Juuling: What is the trendy vape pen becoming popular among teens

Juuling derives from Juul, a popular vaping device that heats up liquid nicotine that users inhale.
7:58 | 06/27/18

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Transcript for Juuling: What is the trendy vape pen becoming popular among teens
Reporte is the modern Ta on sng behind the blers. There's a parenting alert about danger of tee vaping -- The fda warning liquid nicoti used in e-cigaes -- order: Jewelling, named after this brand of vap pen, exing in popularity among teens. Kids are going to the bathro smoking it in stalls. N thing know, you're hooked like that. You can't op. Repor school districts cracking do parents up in arms. And kids, some unwittingl Ming addicted to nicotine before they graduate from ddle ol. They're handed thisproduct. They don't know what I is, they don't know it's nicotine, they T know it's bad F you. Reporter: The jewel heats up liquid Nick seen that use inhale, made for adult smokers looking to quitcigarettes. I'm constantly encouraging people to use this. And not smoke. Reporter: Theeature flavors like cool mintnd fruit medley. Its capsules or pods, which some kids tell us Ty go through a day, contain roughly the Sam amount O nicotine a a pack O cigarettes its packaging more like silicon Vall must haven a smoking prt. You have a techie device,t looks really , it's slim. You can hold it in the palm of your hand. Your teacheour parent, has no idea wh's going on. You can get it in coolflavors. Reporter: Those flavors, P what was freshman Marguerite Ferrera sa enticed her. I've never been exposed to tobacco,hy would I T it? Since I was exposed to frui mango, mint, I just thought was okay. Reporter: She says sheeen jewellinout a year. D she started in eighth grade. The first I used jewel, I couldn't SP coughing I didn't really likeit. Thener I got the hg of it and I able to get head rushes, I was jus like I just didn'tt to stop using it. It's just a part of my life now. I know it's bad but I can't stop. Eporter: Marguerite shg her stres alode her high scho classmates in this viral video. All the people my grade Ted using . When I'm doing my homework, I'll be writing and af a sudden I'll want a jewel. I'll have my penci in my right hand, my jeweln my left. Reporter: Project brain ch of senior Janet Jon Waxman who grew more concerned watching his friends with nicotineaddiction. The problem wasng worse andse in my school. I want create a video as a cautionary tale to sixth grs who are thinkintarting jew Reporter: Kids say a jewel is easy to conceal, e-rette vapor more eas to conceal compared tooking. With a jewel kids see it as sothing that is kind of just likeir iPhone. Th have their jewel a their iPhone. A schoolkidsill leave class to go to the baom.at anyoint of the day there will bomeone in the bat either the girls orboys, there wie someone with wel. Or any typ of -cigarette. Reporter: Ath after THA deo went live,jack's about to take his advocacy work up a tc off to meet W legislators to try to raise age to buy any ki of nicotine in his county to 21. Andby against those vape flavors. Here, that itwould just Popp elsewhere? I think if we ban the flavors in westchr, I think the would set a precedentn New York, maybe othernties would follow suit. I think the possibi to have a greatpl effect, for westchester to take the lead and be the firsttep I a L line of youthevtion. Reporter: The em-cigar dury has surged in popularity with jewel leading the back, increasing rev by 700%t year. With it a swell O online fandom,es, memes,nd tricks post they users, not the company, dedated to jewel cultur hash tags like do it for jewel ding to the cool factore say is drawing kids touse. Thi LE flash drive, feel N your hands. It feels like ally, really ick. Reporter: Jack'siterally showing these lawmakers they're dealing with, asking them to down. Promoting regulating the avors for across tntire pulation.this is a lis of where cities and counties have regulated flavored tobacco products to the enti population. Reportehe 2009 tobacco control act banned flavo I regular cigarettes across the try. Jack now wants Toan e-cigarettavors as well. Jewels, our flavors are in no way intent for underage E, noting that oura show thatvors play a critical role in helping adult smokers permanently switch from cigarettes to jewel, add all of our adult fla are tested to adult panels only and W specifically avoid esively sweet flavors likeotton candy or gubear. Of our Y can't put up barriers onge, but I K --O you think you can put up barriers on the sale? The legal departmen has to take a deeper divnto this. Orter: In one study, 63% of jewelers ages 15o 24 say they didn't even know the product always contains nicotine. Another recent study suggests that e-cigattes are a gateway to traditicigarettes, with roughl million adolescents now using e-cigarettes exposed to that risk. These three flavors have no place in our soy. They exist because O loopho. Reporter: Jewel says T product is designed sfically for adults looking quit smoking and they're investing $30 million to independent search, youth, and parent ation and prevention telling a news,e cannot be Mo emphatic onhis T, no young person or nonnicotine user should ever try jewel. And thsearch supports it for adult smokers,witching to e-cigarettes could be a safer option one study noting, they don't have the lethal of carbon monoxide a0 known cancausing chemicals F in cigarettes. I thinkf Wes inton, which is a good E, is to help adult smokers stosing more deadlyproducts, unfortunate that's notxactly what's happening here. Reporter: While the long-te impacts of nine a still being ied, some E warn be overlooked. And nicotine very, very dangerous for adoenrains. Reporter: Dr. Taskar is child psyclogist. By expo T to nicotine chronically, you irreverbly damage the rewardystems in the brain. Reporter: Hays nicotin use in adolescents can use reduced attention an, diminished cognition,anced impulsivity.the fda has criticized for delaying e-cigaretteregulation but the agency now being to look into the youthppealf Severa companies, including L. What about the skepticism th this is like a game of whack a mole? Yould stop it here but it's going Toop upelsewhere, people will buy it online. It comes down to more regulation ie form of legislation, more prevention in the form of youth talks, more engagement with parents.I think the legislation is just a part of a much larger movement and much larger goal. Reporter:ks after initial meeting, a step towards that goal. Westchester county raising the legal ago buyacco and nicotine F 18 to 21.for jack, a victory. He hopes the firf many. For "Tline," I'muju Chang in scars, New York.

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{"id":56192940,"title":"Juuling: What is the trendy vape pen becoming popular among teens","duration":"7:58","description":"Juuling derives from Juul, a popular vaping device that heats up liquid nicotine that users inhale.","url":"/Nightline/video/juuling-trendy-vape-pen-popular-teens-56192940","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}