Kristin Cavallari Sharing Husband Texts Launches Mr. Mom Discussion

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's desperate pleas for parenting help went viral after his wife posted them on Instagram.
6:30 | 01/29/15

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Transcript for Kristin Cavallari Sharing Husband Texts Launches Mr. Mom Discussion
One famous father's frantic meltdown after being left on his own to take care of his kids have touched off a frenzy on social media. Tonight call it a 21st century twist on the gender wars. Can modern men do anything women can? When it comes to parenting this is a different kind of divided household. Here's ABC's Matt Gutman. Reporter: Reality star Kristin cavilari known for roles on "Laguna beach" and "The hills." Has embraced the role of working Hollywood mom. This past weekend -- Colombia! Reporter: She left home to judge the miss universe pageant here in Miami. When she texted her hubby to check in, this was his response. Need you home asap, all hell has broken loose. Her husband, Chicago bears quarterback jay cutler, father to their two young sons, was about to be sacked. Jack is in his crib. Cam refuses to eat. I'm about to leave. She posted it on instagram to her 1.1 million followers and sparked a storm of comments on social media. One writing, Kristin leaves jay cutler in charge of kids, catastrophe ensues. Break up with cutler for me. He can't handle kids, no big surprise, everyone knows he can't handle a football. Eric suteress is editor of My immediate reaction was, this is so typical. We hear this about dads all the time. They just can't deal with being with the kids for a few days alone. Reporter: This morning cavallari 69ed to gma. I was dying laughing when I got that text, those text messages. And it's something that every parent can relate to. So I was just laughing my butt off. I thought it would be hilarious to post it. I think it's really refreshing for people to see that jay and I are just like everybody else. We go through the same stuff. You know, I said in the post, we don't have a thousand nannies. I think a lot of people assume that we do. Reporter: Some dads are crying foul at the quarterback's fumble at home. I think there is a huge stereotype that still continues from the '50s that the dad needs to make the money, the mother is the only one that can be nurturing to the kids and has to stay at home with the kids. Reporter: Trevor mulligan quit his job in advertising almost five years ago to stay home with his two sons. His wife is a portfolio manager for a law firm. Those are the rules of years ago. I think we've taken such strides and have grown so much that we kind of need to get over that. Reporter: These three L.A. Stay at home dads do everything that moms do, with pride. Sam turner, who regularly hosts playdates in the the home he shares with his wife, a preschoolteacher, says he would never dream of sending her an sos. We can be there in five seconds. If they need anything if he needs food I make him food. If he needs his diaper changed I can do it better than my wife. Reporter: The stereotype of the hapless Mr. Mom is outdated. These days you're more likely to see dad owning the stroller, like this scene from "What to expect when you're expecting." Most working dads are accustomed now to doing their share. Tonight I'm on homework duty for my 6-year-old Libby. This one? That's great. Okay, Ben, your turn. Reporter: All the while keeping little Ben busy, making sure he eats. Oh, don't eat that. Reporter: But not that. Actual food. Okay, bud. Balancing all this stuff -- two kids, dinnertime, bath time, bedtime. Kind of tough sometimes. But it can be totally overwhelming, especially when you have work. Reporter: I admit our nightly circus act cannot happen without a little help. We want to add a tablespoon or two tablespoons of breast milk. Got it. A little bit of banana mushed in. You have a lot of families where the dad is doing all the caring and nurturing. That's something we all need to recognize and accept and be happy about, to be honest. Reporter: In today's modern family, the dads are taking on the dirty work, like potty training. What is this filth? Reporter: The number of stay at home dads has doubled in the last ten years. Now makes up more than 16% of at-home parents. And advertisers are taking notice. Dads alone with their babies. Reporter: Huggies pulled this commercial depicting dads as diapering dumb he's after it sparked outrage. How do Huggies hold up to daddyhood? Reporter: Now marketers are tapping into the new super-bad demographic. New peanut butter cheerios are awesome. That's why it's the official cereal of dadhood. Reporter: Cheerios targeting dads who do it all. And tide. Since I'm the one who has to do the laundry I do what any expert dad would do. Let her play sheriff. Reporter: Advertisers are recognizing there are more and more men being the primary caregivers of children. And so they're targeting these guys in ads. Reporter: And this super bowl Sunday, the biggest advertising day of the year, a tearjerker from dove. Dad? Reporter: Arguing that the strongest men are the ones who care for their kids. In fact, that's Trevor and his son miles in the ad. I think it's to depict fathers with their kids. And the touching moments. And scary moments. And exciting moments. New moments. And be like, look, fathers have these special moments also. And it's important that we're part of our kids' lives in that way. Reporter: Dads know that it's these moments that make all those chaotic evenings worthwhile. Oh, yeah, he really loved that. Reporter: For women like cavallari, who may not have this new sprain of a superdad at home, it's not to know there's no substitute for mom. I love it because now he gets to see what I get to go through and he appreciates me a little more. Reporter: I'm Matt Gutman for "Nightline" in Miami.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's desperate pleas for parenting help went viral after his wife posted them on Instagram.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"28569208","title":"Kristin Cavallari Sharing Husband Texts Launches Mr. Mom Discussion","url":"/Nightline/video/kristin-cavallari-sharing-husband-texts-launches-mr-mom-28569208"}