all of these there's so beautiful and intricate and I mean I imagine something like this must've taken you. A very content very long time just seeing how they're made that they amount out of time and. Yes if you have heard this take the last darkest color was the work. So everything other than the culprit and what. Especially with the it's it's much easier night it do geometric takes. Because there's straight. But we knew do we free man or what you're doing. Something like this. It's a little bit harder that this is not a traditional. This is based on a traditional design which is. I this is the traditional act and this is. What I did based on this. There's a couple there at that hearing that has the designs at very interesting story is that you know my. U we neatly that's relevant honor our. Yes not a great little that we can tell from my story rating that well there's a few. Really good ones 110. And it's in the it's cut its. Reach it all though it's typical one because it's not that it's geometric. But we have 12 week war. Hoops number three very important athletes reflect the death. Other uneven improvements she. Now it's call. Roughly translate that currently one. And yes but what would you. If she suspected that he wasn't quite be. Now if this was actually true during the night hoops were supposed to quell the and it. I mean their court. I imagine this would not get that you're excited to end her hair like. However I'd. Like. Which. Don't know another one. This type of design has very variation many variations it's divided in two. 48 triangles but the designers call forty forty triangles. And it's very geometrics so we have the never ending lines a triangle the magic three. And peach tree go when special wish them from me so this egg would be given to me you can't just. Or of course a young couple who just got married would also get. She asks for forgiveness ability apps currently or if you had the 48 triangles and fertility that would. The best foot fence and process that is normally done by women in Aurora man also create. And that's very interesting because. Believe me. Did he say that. And as I said. As long as people continue to do the X the world will exist so we. Had he the job. Making sure the it the world would exist but they also did that in the dead of night. So that nobody else would see what they were doing because they would cast an evil lie. The design and and the son of god would not grant them which. Now what I'm doing now on the yellow show. I am wet seeing all the areas. That are wanna be album and there's very little yellow this. Just a few things are. There would olden times. Of the guys really about her roots berries. Any kind of tree bark cool but these are no special guys especially these. Although there are some artists who are experiencing. Actual. And benefits now and moderate and has an art form path down. This past and well you teach you how students of your if they do. If they do I have students everybody's very interest in this. Ukrainians definitely. But not Ukraine's they're extremely. Interest say America's relatively. Nation. So when people realize that if that's been going. Years that it passed down generation to generation that is still around. And we do know the symbolism there they're very but it's. For the book but it deep red in color in any you know it's it's actually. Orange line but as you can see here which is always a surprise sometimes. The show doesn't take with them. And that's just the way it is. Now viewers are obviously doing an abbreviated version yet considering some of these finds take hours and hours to make so. At he is giving us kind of theme to version of events for our purposes. Though I am covering up. With a wax. All of the areas and I want to be orange light design. And you'd mentioned before it that these eggs are aid must have component. He. Baskets that are put together for. Ukrainian Easter you absolutely. You may have seen around Easter time. The traditional outfits especially in this neighborhood and in New York City this is the Ukrainian district. Can you often see women and men dressed up every bit additional how to best. But tell us a little bit more about. Days Ukrainian Easter tradition. The basket then and what role the eggs play it that well again. This is all. From traditions with what pagan times. The baskets in the baskets and Easter Saturday. We put the eggs. Which are the pistol hit as well as single colored knicks. Red white yellow it doesn't it doesn't matter what color. We put the box cut the pots. The pop sky is. Regular red. And that's baked especially Brett that's big and the pot cut its sweet bread with raisins inside. And then we put horseradish. To symbolize. That the bitterness of that price. Pain but you see it's all. Pagan and Christian men horse ready mix together back for Christ whereas the bread. Is the symbol of the song because that the silence should use the green book the great. So over the generations. That everything has gotten the tradition that kind of have no courage together yes and of course you have to. And embroidered cloth. In the basket that's. Definitely. And of the better about how it's quite what lady of the house the night certain Reuters moments. Yes so all the women. Would look into she's a good house where she has this habits. But now if you come to seventh street to our church and it's a beautiful day. On Easter Saturday it was you who parade. Of baskets. I imagine for some of these eggs. Pretty much the entire day is covered in the black black by the end of it. Depending on the design yes yes. So yeah. He had everything under the wax is a certain color. Starting to believe that this sign takes shape. A little bit. And the red red is a very important color and he takes it was the color of the song on. Number one but there is alleged that explains that a Christian religion that's when assignment was carrying the cross well actually no price was caring for us. Simon. Went to help. Christ but he put down about specific that was carrying the marketplace. Which came back from doing this would be. The way it's as a reward to write me color of Simon also startled by this he dropped about specifics and the egg roll down the hill. And arrested by the virgin Mary. Crane bikers. She prayed. She cried the tears spilled down her cheeks burned to the red takes you creating beautiful business. So that's the Christian. Explanation for the red and the practical it is very easy to be the red dye and Ruth's. Sorry it varies. Beat us in any kind of fruit. A really nice. And quick Catholic. Yes that's a quick red color the egg seemed to take that Alan very well it's always surprise. So now I put in. Much more wax and heated up more. It does the thickness as we can make out