Combat Rescue: Saving Lives in Hard Situations

Follow the 38th Rescue Squadron as they rescue people in natural and other disasters.
3:00 | 02/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Combat Rescue: Saving Lives in Hard Situations
Since 9/11 38 rescue squadron save thousands of lives both home and abroad and National Geographic got a glimpse of their work first -- embedded with them for six weeks. And -- little taste the results inside combat rescue. Today. -- these so people freeze in moments of chaos terrible terrible but the 38 rescue squadron. News. It is possible -- -- explosions across parts have gotten word that two US troops have been wounded in the suicide bombing and this this is gonna go. They know the city is still under attack the members of this elite squadron known as teachers. Don't waste a second. Climbing into specially equipped -- hawk helicopters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And within minutes there will be in the danger. Save the wounded Americans. -- they find the landing site and with a trail -- providing cover from above and injured -- low. As a tick off the -- are already performing triage -- it is tough to dress shrapnel wounds and when your flying emergency room is under. Five. The helicopter drops. -- -- -- -- -- Missiles and then sprints back to base to deliver the injured into a waiting ambulance. Just another day at the office for the that others may live -- especially three trained paramedics. Were also high. Wardens could fight their way to in this house to rescue -- wounded soldier under any conditions. It's worth it to risk your life and her team save -- -- it's what it's worth it. Team to help -- captain Eric Hanson is on his first deployment in Afghanistan and our thoughts often tripped to a wife. -- two month old daughter -- so. And -- very. -- -- -- -- -- -- Staff sergeant Bret Taylor is on his fifth deployment. Already has orders for his six. He like many of the men is not immune to the impact of what he sees every day American -- both his legs while -- listening. And kids. Home burned there -- body I think. As -- Clinton some in body bags. -- And a scramble scramble -- -- can be relentless on this day it's another rumor and special -- -- break his leg. Is blown off by an. It's a life threatening critical injury the team knows they'll need to get this man back to the hospital in the critical golden hour. It's going to survive. Fellow soldiers kissing goodbye he's losing blood rapidly as ideas failed. Flying high above the Afghanistan desert the PGA's really -- is off to deliver blood directly to the ball back in Kandahar. He just turned the wounded special forces soldier. Over -- surgeons. They later learned that he survived. This. -- as well. Home for the 38 rescue squadron his moody air force base in Georgia. This is where they train between deployments holding their rescue skills perfecting their coordination. Pilots -- -- them in and out of danger. Recent screening of National Geographic inside combat rescue was perhaps the first time. Family members like Eric's wife Lauren. Really understood -- the PGA's -- in the field. -- missourians can't have plenty of experience enlightenment through my mind seeing. So many -- yeah. -- going on in the it's not read my daily life. Hopefully the show. Helps explain you know -- -- sacrifice their service members -- Are making out there are not talking about us -- -- it has not dozens of others this decent cup. Picking them up so that day and it. Inside -- rescue premieres this Monday February 18 on the National Geographic channel.

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{"id":18517888,"title":"Combat Rescue: Saving Lives in Hard Situations","duration":"3:00","description":"Follow the 38th Rescue Squadron as they rescue people in natural and other disasters.","url":"/Nightline/video/combat-rescue-saving-lives-hard-situations-18517888","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}