Burt Reynolds: A look back at his most iconic roles

From "Smokey and the Bandit" to "Boogie Nights," Reynolds was a sex symbol of the 70s and 80s known for his high-octane movie and TV roles.
6:09 | 09/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Burt Reynolds: A look back at his most iconic roles
the footbalfield. In the back woods. Sometimes you have LE yourseefan find any. Reportend across from Barbara Walters. You a sw No. Reporter: Burt Reynolds was a guy's guy with a good-te grin. His rugged, manly a him ldar in movies and TV ford anctor and showbiz peality. Youaihat you're nov who bec E star I spite of his , not becse of them. Reporter:e was as quick togh at himself. I'dike to be a successfully married on.t obviouslt enough. Reporter: And let others joke at his expense. Yeah, what do you want? Reporter: T "Snl" impeonation bec legendary. I founds backste. The oversized hat.it Y. No, it's is funny. Because it's bigger than a Normal reporter: His own comedic timing to beat Sorry, I don't W get married. Terrific. That makes two of Repter: But phaps M famouslys a S symbol. His high-okayape movies were not staplesn the awards delight audiences costarrilongside file on dolly part duets together in best little whose intexas." ???G ar with you goingaroundhat T doing what lovers dohe they're sneaking Aro Repton tweeting know we will always his funnlaugh,hat mischievous SP in his eye, and his quirky sense humor. Will as be myorite sheriff. In the 1977 classic key and bandit" with Sally field - You got a great profile. Yeah, I do, don't I? Pecially from the side. Well, least we finally agree on something. Yeah, we botike half my face. Eporter: H and Sally fiebe romantically involved off thse the R telng in interview about their love story. You say, if we watch"smokey it," we'llee you and Sally field falling in love on Mera. That's ue. She wave of my .eally to this day the most scial woman I've ever dated. Reporter: Reynolds spoke to Barbara was in 1980 about their relationship ending hardest lesson I to Len in my life that the Pers T you falln love with and the person that fal in love with you is not necessarily, matter of FAA lot of eme, can be the worst person the rest of your life with. Reporter:ield releasing this statedeath. My years with ber leave mymind. He will be in my history a heart for as long aslive. There were more women and movies. In annonball run,"che I don't'd Reynolds looking lie was havin the time of his life. His romantic life fodder for the taoids. Featuring a relationship with Farrah fawcetahore, brief marriage Toi Anderson. Heat Dow W Barba Walters three times over the of hisareer to discuss life and top of a hill. Ldown. The young bull'sswinger. He says, let's gn TRE and make love to E O those cows downere. Let's R Dow there and take thll and the old bull ys,'s walk down there and take ery love them undersnd them. I'm not either one of those bulls. Wt you Ares full of bull. That's what I am that S has absolutely not me Repefe was a movie star a Hool footb a played college ball at Florida state, go es. S acting career took flight prtelevision, playing reb hit series like "Gun E." 1972 saw him give perhaps St acclaimed performance, ityou D beat this river. Reportee laterurned to TV, winning an Emmy in 1991 for "Ening shade. Well, you ow. All those piesoe, they paif,laughter ] Reporter: Whilellenged by health and financial pro latern life, in 1997, he M a majorcomeback in nightsaying a po director. You know,s is a film want them to by. Reporter: Eng a nomination for an osca wing a golden globe. Reynolds had his pick of blockbuster roles beur down T cnco play some iconic chacters. In his final iith barb very bad judg or you'reer unlucky. Or . Eporter: I Bame a -standingjoke. Recently hebout itith an Cohen on "Wawhat happens LI." Reynolds still laughing. You W forole of Michl Corlee in "The godfher." Theginal James bond, "Terms endearment"prettyman." Why did you pass? Because I'm aidiot. Reporter:e wrote his Moir, I always wanted to with and down swinging. Well, so far, so nobody had more fun than I DI I jgo from place to place. Dot I do bes Yeah. You dothat well.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"From \"Smokey and the Bandit\" to \"Boogie Nights,\" Reynolds was a sex symbol of the 70s and 80s known for his high-octane movie and TV roles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57691024","title":"Burt Reynolds: A look back at his most iconic roles","url":"/Nightline/video/burt-reynolds-back-iconic-roles-57691024"}