Holiday Vacation Hacks: One Mom's Secret to Traveling for Free

Summer Hull of shows others how to turn every day errands into miles for free flights.
6:36 | 12/05/14

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Transcript for Holiday Vacation Hacks: One Mom's Secret to Traveling for Free
woman who says that exotic beach say vags you've been fan that sizing about can actually be a reality. Not only that, it can be free. This woman says busy moms can earn points towards luxury travel just by slightly tweaking their daily routines. These are big claims. So, we decided to put them to the test. Here's ABC's linsey Davis. Reporter: Looking to trade in snow boots for beach sandals for next to nothing? Or how about stepping out of those long holiday lines and into a luxury suite? A dream trip like this is the last thing on most of our minding during this, the season of spending. It is definitely more expensive during the holidays. They take the opportunity to charge you more. Reporter: Texas mom Lauren and her husband would love to take a year-end european getaway. Maybe squeeze in a babymoon before the baby comes. Reporter: But they just don't think they can make it happen. It a It adds up fast when you are trying to travel a family. We tried to go cheap on our last trip and do lap baby. And it was a terrible idea. Reporter: Enter summer. Today, we're going to go meet Lauren, who reads mommy points. Reporter: The maverick behind the popular blog mommy points. She has a couple of kids and one on the way and wants to learn how to leverage earl every day spending to earn more travel. Reporter: This year alone, summer, with her husband and 4-year-old daughter in tow, have trotted the globe on more than 19 vacations, spank 1spanning 100,000 miles. The price tag? Virtually free, with miles. First class is free. Reporter: Sounds too good to be true. "Nightline" put summer to the test. Can she make Lauren's getaway a reality by teaching her the secrets of turning holiday spending into a free vacation? We're about to enter that crazy holiday shopping period. Reporter: And we only gave her just a few weeks to do it. In a very short amount of time. Certainly one day, you can learn practice call stems to integrate into your every day life. Reporter: She says no sweat. Let's see what we can do. Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? Good. I love your pictures. Reporter: The moment mommy points walks in the door, she nope tilss Lauren is already in the midst of a missed opportunity. We have pictures like this all over our house, too. We'll print them online on snapfish or something and a lot of times you can go through a shopping portal that like united has and get eight times, ten times miles. Reporter: Tip number one, unwrap extra miles by using shopping portals on your airlines website. That can really add up. Especially if you have $100 worth of photos. You have like 1,000 miles. Reporter: And we haven't left the house yet. So, what I have planned for today is, do some every day stuff that you probably do all the time. We are going to kind of see how you would normally do them and then see if we can maybe bump up your mileage earning a bit by just making a few changes. Reporter: This is a big challenge. Youfl done this for yourself, now you are taking on another family. Yeah. Reporter: Is it easy to teach? It's pretty easy to teach, because she's a mom, I'm a mom. We have a lot of the same routines. So, it's easy to share the things that have worked for us and see which will work for her. Reporter: Their first stop -- Grocery store. Reporter: A place we all frequent quite a lot during the holiday feeding season. One of the things my family does to save money and earn miles, we call it stacking. We don't look for one deal. We like to stack different deals. So, stacking a coupon with, say, a day where you earn more fuel points at the grocery store. With paying with a credit card that earns grocery store -- extra points at a grocery store. Reporter: Tip number two, grocery purchases earned summer 150 Niles. By shopping at the grocery store just twice a week, she says, you can earn a free round trip ticket annually. Next, Lauren is looking to check off gifts on her Christmas list. Mommy points uses her smartphone to spot savings. And now it found this cutting board that was $189 in the store for $129 from a retailer online. Reporter: Tip number three? Arm yourself with apps to save money for the seat on the plane. What do people need to know before they held out to the store? Before you head out to the store, arm yourself with some ways to tell if you are getting the best deal. The poach it app, you can scan the bar code and see if there's a cheaper price is a good one. A lot of retailers have apps that have built-in coupons, too. Reporter: Their next stop, Best Buy. Some credit cards will even offer, like, a price rewind or a price match, where you can get whatever the lowest price is for the next 60 days. So, even if you bought a TV today, and it goes on sale cheaper in a few days, you'll be able to get the difference from that price, just from your credit card. Reporter: Tip four? Look out for price protection plans. For example, the Citi price rewind plan says it's refunded $1 million this year alone. Have you done that before? Yeah, I have it tracking some stuff right now. If it goes on sale, I'm going to get that lower price. Reporter: While wracking up these points is reason to celebrate, travel experts caution holding onto them could cost you. A lot of people can earn a lot of great rewards this way, but delta and united in particular have recently devalued their points program and watching to see if American will make the same decision. Reporter: Mommy pointsest maflts that if Lauren follows these tips, she'll be on that vacation in no time. What do you think we're going to be able to maximize for her holiday spending? If she spends kind of the average, what a lot of families spend in the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all of that, she can easily be looking at a five-digit number of miles and points she's earned if she's willing to put some of the stems into practice. Reporter: But does Lauren think she can do it without mommy points calling the shots? And you think you may actually change the way you shop now? We will. We definitely will. We spend a huge chunk of groceries. Bay bills are expensive. You might as well make the most of it. Reporter: And that's exactly what she's been doing. In just a few weeks, the family will be taking a $6,500 vacation to this winter wonderland virtual little for free. And they are already planning the next one. For "Nightline," I'm Lindsey Davis in Houston, Texas.

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{"id":27383490,"title":"Holiday Vacation Hacks: One Mom's Secret to Traveling for Free","duration":"6:36","description":"Summer Hull of shows others how to turn every day errands into miles for free flights. ","url":"/Nightline/video/holiday-vacation-hacks-moms-secret-traveling-free-27383490","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}