Idaho mom whose children have been missing since September arrested in Hawaii

Lori Vallow was arrested and charged with felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children after failing to adhere to a court order to produce her two children, ages 7 and 11.
7:01 | 02/22/20

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Transcript for Idaho mom whose children have been missing since September arrested in Hawaii
You are to surrender immediately. A defiant Lori Vallow, a mother whose children have been missing for two months. You have been charged in the state of Idaho with a number Reporter: Her new husband, Chad daybell watching impassively in the courtroom. The 46-year-old arrested and handcuffed Thursday, facing charges, including non-support of a dependent child. Her bail sits at $5 million. What I want to reiterate is that we are all hopeful that we are able to locate the missing children. Can you tell me where your kids are? Can you tell me where your kids are? Reporter: The couple at the center of a mystery. Where are jj and tylee? It stretches from Idaho to Hawaii. A curious trail of deaths surrounding the couple and accusations of belonging to a doomsday group. Chad tight-lipped after his wife's arrest. The headlines have been major for all of the intricacies that come from it. And now you have two parents, one facing charges, the other one kind of out there in the ether. It raises more questions than answers. Reporter: The biological grandparents of jj relieved Lori is behind bars. We know it's a positive step for her. We also know as good as this news is, as bad as it is also, because we still don't have the children. Reporter: The woodcocks were the first to raise the alarm that jj was missing. They told 2020 anchor Amy robach about their desperate search for the children. This is your full time job now. This is our full time job now. What I'm looking for is one person. Call authorities and say I think I know where they're at. That is my single, daily prayer. Lori Vallow was taken into custody without any incident. Reporter: In a newly-released affidavit, rexburg, Idaho police release incriminating details. On September 8, jj and tylee were taken to yellow stone national park. They claim this is the last-known sighting of the teenagers. As for jj, he was last seen at school on September 23rd. Police discovered that the 7-year-old who has autism has prescription medication. She hasn't refilled since January 2019. In this video, can you see Lori and an unidentified man moving items to and from a storage unit in Idaho. Authorities searched that unit and found belongings linked to jj and tylee. Lori and Chad got married on a beach in Hawaii. These photos capture a couple in love, but neither jj nor tylee were there for the wedding. Just two weeks after Chad's previous wife died. He received life insurance proceeds after her death after the affidavit. Fact of it is one straw to be many peculiar straws in the story starts to raise an eyebrow because the circumstances of her death are being questioned. Reporter: Chad also told his dead wife's parents that Lori was an empty nester. Some of his books focus on the end of the world. I can't say exactly when Chad came into the picture, because I really don't know. I know Lori was reading books. Books about the end of the world? And I knew she was in a group. Reporter: The woodcocks describe Lori as a good mom, until something changed. And did you love Lori? Oh, absolutely. She was. I loved being around her. She was very energetic, but now I think it's all a facade. Reporter: The last time the grandparents face timed with jj was in August, after being unable to talk with him for months, they asked police to conduct a welfare check in November. When police went to Lori's home, they discovered not only was jj missing but so was tylee. Authorities allege Lori and Chad told police a series of lies. Chad acted as if he didn't know Lori very well, authorities said. He didn't know her phone number, according to the affidavit. Lori's brother told the police that jj was with his grandma Kay. Clear lies since Kay first called in the missing child report. Then they said jj was with a friend in Arizona. They said that Lori and Chad had encouraged her at multiple times to provide false information about jj's whereabouts. As a part of the police investigation, they show that Lori and Chad have lied or actually solicited a friend to lie to the police. Reporter: The day after the police visit, the couple Their mom and step dad on the The children were never reported missing by their mother and step dad. Reporter: Two months after Lori and Chad were last seen in Idaho, east Idaho news captured the couple at this kauai resort. Where are your kids? Reporter: The couple's attorney issuing a statement in December. Chad daybell was a loving husband and has the support of his children in this matter. Lori daybell is a devoted mother and resents assertions to the contrary. We look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor. In late January, authorities in Idaho demanded Lori physically produce the children within five days. The woodcocks were there, waiting and hoping. I'm so hopeful, and I'm so afraid. Yeah. I think I'm a lot more afraid by a long shot. Reporter: But no children the grandparents still desperately waiting for news of jj and tylee. Where's jj, where's tylee? That's our question. We would request bail be reduced. Reporter: In court, Lori's attorneys argue that a $5 million bail is too high. I'm asking for $10,000. Reporter: And they're against her being extradited to Idaho which could prolong the process of getting her back to the state where her children went missing. As to why she was the only one arrested so far -- It raises more questions than answers and we're on the edge of our seat to figure out what those answers are. Lori Vallow's next court appearance is March 2nd, when she's expected to fight extradition to Idaho.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Lori Vallow was arrested and charged with felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children after failing to adhere to a court order to produce her two children, ages 7 and 11.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"69141355","title":"Idaho mom whose children have been missing since September arrested in Hawaii","url":"/Nightline/video/idaho-mom-children-missing-september-arrested-hawaii-69141355"}