Inside what happened at the Charlottesville protests

A white supremacist saying he's ready to die for his convictions and a political activist saying he's exposing evil were at an event that ended with one woman dead and at least 19 injured.
10:10 | 08/15/17

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Transcript for Inside what happened at the Charlottesville protests
It was a weekend of street battles and stark display some racism exploding into a deadly act of domestic terror. Tonight we examine the hateful groups that now appear to be banding together. Why did now emerging from the shadows emboldened and growing in numbers here's ABC's evil pilgrim. Heat no longer hides behind hood. This was seen in the lives. College town in Charlottesville Virginia on Friday reminiscent of images from a dark American. Now hundreds of white Nationalists from across the country descended on the university of Virginia's campus. Ahead of the planned demonstration. To protest the removal of the statue. Clashed with counter protesters from people from both sides of the ready to fight. Would be the start of a bloody 24 hours moon tonight you as divisions seem to wider than. President trump wants her to New York City. They're welcome. Anything no warm. Earlier today the president spoke from the White House directly condemning hate groups for the first time since the events over the weekend. Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name mark criminals and thugs including the kkk. Neo Nazis white supremacists. And other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold the year as Americans who when. Stunning even in his own party say those words. Came too late ask about the incident that has become a new American flash point. It's early Saturday morning in Charlottesville. Yeah. On the one side 26 year old Manheim Bob let the leaders of the white nationalist group preparing for today's unite the right didn't. Not to be the largest gathering of white supremacists in the US. In decades according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and we're here to stand for rugby league the removal of opportunities statue of they're here to say that we're here to defend our hero. On the other side and. Lights in rooms not welcome here Daryle LaMont. There of the one people's project we are here today because the number of white supremacist decided to hold this massive rally the third when the Dave head and I guess as many months it's both will be one of the larger V lines. It's organization monitors and publish just information about alleged racist and supremacist groups this crap we're now. Why did you take them because people need to know who they are. This group has joined with many others to capture the white supremacist message to students things through it. People like that kind tax cuts see it differently we're. Where we're sitting there was. Net like going to Byron Pitts first met I'm box three years ago. Even young man who back then it had been called the future of the white supremacist movement and someone wanted to know when former grand wizard. Of the kkk. Do you see a young David duke and met high about the combined honesty sincerity and intelligence and she has the potential. To be quite an effective leader from his ideas. So what I call it natural being a racist this natural loving one's people is natural. And played fourteen and we watch is how he and his tiny contingent. Protest at Indiana university. And got sprayed by water. A bill like the national movement he belongs to I'm not. Seems to happen new confidence and now this weekend appeared his helmet did find body surrounded by hundreds of supporters. Very different. Yeah. The guy again. His group. In arson may lake counter protesters and white nationalist flashing a game. The crown and beaten when another was sticks. And metal raw. I ask for the white nationalist protesters. Why treat weapon if this was a peaceful protest. And they. Reiterated its favorite pop like all try to grab it. 34 people sort of hit me with some kind of. Sticks local C police respond in riot gear using pepper spray trying to push demonstrators back. And up. Graphic images like this showing twenty year old. Going viral we were walking down a bum rushed in ages. Beaming. Being with the polls just before noon at Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe declares a state of emergency. Then that terrible moment. When the driver of this gray dodge it nose down a group of marchers who were protests in the rally. He brands into one group includes his car in reverse and accelerates from running over several more. We'll see. Barges. Wild. Hundreds of people downtown Charlottesville. It likely to get close it. The driver is identified as twenty year old James Alex field for mommy Ohio. Just before the attack fields was caught by our ABC cameras chanting a message of white power. Nineteen people were injured. 32 year old Heather higher was killed Heather's mother told us her daughter was there to protest seeing white supremacy. I'm extremely proud that she stood for what she believed and she game's ultimate and now she's given her life to it. Shortly after a Virginia State Police helicopter monitoring the rally crashed outside Charlottesville killing two. Fields was arrested and faces several charges including second degree murder he is not yet entered a plea. The Justice Department and FBI are also opening a civil rights investigation. Into the incident this is a case it's very very high profile. Mr. sessions has made it really really clear that he is going to be tough on crime and expect him to carry through. Feels as mother who learned of the incident on camera. Cindy is turning. Fishing knew her son was driving the eight hours from Ohio to Virginia four rally. But didn't know what the war and there was what's the prognosis I thank it has something to that trump. The premeditated violence that our community experience today. Was completely unacceptable. But some critics found the police response unacceptable as well but wouldn't turn violent why didn't even. Why happy protesters. Went through me. We can't clear the park we were following a number of groups ensuring that they weren't being peaceful. But it was a challenge it was certainly a child's we were spray then what's the groups dispersed. Do you think this change everything they could to protect the people here. We had a thousand law enforcement person on the ground city of 50000 people to deal with thousands people coming here I'm not gonna. Criticize or second guess our. Our first responders. As the horrific scene of a heat treat and violence played out on Saturday. The first White House response came not from the president but from the First Lady who tweeted our country encourages freedom of speech. But let's communicate without hate in our hearts no good comes from violence hash tag Charlottesville. Stolen the president finally spoke. He seemed to blame both the white Nationalists. And the counter protesters. We condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred bigotry. In violence on many sites. When many sites and the president. Failed to condemn. Neo Nazis and lights premise by name image originally. The white supremacist felt as if he had given them a pass his wrists. Lots drawing criticism. Even from members of his own party Republican senator Cory Gardner treated. Mr. President we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacist and this was domestic terrorism reporters pushing the president even further. Yeah it wasn't until today two days later that the president defiantly called they hate groups out. By name the average American should be distressed that it took so long for the president of the United States to condemn the Ku Klux Klan. And neo Nazis. After demonstrations which results and in death. In Charlottesville Virginia. Tonight police in Charlottesville vowing to make more arrests as they pore over videos of the violent clashes from the week yet. We're also grieving in Charles who were still trying but we're also starting to get back on our feet move toward future. The country now struggling. To do the same. For Nightline aimed at pilgrim in Charlottesville Virginia.

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{"id":49221419,"title":"Inside what happened at the Charlottesville protests","duration":"10:10","description":"A white supremacist saying he's ready to die for his convictions and a political activist saying he's exposing evil were at an event that ended with one woman dead and at least 19 injured.","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-happened-charlottesville-protests-49221419","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}