'Carrie' 2.0: Classic Horror Film Gets Rebooted

Chloe Grace Moretz talks about tackling the lead in the revamped iconic psycho-thriller.
6:01 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for 'Carrie' 2.0: Classic Horror Film Gets Rebooted
Oh, yes, there will be blood, there will be gore, yes, steven king's carrie has risen from the dead. The star of the beloved horror classic is no stranger to vie le lense, but she is 16, what do she and her mother have to say about the most twisted movie family ever. Abc's juju chang. Reporter: Carrie, rebooted horror as a genre when it splashed across the screen back in 1976. It wasn't just a box office smash, it garnered an oscar nomination for a 26-year-old sissy spacek and for a young novelist steven king, a splashy first foray into film. Over the years a few remakes, a little known sequel and at one point a broadway musical about this young teenage with powers, clips of which can be found on youtube. ♪ that did not last long. And now, hollywood is taking another stab at this horror classic, and trying on the pink prom dress and the bucket of pigs blood, fan boy favorite chloe grace moretz, best known for her kick-ass performances. Were you intimidated by sissy spacek trying to take on this iconic role? For me I was intimidated taking on a stephen king novel, scared me trying to take one of the most iconic pieces of work he has written, and try to breathe life halfway as good as the word. Reporter: What about the idea, sissy spacek was nominated for an academy award for her performance was that scary? It was terrifying. At the same time, I go I can't think of that. If I think of that. It will kill me. I will never achieve what I want to achieve as an actor. Reporter: Her director comes with indy cred. Despite, flourishes with bullying, cell phone cameras as a weapon. Pierce wanted to make a movie truer to the original book. I did stay closer to the stephen king version, I was in love with carrie as the a main character and wanted to put the audience inside her shoes the way the novel is told. Reporter: Carrie is bullied for being different like hillary swank's oscar winning role in "boys don't cry." I didn't ask you what you wanted you little -- what I saw in brandon tina is similar to what I saw in carrie white. Amazing characters we could fall deeply in love with who were misfits, outcasts but wanted to get love and acceptance like we all do. It is all going to be okay. Repent. It is not too late. There is somebody out there who wants to take it away from them. When that person takes it away, I think we feel indignant. I think we want to see that person get revenge. Carrie! Reporter: That revenge is sweet. One of the people she exacts revenge upon, her abusive mother played by julianne moore. Julianne moore brings a level of charisma, sheer talent, devotion to the craft. She shows up. She knows her character. She ground margaret white. Though she is a fictional character, as a real person. Mama, stop it. Mama! Reporter: Playing all this dark stuff does it turn up darkness, do you have nightmares? I never had nightmares. I definitely, for me the first movie I did in which I wanted to try method, trying to really breathe and live in her. Because she is such a dark character. You can't just cut and be like, heehawing around. Reporter: She is not just a victim of bullying she is a victim of parental abuse. Yeah. He can smell the sin on you, he will punish you! This girl is a bused by too much love. She never wants her to leave. Here mother make hers wear clothes that only her mother makes. Reporter: Despite all the latest movie special effects, the new carrie according to moretz is less concerned than super natural powers than it is about human nature. Praying for forgiveness. No! I think it is the emotional aspect of it. What you read within stephen king's novel, you see that in the movie, effects of the mother/daughter relationship more than teenagers. Reporter: Chloe's mother terry, is also a single mother. Though comparisons end there. She does relate to the maternal instinct to wanting to keep your daughter safe. I am very protective. I am mama bear. And there are times that you have to just let go. It's not easy. Reporter: Have you seen the movie? I have. Reporter: Is it weird to watch your daughter get abused on camera? It is difficult. There are moments. You are like, I can't watch it. But it is just so beautifully done. I saw the original one. And this one is really beautiful. But it is, it is psychologically disturbing. Reporter: She is still a teenager, but chloe is no stranger to disturbing, and ultraviolent films. She was 12 when she starred in the 2012 cult hit "kick-ass" see what you can do now. Reporter: Like her past films she is too young to watch her own movies. You are 16, you are not old enough to go to see the movie? No, I am illegal. I can't see it. Reporter: Will you try to snook int sneak into a theater. I am sure my mom will buy me a ticket legally. Juju chang, abc news, new

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{"id":20608038,"title":"'Carrie' 2.0: Classic Horror Film Gets Rebooted","duration":"6:01","description":"Chloe Grace Moretz talks about tackling the lead in the revamped iconic psycho-thriller.","url":"/Nightline/video/carrie-20-classic-horror-film-rebooted-20608038","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}