Hunter Biden and wife Melissa Biden on weathering a political firestorm: Part 2

Melissa Biden married Hunter Biden six days after they met. The accusations haven't been easy to deal with, she said, but all they "can do is remain in our truth" and focus on doing the "right thing."
6:09 | 10/18/19

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Transcript for Hunter Biden and wife Melissa Biden on weathering a political firestorm: Part 2
Hunter Biden, the son of vice president Joe Biden, has been no stranger to headlines over the years, his life often on public display on tabloids. But now he's opening the doors to a place never captured by a Paparazzi's lens, his refuge, an art studio where he finds solace in painting. What's the -- what's the goal eventually? Not -- no goal. That's the perfect part about it -- No, yeah. -- Is just -- it literally keeps me sane. So you paint and then not watch the news right up there? Or you watch the news while you paint? You know, luckily that -- I don't get -- the cable down here. Whatever happened to hunter? Where the hell is he? You're on pretty much everyone's lips now, your name is. Yeah. Is it the first thing you think about when you wake up, the last thing you think about when you go to bed? No, it really isn't, and the reason is -- is because I know where I stand with my dad. I know where I stand with my family. Has he been checkin' in on you and making sure you're okay? Is he worried about you? No more than usual, although he knows that I got -- that -- that Melissa's here now. So everything's in order. His new source of strength, his wife Melissa Cohen Biden. Things have not been easy externally. The 33-year old filmmaker from South Africa, speaking publicly for the first time. They've been harder than most people could ever even imagine. But internally things have been amazing, and it's only tested our bond, which could break bond or it could just solidify how strong the bond really is. What is the truth about hunter? He's creative and he's wonderful and caring and kind and honest and real. And he very much cares about his country and his family and his friends and his children. It was just may of this year when the couple first met, saying their "I do's" less than a week later in a moment captured by a friend on a cell phone, their love, etched in matching tattoos. What would you call these first few months of marriage to hunter with everything that's going on -- I would call it the -- the honeymoon phase. Definitely. But their budding marriage quickly met the storm of presidential politics, accusations that hunter improperly profited from business interests in foreign countries while his father was vice president. There has been no evidence of wrongdoing. I think hunter Biden is a disgrice. This is gonna play out the way it's gonna play out, and the one thing we can do is remain in our truth and remain focused on doing the right -- the next right thing. So, you'd welcome an investigation because -- Sure. Why not? I mean, nothing's gonna change. I mean, I would probably -- I think it would probably be a waste of tax payer's money, but What should people know about hunter Biden that they don't know? Like every single person that I've ever known, I have fallen and I've gotten up. I've done esteemable things and things that are -- have been in my life that I -- that -- that I regret. Every single one of those things has brought me exactly to where I am right now, which is probably the best place I've ever been in my life. I've gone through my own struggles. In and out of rehab seven, eight times. Say -- it nicer to me. Sought treatment-- Sought treatment -- -- For issue -- like most people. -- Sought treatment for substance abuse issues -- Yeah, so insensitive -- -- Seven or eight times. I'm so sorry. But I won -- like, I'm -- I think this is a human question. Do you worry -- No, but for real, let me say something. Do you worry that all of this noise, even though it's just noise -- No, I don't worry -- -- It still -- that it could affect your sobriety? Of course. Look, you don't wanna live in the worry of it because then you're feedin' the beast. I have no answer other than this, you gotta live in the connections that you have to healthy things, and I have so many of them. And I gotta live there instead of living I fear like, "Oh my god. The stress is gonna make me drink," or "The stress is gonna make me use." Are you worried about him at all going through something like this with so much public pressure? No. He's incredibly strong. There's so much negativity in the world, and there's so many, many, many important things to focus on. So many things that the American people, and people around the world, today are dealing with that are so much bigger than this real things. That's where I would like to President trump likely will see or at least read about this interview. Anything you'd like him to hear from you? No, no. I mean, really, no. It's really hard for me to say anything snarky right now or combative because I was raised to respect that office. It's making me emotional. My wife, who is -- was south African, is an American citizen now --became -- got her citizenship. And we went to that, you know, the service where they swear everybody in. And I cried the whole time, and -- and less about my wife becoming a -- than watching -- the pride with which people -- I don't know why it-- it's Makin' me emotional. Why do you think you're getting emotional? Because well, because I -- I'm really proud of being an American. ? Ded to Mucinex. We still have 12 hours to Australia. Mucinex lasts 12 hours, so I'm good. Now move- Only Mucinex has a patented tablet that lasts 3x longer, for 12 hours. Breathe freely fast, with Vicks Sinex.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Melissa Biden married Hunter Biden six days after they met. The accusations haven't been easy to deal with, she said, but all they \"can do is remain in our truth\" and focus on doing the \"right thing.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66364314","title":"Hunter Biden and wife Melissa Biden on weathering a political firestorm: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/hunter-biden-wife-melissa-biden-weathering-political-firestorm-66364314"}