Jason Derulo on diving into the fashion world, why he's not afraid of Spotify

The singer says he doesn't fear music streaming services, like Spotify, because his music is geared towards streaming.
6:22 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Jason Derulo on diving into the fashion world, why he's not afraid of Spotify
Pop star Jason derulo known for his dance moves and catchy songs. Now making a name for himself in the fashion world. His new futuristic clothing line inspired by his own sense of style. He not only stands by it, but in it. Dressed head to toe in his own clothes when he met up with ABC's Nick watt. ??? By become a star we'll be living so large ??? ??? I'll do anything for you ??? ??? so tell me girl what you say ??? Reporter: Ever since Jason derulo's debut "What you say" hit number one he's known for nice moves, sculptured facial hair, and raunchy lyrics. Literally, "Dtalk ??? your booty don't need explaining ??? ??? all I need to understand it when you talk dirty to me ??? I'm no stranger to criticism. Reporter: Yesterday he and I were both up stupid early, surprising a soul cycle class in L.A. Jason, are you ready? So ready, I'm so pumped. Reporter: For a "Good morning America" stunt. They're writhing to "Talk dirt Yao," no idea he's about to sing it live. Let's do it. ??? Hey I need to bring understanding ??? Reporter: An old favorite. ??? Talk dirty to me ??? Reporter: And his new single. ??? Wah la la la ??? Reporter: On the video for this Nicki Minaj dollar sign dlab race solo, another layer. The threads. ??? Shimmy shimmy shimmy ??? Reporter: The rain coat part of his new fashion collection level 13. And this is selling for how much? So this sells in the market for $495. You can wear it as a short coat, a sports coat. So the bottom piece transitions off. Reporter: Designer Antonio brown, derulo's business partner. This is a backpack jacket. What does that mean? This is a jacket that transforms into a backpack. It's kind of like the pants where you can unzip the legs but cooler? Yeah. It is. Kind of. Same thing. Kind of. But a step forward. Yes. That looks so much fly. Reporter: They were brought together by serendipity and trashed sneakers. By the way he's head to toe in his own level 13 level. Right there. Got one of Antonio's samples early on. He sent it to my guy at the time, for me to wear on "Good morning America." And I saw it and I loved it. ??? Do what you do with that big fat butt ??? Reporter: That was July 2014 singing "Wiggle." ??? Wiggle ??? I completely ruined the shoes. You know, as -- How can you ruin shoes in. I cut a rug, dancing a little bit, know what I'm saying? Reporter: They met, got on shared a style, derulo decided to commercialize a fashion awareness honed by years in the limelight. It wasn't about the stylist, it was about me telling the stylist what I want. You felt you were better than the stylist? Honestly, yeah. Who knows you better than you? Reporter: We met in downtown L.A., a photo shoot for the collection. This is a tie dye, one of our hoodies that Bloomingdale's is carrying, which is really awesome. Bloomingdale's wouldn't buy this just because of your name, it has to be quiteood. 100%. You just have been upgraded. You look. Upgraded? 100%. Leveled up. Let everybody see. No, look, you look really amazing in this jacket. Seriously. In this, I think you look younger. I don't know how old you are. But I think you -- I thought it but you said it. Reporter: Derulo, music was his dream, not were you a sharp-dress sharp-dressed kid? No, I didn't even know that was a thing. My brother was more, he wanted the new Jordans. Mom told him, you get these Jordans, you'll have to wear it two years, had holes in it. Reporter: Off then intertwined with fashion. Does it go hand in hand? You want to be in what's happening next, other than what's going on right now. Reporter: He's following Kanye, Jay-Z, diddy, and pharell into fashion but claim his line is a little different. I can't say that it's ever been done in this fashion. This is a luxury men's brand. It's not the typical musician's brand. Okay. This is more, you know, futuristic. Upscale. Reporter: Last time that line spoke to derulo, he was 24 and dating Jordan sparks. When I get down on one knee, it's going to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life when the time is right. Reporter: Talk of marriage. Things have definitely changed. With time comes change. I welcome it all, no regrets. How have things changed since then? The biggest change is I've seen a gray hair. It was like a massive moment for me, you know what I'm saying? This is like the first time that I've admitting it to everybody. But like -- I didn't know what to do, I didn't know if I should pluck it or let it rock. Pluck, pluck. Pluck? Reporter: The music industry has grown up a little. Streaming is the way of the world now. Are you afraid of streaming? My music is very geared toward streaming. Because the artists that are able to continue to churn out music back to back are the artists that are winning on the biggest scale. And I write so many songs. Reporter: Last year Americans streamed 252 billion songs according to Nielsen, a 76% year on year growth with hip-hop and r&b artists leading that charge. Before the music industry caught up, streaming, people were just like, in essence, just stealing it. We were not getting anything for that at all. But now, you know, every 1,500 plays equals one sale. The music industry is figuring out what the hell we're doing. Every time I interview a musician I think it's a grueling life. Isn't it? Damn. Reporter: Touring, looking good, staying relevant. I would find it exhausting. It's crazy, my manager just admitted that to me like a couple of days ago. He was like, I don't know how you sleep on that bus, man. He's like, that is a messed-up life. I mean, I love it. It's incredible. ??? Reporter: I'm Nick watt for "Nightline" in Los Angeles.

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{"id":47455667,"title":"Jason Derulo on diving into the fashion world, why he's not afraid of Spotify","duration":"6:22","description":"The singer says he doesn't fear music streaming services, like Spotify, because his music is geared towards streaming.","url":"/Nightline/video/jason-derulo-diving-fashion-world-afraid-spotify-47455667","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}