The Battle to Be One of the World's Best Breakdancers

At the Red Bull BC One North American championship, some of the world's best dancers faced off.
5:32 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for The Battle to Be One of the World's Best Breakdancers
Break dancing has come a long way since it first entered the culture several decades ago. Who could forget that 1984 movie or the sea directly, "Break in," "Break in 2:electric boogaloo." What are the break boys and girls doing now? Here's ABC's T.J. Holmes. Reporter: Ryan Wagner is on a mission. To become the best break dancer in the world. ? Reporter: To do that, he'll need to beat the best of the best. This year over 1,100 professional dancers are competing for that title in the 70 events of the red bull bc-1 world championship. It's the premier showcase for the world's best break dancers. Think of it like a world series for head spins. The wimbledon of windmills. Put simply, it's the super bowl for breaking. Bc-1 is a big deal. People have a goal of trying to be invited or battling to get into one. Reporter: In Orlando Ryan is competing against 16 top dancers to see who's the best in north America. They'll face off one on one in multiple three-round slugfests with the winner walking away with a cash prize and a ticket to the world championships in Rome. I don't do ballet and I know that's challenging. I don't want to stand on my toes. Just stand on your head? I will stand on my head. Reporter: This is Ryan's first time in the north American finals but he says he's been a b-boy nearly his whole life. What is a b-boy and how can I be one? It means break boy or break girl. There would be segments of the music when there would be a break and the b-boys and b-girls would come out and dance. Reporter: By day a karate instructor and business owner er in suburban Philadelphia. By night he transforms into a trash talker who spins on his head, shoulders, and just everything else. Do you think if most people say, close your eyes and imagine a break dancer, and the imknowledge that would pop in their mind is a 29-year-old martial artist from Philadelphia? No. No, not at all. There's no skin tone to it. There's no hairstyle to it. There's no gender to it. Reporter: With dancing, you either got it or you don't. Even if you do, becoming a Where taking care of takes care of more than just yourself. R $299a month R. ? they'll be judging things like originality, execution, and battle tactics. All the transitions, all the leg patterns, the hand patterns, everything that they're doing is different. Those are the small details that are really important. Reporter: To prepare, Ryan trains almost daily with his crew. On stage, Ryan goes by his b-boy name napalm. All kinds of crazy names. Knuckles, domkey, dos, cracker zacks, and randy. When this is over maybe they'll give me a b-boy name. I thought I had moves but the moves these guys do are, well -- Up, come back down -- Reporter: Intense. Chicken wing. That was instructional. Let's graduate. What other moves would they be assured you'd see if you went to a battle? You might see somebody do head spins. Wind mills. The one where you're spinning around your upper body on the floor. Reporter: Twisting and spinning. These b-boys put together a routine they bring into battle. It's the day of the big competition. It's time for the battle! Reporter: In his first battle, Ryan doesn't hold back. The winner is -- napalm! Reporter: He can't rest long. Because his next opponent is one of the best in the world. 21-year-old victor Montalbo who won this same event last year. Drop a beat on him! Reporter: From the start both bring their best moves. Napalm is a blowup technician! Reporter: And Ryan brings that birit. Oh, wait! I'm not done yet! Reporter: In the end -- Victor! Reporter: It wasn't meant to be. Even though he won't go to the world finals, there's always another battle waiting right around the corner. Yeah! Reporter: But first, I still have to prove myself and earn that b-boy name. Not bad. But is it enough? Whatever the name is, I'm going to go by that at least for a week. T.j. Came in and I he left the linoleum immediately. B-boy express. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm b-boy express, breaking it down in Philadelphia.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"At the Red Bull BC One North American championship, some of the world's best dancers faced off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"33998267","title":"The Battle to Be One of the World's Best Breakdancers","url":"/Nightline/video/battle-worlds-best-breakdancers-33998267"}