Boston Strong: Taking the Marathon Back for Good

ABC's Dan Harris reports on runners, survivors and supporters coming together and finding closure.
2:51 | 04/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Strong: Taking the Marathon Back for Good
One year after the Boston Marathon fell victim to terrorism the city was in the spotlight again but this time as a symbol of resilience. Showing what it means to be Boston strong. My Nightline co anchor Dan Harris is there. What a rush to watch 36000. Smiling people 9000 more than last year. Pour over the starting line secure in the knowledge that there were 4000 cops out there with dogs checked bags writing choppers. And generally making sure this was the safest place on earth today that doesn't -- yeah. Today a game like Austin and -- -- -- killing at least Davis were raring to go there a father daughter team both doctors. And last year they were -- about to finish when the bombs went on. They stopped running and started helping people why is important you to run again this year we just that I didn't -- usually sensitive. Today some of the survivors bravely returned to the finish line including Jeff -- from this iconic shot. In those horrible moments after he lost his legs and was rescued by a stranger in a cowboy hat. Mary was today pounding this Whitney's rescuer and now friend Carlos Redondo. Heather -- who lost her lower left leg was here to. She put on a prosthetic blades and Brandon last half mile along -- a woman who helped save her life that. Says there was -- -- lost both legs while waiting to see her sister crossed the finish line. After an agonizing year during which we saw her comforted by a marine double amputee and -- she was back today not only to witness her sister vanished but to finish right alongside -- I just can't see your -- it's worth noting heroism -- Many forms today. And there -- an estimated one million spectators double the average including this guy who we watched cheering runners nonstop. For hours. Thank you Greg job -- not run ads. I think our guys did it it -- -- As for Natalie and -- Davis -- -- They finally completed some personal business crossing that finish line. They never crossed last year that it's safe to say that you guys and 36000 other people one million spectators took the merit. -- back actually to get back I think I. Sounds he lot of people supporting us and a lot of people that brought memories in the past and I agree with the Atlantic chapter and. -- reward all in all that great game final ten. -- Steve Harris. Okay.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"ABC's Dan Harris reports on runners, survivors and supporters coming together and finding closure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23418472","title":"Boston Strong: Taking the Marathon Back for Good","url":"/Nightline/video/boston-strong-taking-marathon-back-good-23418472"}