Dramatic Video of Ft. Hood Shooting Aftermath

Victims have been neglected, says hero cop Kimberly Munley.
4:30 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for Dramatic Video of Ft. Hood Shooting Aftermath
Right now what what do you feel like the president needs to accomplish today when he's talking about the different audiences that he's trying to reach. And just begin to lay out the legislative flash for what he wants to do in this term. Yet as you were saying earlier the inaugural -- was was very thematic it was short. He he talked about thinks -- never mentioned the campaign trail like. Gay marriage and -- and climate change and clean energy. Suddenly we were seeing a whole different president -- I don't think anybody quite expected now he's really kind of got to come back to brass -- he's laid -- a very you know some would argue very liberal. Philosophy in the unite nearly dress. Now he's coming back to the philosophy of governing. -- accomplish certain things that his his progressive base wants to see him do. While the same time crafting legislation that he can get Republicans to sign on and -- end and create a legacy for him. A legacy of legislative accomplishment not just that he was a great campaigner. Not just that he's a great speech maker but that he can actually accomplice of something in Washington. Get get past the polarization of Washington that he claim that he he was gonna get rid of when he came in the first term. But is really intensified during his presidency he wants to surmount that he sees himself as something. Better than just your average all of -- who can raise a lot of money in and give -- good speech and and and -- -- opponents in the campaign trail he wants to be seen as a successful president. Can only be successful president if he can move some legislation through this congress and through that Republican controlled house so to really think for him he's got he's got -- inspire people -- he's also going to be practical enough. To bring a whole coalition of different points of view along with women and he's talking about some pretty -- some pretty big items immigration reform it's been -- for a decade. Guns that's been stalled for a generation. If -- really get this things done -- the same time pivoting back some jobs in the economy which are still the issues that Americans care about above all else. And to that point that he knows that this is the moment that he has maximum. -- with the congress we've seen as the president after president you get reelected you think you come back to talent. With all of this motel the people ready -- -- to line up behind you but everyone in that room knows. That the one man in that room tonight never as the face the voters again -- -- giving a speech Barack Obama so it is a very limited window. In which to operate -- to try to get things done and move people to your will. Right he's got the most power probably that he's had his presidency but may be the narrowest win them he may have. Up -- you know a few months before the next mid term election and easily the biggest appeared to be done in in a narrow -- seven I. Even though he does come in with street he comes in with an amazing set of challenges as well. That that the -- and attitude against this president has not changed among a lot of those house Republicans they come from districts that. Overwhelmingly. Voted against President Obama says congress members of congress don't practically feel the need to compromise -- and half way all the things that that. Have been bandied about as a way to improve relationships in Washington. Those those members the house don't necessary see I really reason to do that and especially when you're talking about hot button issues like immigration. Like guns like taxes any decent this is where the line in the sand has been drawn in and that the president has got to to figure out some way. Two to peel off enough Republicans. By persuading them that his agenda is is is moderate -- -- and it's achievable and it's not just a liberal. Outline of of a utopian world vision which a lot of them thought his inaugural address was this is -- way to bring it back seat to practicality and to test his ability to work the inside game the Washington game. Not just the campaigning being out in the country. Rallying the troops game. One thing on noticing with those those ribbons that we mentioned -- a number of Republican congressman. Wearing those ribbons as well I think that has an interest thing. Subtle piece of messaging by Republicans they. There aren't allowed Democrats to use the -- -- tragedy is a political issue this whole effort started that as you know you see the ribbons on the screen right now. This is an effort by congressman Jim Lansing Democrat Ryland who's a quadriplegic he was injured. In a very tragic shooting accident as a teenager he has been rally his colleagues to invite. The victims of the victims' families of of gun violence people -- suffered at the hands. Of guns over the years. Into the room tonight to use their tickets it to do this and to make an aggressive case for gun control but I just saw John McCain and Lindsey Graham -- those ribbons as well and we know that they're coming at the gun control. To date from a much different perspective so I do think they are they're trying to defuse some of politics on guns in that very subtle way in the -- you can Wear on your lapel. Yet the -- -- not wearing one of those but. That's why -- there --

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Victims have been neglected, says hero cop Kimberly Munley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18485848","title":"Dramatic Video of Ft. Hood Shooting Aftermath","url":"/Nightline/video/dramatic-video-ft-hood-shooting-aftermath-18485848"}