Anne Hathaway vs. Jennifer Lawrence

Why is there so much distain for the "Les Mis" star but love for the "Silver Linings" darling?
4:27 | 03/02/13

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Transcript for Anne Hathaway vs. Jennifer Lawrence
If you think about on paper they seem practically the same the best of young Hollywood they both snagged Oscars. They're both glamorous -- blisters so why is it that women across America. Seem to have such strong love hate feelings about Jennifer Lawrence. -- Anne Hathaway. Here's ABC's John Donvan with a tale of two actresses. Take what you can happily ever do to you all you have to -- haters. And I quote you explicitly in using that word hate look at the tweets that spewed forth from you on Oscar night. The only thing I hate more than Anne Hathaway is Anne -- crying. One time I Google I -- -- have to wait to see if anyone else related to my problems in life. I love that everyone has their own personal reasons for heating and Hathaway but in the end we can all come together and -- she's awful. -- and afterwards and what if she done so wrong watch this is really going to be offensive. It came true. It came true why now that was offensive. Right because here's the rap on and she's not real somehow everybody is so sure that this came true. Was pre scripted pre cooked pre planned -- just like a little bit later that night this was supposedly all an act. I had a dream that this. -- came true. But maybe it's not an act may be the triumph of an Oscar win for spectacularly good and difficult performance -- -- -- rob us. Actually is in emotion evoking moment but that just doesn't seem very credible to these and haters yeah. You can tell there's like this sort of feigned humility -- -- she. You know she's pretending. That she is surprised and shocked and doesn't deserve it he can tell -- underneath there's this little no burning feeling that you think I deserve this so -- It's so would we prefer to see triumph mark like this. And this. So she smiles wouldn't you but it's more than that it's beginning to be that she's not. Jennifer Lawrence who for some reason everyone thinks is their celebrity DFF the girl they wish to live next door -- veterans. -- -- and she is referred to in gearing lead in the same situation took an Oscar winning tumble. Not bad that I fell and it's really very. The actress was spotted in Hawaii earlier this week lighting up -- -- looking smoke and the press had a field day. Every gaffe she makes no makes more endearing film -- thinking of dynamic economy have now. She's the girl next door she's a girl that you feel like you can get -- -- Client at a shot -- -- and I think -- sort of genuine humility is something that people really respond to spend with Jennifer Lawrence and it's real. Well eyes of the be holder folks' eyes of the beholder if you grants which most will miss and Hathaway and Hathaway Anne Hathaway. That Hathaway is a superbly good actor in serious drama night. And acknowledge that it's rare indeed to see a female actor with that combination as she managed to be last fall on Saturday Night Live. They leaving you with -- yet it is getting. Being ridiculously funny too. Like Lucille Ball funny. Frankly that's called for not taking yourself too seriously the thing is Hathaway is now so scrutinized for in sincerity her every move magnified. Every smile every -- that none of it looked at that -- can ever seen real. I think which means is something that takes -- down a -- yeah but what is down the -- from being publicly -- doing nothing especially wrong. Well she's an actor after all and whoever said that real had to be part of the deal remember why she's winning awards in the first place for performing. And singing like this. It's not real exactly. Besides. None of us could do it and maybe that's where all this is coming from in the first place. John Donvan ABC news Washington.

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{"id":18635011,"title":"Anne Hathaway vs. Jennifer Lawrence","duration":"4:27","description":"Why is there so much distain for the \"Les Mis\" star but love for the \"Silver Linings\" darling?","url":"/Nightline/video/anne-hathaway-jennifer-lawrence-18635011","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}