Flood Cars: Know the Car You Intend to Buy

Part 1: What drivers need to know before heading to the used car dealership.
13:01 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for Flood Cars: Know the Car You Intend to Buy
Good night on ABC -- look at. Blood cars keep it looks like a great deal -- a used car but she's not driving drunk. Could fresh look out because cars damaged by hurricane city are now turning -- -- used car lots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah what it's eroding from the inside so before you get -- We go undercover to show you how to spot look. -- We're miles quarters they're not rich but -- are so good at forty miles -- vacation all of the world's first class for free. Tonight they share their secrets for reloading -- -- -- plus is not an issue with your animal and how about a section. -- -- -- Is your dog to dog unit. Isn't goldfish -- only the -- -- I have little boy would you believe. 200 that's -- yeah. Besides its day and watch. -- back. Before you spend -- we'll do what ever it takes you get more out of your money. Everybody is trying to sell you something these days. -- tonight. The lookout is about to get busy and -- First up like. It's. That's music holds one -- In the trembling hands and the lieutenant -- The guy in the ACEC teacher grinning while accepting that casual -- that's used car salesman. Jack to -- He's clearly -- confident guy. Gold for. Friends changes. -- -- -- It's very -- putting a potentially dangerous truck. It's. Like here's the auction sheet that shows that -- was -- blood I'm going to. -- before we get to that bit of drama we should probably start to. In stormy night. -- superstore sales. The northeast -- 300 people lost lives. Thousands more lost their homes and then there with a cars. An estimated quarter million of -- submerged for gays and corrosive soul war. The months following the storm many parts of this abandoned airport on Long Island. And each one a potential highway hazard because saltwater -- cars. A special -- Iraq plus cars -- -- run from the inside out days weeks or months down the road parts are gonna. Which makes you could -- worse news you runways pulls plug in cars but now -- -- -- same rare form -- -- -- -- anybody can do today. So the obvious question is where did they all go -- hands like many things in life. That's a lot to do with looks. Down -- cars obviously belong in a junk yard final resting place but there are countless others -- through storms like sandy. That looked just fine. At first brought. That's probably Atlantic Ocean and as the folks at the used car tracking service -- -- five our medical. They estimate that over -- 100000. Sandy battered cars are back on the road tonight not just around Jersey. Boston. We see the Mercedes on -- right there on. Here's wanting hormone. Another in Saint Louis it's kind of an old fashioned notion that they traded it in local and -- And even a landlocked -- and and Iowa is on the lookout for hurricane wreckage. Passed -- -- -- right even though her insanity happened about 12100 miles away whose cars are shipped all over the place Steelers by a turn around -- -- -- make them look good don't tell you about it. And according to him I heard this process often begins in a little known corner of the car world known as the salvage. Auction people act differently we'll walk you to salvage -- It was -- a slide in little more city when camera here in the button backpack and a -- born Cameron in -- backpack Aaron Carter she never. Greenberg doesn't -- who's running -- yards -- group. It's -- your car accident and morning cheerful mood in the minutes frenetic pace and some abstract absent parents have some distance for the world's third of the world and among its. US and and -- -- perfectly legal but it is quickly obvious that guy and an outsider. Center forward to figure out exactly where these cars are headed and -- him. So it's time to bring a -- didn't this month's producer Jerry -- you yeah you're -- -- -- this kind of guy who. -- -- -- -- It was a nice suit to a car crusher and -- this story. Us. And using an old fashioned gumshoe reporting -- a sense of what car. Keep them well you and didn't quite yet. -- -- hidden cameras chasing down to a place called deep deep thought it was it was. Bridge futures -- Vote. That's what you saw yesterday about a -- Yeah it's. Me or Jack -- -- you need to -- hey there's our friend Jack. They've got and the CDC teacher who's available on the -- it's. Sold -- Can tell me about this. -- -- -- -- Jack doesn't know is that we know a whole lot more about this forward at 350 than he does. We know that it was owned by a guy named Mike Kennedy and now. We know that my kids love the -- so much they -- did she. No we know -- when sandy Kennedy's wife she swallowed their pleasant and kitchen neighborhood and within. The -- In order for today's complex retired navy -- users and military -- insurance company called did you. SK OK and they declared spirit of total loss and sent Mike -- 32213. Dollars for sessions and New Jersey authorities tell us that it is the insurance responsibility. To -- the vehicle -- -- -- Marketed as a salvage vehicles. And not consumers money off its value but so now spirit made it through the auction bonds didn't he's a -- for the president nearly twenty. Thousand dollars. A lot of dough for what the experts say should be a pile of parts. He has nothing but praise his beer crowd and here. Until the -- won't start. It took from the battery. Its. Values. I had -- Jerry Mexicans most dedicated to him. You can bring your mechanic here. It's. Out -- -- by -- mechanic it would take a look at. -- -- -- -- Doesn't seem so eager to still -- anymore citing a red flag comes upon -- fast and used her true. -- service at home and yes it's. It's so when did you schools and influence. It's losing some parents are insulting my -- if you haven't. And I don't know it's. Keeping -- from this season. It's. Union that you know -- So Jack is refusing to sell -- to -- Because it's no -- vehicle and maybe even like all that talk about a mechanic coming up he says his boss might want to send it back to auction. That's there what do you know the spirits group. Still for 191999. Tylenol. We need in new. Someone reporting larger. Questions. Someone would bring cameras in her glasses and the water. Someone. Likable laugh and -- hands just make things interest at least since its former owner along for the ride. We are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And even though Jack refused to sell this potentially dangerous truck just a few days earlier. -- and this -- behind the we spears. One hitch the powers seeds don't worry -- -- -- Maybe it's blown fuse -- or maybe it's because they were submerged in salt water for two days. -- a short time later. She's got a deal. If I can walk away giving money -- I want to. It's. Exciting. She hands over between large signs the purchase. And now that -- -- owns the truck. Jack finally brings up the vehicle history mentioning -- check report on spirits clean but there -- issue with the car -- report. A you -- -- just weird. It clearly states spirit was in the blood and was declared a total loss. Criticism -- its. -- -- Now -- -- told Hillary about the car fax report offenses so when the vehicles. Plus there was no mention. -- -- -- -- -- -- This aaron's signs these slew of documents -- -- by -- car notice Jack casually mentions the salvage agreement. And this is a document that says the buyer understands. The -- his blood vehicle. He makes it seem like it's just a formality. Could you imagine. This is like -- salvage agreement that if it was in which it's not. -- Themselves. -- -- Do. Thanks very much and okay. Just get back again. But I don't want. You can have it because it's not gonna last. The purchase creates a -- -- For spirits former owner and Mike can't resist taking -- home for one more visit with the kids -- -- notices a few obvious signs of food water history I have. Yeah. And believe it or not the tools are still here they're no longer functional tools because there rusty shut. That water was up from here the front seats don't work. Reported today they claimed he was accused of bringing back and it's what about the -- it's not a few -- I can't imagine what else the first. They are just -- mechanics and -- flood vehicle when she. That's definitely -- are driven there's no doubt about that. That's like buying -- Oh god this thing led to -- an -- blows up on you you you could crash. Which. Capsule manners. And we needed drugs struck you. Good time for me to have -- -- -- Jack. I'm hidden cameras and we want to normal. Actually and that's. Here makes an important to have that we're seeing the news checked out and who play the role. -- -- to.

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{"id":19833276,"title":"Flood Cars: Know the Car You Intend to Buy","duration":"13:01","description":"Part 1: What drivers need to know before heading to the used car dealership. ","url":"/Nightline/video/flood-cars-car-intend-buy-19833276","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}