Jason Derulo's Near-Death Experience

"Talk Dirty" singer says he is lucky to be alive after breaking his neck while practicing a back flip.
3:18 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for Jason Derulo's Near-Death Experience
If you -- broke my -- that -- -- I didn't break anything in my whole life out of your first thing you've ever wrote in. Who -- -- next Paris -- -- than it ever so they call list to hang man's break. Because. Essentially that's the vertebrae that people break when they hanged himself right. How lucky -- you'd be sitting here right now -- It's that -- -- -- arms are crazy. I was -- they're supposed to be paralyzed would not hear -- -- The break was and his music crazy break freak accident I'm blessed to even be able to. To sit here let alone get on stage and still dance -- this is totally America. You're -- seconds. Away from those either of those conditions -- or paralysis rain but you. This is insane to me you have the wherewithal to keep your answer to -- got up and walked away after this happened. -- -- been blocked myself I want them on -- and not think that anything was wrong so I was like. -- -- -- you know probably go to the hospital in a film will be enough when that a little bit into the Chicago check it out. Even meanwhile on time is excruciatingly every single -- feels like -- see you get to the hospital and. One of the doctors and and elicited -- that you got there on your account yes so I'm -- and -- in ladies like. Was the source -- -- on a scale from one intent. And incidentally it's. -- -- Ten. And she said. You don't know whether. Will pain isn't that he had a baby. However was that paddled over to go -- would be like. I broke my -- by the way this would just -- -- -- PS computer at this. That -- -- and booze and having a baby Britain insists principal and then this recovery. Months how many months and a brazen can't -- anything -- thing was that seven lap. I understand how you now when you look back on what happened to you some like that must change you change your perspective in some ways doesn't he does. There's only one left to live life is short all of those cliched lines this you've heard a million times coat and in mourning and not the other. It became a reality. And to we live my life like in I. I don't like to stay upset anymore -- I don't likes to. To be in places that don't make me feel good I don't like doing things that. -- -- -- we -- do you know it's like every second counts and I can be gone tomorrow so when -- mind doing today. That's going to be like you know like you really live that I really feel like I'm in the part of my life and I think a lot of people don't notice when the permanent life is. And economists -- on it. I wonder if this accident that happened to you is what triggered this change in your music to -- you take over more ownership of who you are. Yes it was deafening that are almost wasn't. Here anymore is like I gotta be me. You know -- -- like revelation in my heart I gotta be me and I happen to me. And it worked.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"\"Talk Dirty\" singer says he is lucky to be alive after breaking his neck while practicing a back flip.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24903483","title":"Jason Derulo's Near-Death Experience","url":"/Nightline/video/jason-derulos-death-experience-24903483"}