some of the lions a lot more than others I imagine that the thickness of the lax also. Played so roll and everything plays a row yes. You know that the trick is. To control the works. And there are. That was good because the knee injury. On her. Outlet but also can. Here. It. The I. Oh. Different places where it was supposed to fall so people wanted to explain. This with any kind of symbolism. And that's the story come earth Cynthia I think Hillary. He has some heating it up. It Lowe's. You are telling me that. Which makes sense of I think at this site or that you have. Hundreds of these eggs on display your house decided to people all. Display these things around in their home just thinking. People do they take them out for Easter time but they're always in the covered in glass cabinet. Yes there are never. Our. Out of reach you know mean. What this is. C. A few centuries ago. The eggs also had functions in the real life. During the Easter season there was so well. That's it. For Plavix. And nobody would ever go out some right without having what if they're hit because. It against people. Pull a PO. Yes exactly that little expect it. But also if you were building a house you would put. Or eggs on each of the quarters. So that. You would have looked like in the house and take with trinity symbols. Was buried or wouldn't be lives so that you would have us. Ian. I young girl in the streets. Unmarried girl. Three. Days with the outer ring. She's. And there are also beauty aids. You're supposed to what I finished it into a bucket of water. Easter. And Easter Monday you were supposed to wash your face that water and you would be wrinkle free but. For the AGCO definitely beyond. Oh yes yes yes there won her. Even this law. Which. You have to white all the dies at its purpose people would bring that new loans. They sit that was your different diseases which actually makes its if the dies remain naturally maybe there was some medicinal. We don't recommend that and you. Don't riot act like hey Larry yeah. With a bonfire. You. It's the little more. Some people also Coolidge. To make thing here yeah but. You run the risk. The wax going as he waited months. We see people with better name for our concern writing on op. I mean. The heck happened much much later in Christian times. You had cake is that since Christ has Vincent. In the certainly help with it for girls would it lays eggs at Easter time. To show that they like him. And you can you can see sometimes this Ehrlich Mary loves tall. Or something like that a look at Valentine did exactly. And it doesn't matter what color the Lexus whether it's lighter or darker. The hotter it is the darker it is but it does its job the same way. That this is our final layer of wax here yes an ornament are we doing one more we're doing what we're dye pack. Just. I believe just. Again you don't do it. But it's a badge of honor. If you have wax your fingers back and see. And I have waksal the strangest places like her and Lauren kitchen. Severe strain to show you one more dip below and then. I mentioned there's a process for getting the wax off yes. It's the best part now. DNA. In this case. The black kids is the last color. Shouldn't be here for a while Rick. But sometimes. It's read like this and sometimes. It's cool this is what my spirits as well it's the tree of life whether the sun symbol. Pine branch which is a symbol of hope and the box tree cheers from the sky. And I know you don't sell your eggs here but you can buy hippies pegged. That's the Ukrainian museum here by the activity. Seen or I. Oh. Just can't. And that Ukrainian news in the affairs said it quite beautiful. That I have the ostrich reduce harmful. And there is the exhibit going on here for the Easter as well that you can come and seen. Eggs from all different regions and fine hard including fifty. To hear he had. And I that are part of the permanent collection here at the Ukrainian. If you want to learn more about that these mean things in your New York City down. In the Ukrainian district in the east village. And it looks legs. All wheel it's almost done almost. So wild this tumor minutes. Another. I love the way they found death these funds are empty and feels like you get if there ever yet. But. The sonic with a very important but second where with a female. She with that got us. Bieber. Apparently. And this is what people this nation where she shall. She death rate. Very different. Ways. Depicting her as she went that means email the picket. The surgery. Of course this is one of the oldest implications because it is underwent background. And the reason is that these designs have. Survive till today is because they were passed down from mother and daughter you couldn't deviate from your scrutiny as the son of god with her grandkids and we. Okay acts heresy and that it is. Looks almost completely Palau left. And so the last step is to would take the eight. The wax well. No these are stylized flowers. Which the design comes from the western part of Ukraine. And they symbolize happiness. This is the best part. Everything looks dark. Have to be careful not to burn your fingers. And slowly. Slowly. Received the wet snow. Whenever I demonstrate this and talk to. Children about this. When I wiped off the first Wes Cooley here's. They need to so that you can't. Well because it's it. It says it melts off and really reveals the design. You never really know what it's gonna look like until the very ever. Ever for example I was using mine street. So I wasn't nearly everybody has favorite instrument of its technical who has if they're a huge personal thing. And I was familiar with this so I really don't know what was going to look like. Some people. Look these days it to be. And very low temperature for the wax melts. But I accurately flick doing at this. And I have more control at that II alert this way. Section section. So he's with us. Let's show a little bit of. Close. This is mine here with the lack. Often that. And use them as much or giving up this step by step demonstration of the traditional and very national. Art. And he hasn't from the orient in the world renowned for her I think designs. Is keeping this traditional lives. And thank you very much thing yeah marriage where this demonstration. And if you enjoy this you can't please. And so because designs on her website Osce can come down activity trainees Miami New York City you can find tools to make me think yourself. We recommend a little bit of training I think both are before you start trying it. Because you're you're in this. So o'clock in the morning good eyes. Put back. Well thank you so much and thank you to the news. And hurricane you've been watching it needs to.

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