Hunter Biden says he never spoke to father about Ukraine business dealings: Part 1

The son of former Vice President Joe Biden says they never spoke about his role in Ukraine and discussed being on the receiving end of Trump’s taunts and not attending his father’s campaign events.
10:58 | 10/18/19

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Transcript for Hunter Biden says he never spoke to father about Ukraine business dealings: Part 1
Hunter Biden, the son of former vice president Joe Biden has found himself at the center of a political firestorm. Where is hunter? Where's hunter. Where is hunter? Where is hunter? He's right here. I'm here and I'm working' and I'm livin' my life. President trump says you're in hiding. Hiding in plain sight, I guess. Yeah. No, not at all. Not at all. Look, Biden and his son are stone cold crooked. The president has been on the rampage. Accusing 49 year old Biden of improperly profiting on business interests in Ukraine while his father was the Obama administration's point person in that country. All leading to that now infamous phone call in July. It's a very honorable call. A nice call. When president trump asked Ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskiy to investigate the Bidens. No evidence of wrongdoing has been found against either one How did you react to learning that president trump called the Ukrainian president in a phone call, asking him to investigate you and your father? I was like every other American, I was shocked. Did you call your dad and say -- No. Oh my gosh, can you believe this Oh yeah, look, my dad and I talk all the time. We don't live in this, like, political bubble. I picked up the phone and the first thing he said to me is, you know, "Maisy's Lovin' her classes at," you know -- I said, "Yeah, dad, I know," she's at Penn now. And, like, we had that discussion before we -- First, before you talked about -- Yeah. For real. And that's not a joke. It's not like anybody has to have any discussion beyond that. I'll let congress handle that. And I'll let you guys in the media handle that. And I'll let my dad's my campaign handle that. And the only thing that I'm lookin' to handle is to make certain that I get up every day and do the next right thing. We're going to an event. Here in the city, it's just always good being together. Despite keeping a low profile, on Friday hunter Biden joined his father for the first time at a campaign event since he became embroiled in the president's potential impeachment. We're going to an event, um, which is, uh, to meet with a bunch of hopefully young and influential people here in the city. By his side, his new wife Melissa, whom he married a mere six days after meeting her less than six months ago. While his father spoke to the crowd, hunter kept a discrete distance. Imagine how it would be if your dad had been in the senate or vice president your whole life. Last night we were with you as you attended your father's campaign fundraiser here. Yes. Back in may you were noticeably absent from your father's launch rally. Going forward are you going to be a visible part of your father's campaign? As much as I can. But the balance is, is this. My dad's going to talk about the things that really, really do matter to the American people, I don't want them talking about I don't want to be a distraction to what he wants to tell the American people right now. Do you think you're a distraction to the campaign? No, me, personally, I'm never a distraction to my dad, but this is not a family business. My dad has a job, but that does not mean that I had ever, had any plans to go do rallies and you know U talk about Donald Trump's kids. And I never will. That's not what Bidens do. That's not my dad's nature. Once you make it personal you basically go down the same rabbit hole that they're trying to go down. That's the distraction I don't want to be. So many things that the American people right now are so much more concerned about than whether or not hunter Biden is going to show up with his dad at the state fair in Iowa. When you're out and about with all this 24/7 coverage, do people come up to you? Are you able to maintain your privacy Yes. There are a lot more relevant people in L.A. Than me. Most people respect privacy. Hunter did want to address trump's allegations once and for all. No topic was offer the table. Did you and your father ever discuss Ukraine? No. The only time was after a news account. There's no "But" to this. We never did. Your dad said I hope you know what you're doing? And I said I do. And that was literally the end of our discussion. Why? Because my dad is the vice president of the United States. There's nothing as a young man or a full-grown adult that, there's been a lot of misinformation, about me, not about my dad. Nobody buys that, but this idea that I was unqualified to be on the board. What was your qualifications? I was on the board of amtrak. I was a lawyer. For one of the most prestigious law firms. I was qualified to be on the board. That's all I focussed on, basically turning an eastern European gas company into a western-standard company. You gave me the list of reasons why you're on that board. You did not list that you were the son of the vice president. No. What role do you think that played? I think it's impossible to be on any of the boards that I mentioned without saying I'm the son of the vice president of the United States. You were paid $50,000 a month? I don't have to open my kimono. But it's all been reported. If your last name wasn't Biden, do you think you would have been asked to be on the board of burisma? I don't know. Do you regret being on the board? No, what I regret is not taking into account that there would be a Rudy Giuliani and a president of the United States that would be listening to this ridiculous conspiracy idea. I think people at home are thinking how could that not have crossed your mind, it might not have caught in your gut, maybe this isn't a good idea to sit on the board of this Ukrainian company? In retrospect. You never thought this might not look right? You know what? I'm a human. Did I make a mistake? Maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. But did I make a mistake based on some ethical lapse? Absolutely not. So the mistake was giving your father's political foes ammunition? Yeah. Joe Biden addressed his son's interview with us. He pointed out the reason why he regret it is is he didn't anticipate that thugs like Giuliani would use it to try to embarrass his father. And that's what they are, flat thugs. Trump tweeting with a different take. Reminds me of crooked Hillary and her 33,000 e-mails. Not recoverable. Hunter has been at the receiving end of the talks Maybe lock her up goes to lock him up. But maintains he is not taking the bait. They can say whatever the hell they want to say about me. Lock him up? Good for them. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about them. I really don't. They seem so irrelevant. You have no opinion about that? No. I have an opinion about shooting big game in Africa. I don't really think about Donald Trump's kids that much. I mean, I really don't. They seem clownish to me, when I see them. Look, it's all noise. To hunter, the attacks are inconsequential, paling to a life with tragic events. At 2 years old his mother and sister dived in a car crash. This is the wife of Joe Biden of Delaware, killed in a crash. A young girl also died in the accident. Mrs. Biden was 28 years old and the mother of three children. His father Joe took his first oath of office at age 30 in the hospital room where his young sons were recovering. Do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united Just say hello, my name is hunt Biden. And nearly five years ago, beau tragically lost a battle with brain cancer. The first memory I have is of lying in a hospital bed next to my brother, holding my hand, staring into my eyes, saying "I love you." "I love you." Mired in grief, he entered a relationship with beau's widow afterwards telling us they came together at a time when no one else could understand the degree of pain they were going through. The worst thing could ever happen to me happened when beau died. I'm living my life. And I'm doing it in a way that I want to make my kids proud. I want to make my family proud. You know? There's things that matter. And I guess that's what I was trying to say. I thought I faced the thing I could never face. Puts everything into perspective. Puts everything into perspective. And now, having lost beau, he says he has a new protector in his wife, his wife. You'll hear from her for the first time when we come back.

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{"duration":"10:58","description":"The son of former Vice President Joe Biden says they never spoke about his role in Ukraine and discussed being on the receiving end of Trump’s taunts and not attending his father’s campaign events.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66364262","title":"Hunter Biden says he never spoke to father about Ukraine business dealings: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/hunter-biden-spoke-father-ukraine-business-dealings-part-66364262"}