Lisa Vanderpump: Inside the World of the Rich and Famous

From sparring with socialites on "Real Housewives" to "Dancing with the Stars," she does it all.
6:44 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Lisa Vanderpump: Inside the World of the Rich and Famous
Imagine having wealth beyond your wildest dreams now -- to your fortune movie star glamour and a good -- business success. And you're basically living Lisa -- pumps life of course her Amex wiping Bentley driving ways are featured in not one but two reality shows. And tonight you can add a third Dancing With The Stars but how did she become one of the busiest women -- show this -- -- found doubts there's much. -- -- -- And what we see in prime time. Opulence doesn't begin to describe at least event opponents lifestyle and does it say and -- bad. As the cat the -- -- -- all that she's been extraordinarily rich for a very long time. Well -- sentencing that I would web. Make -- they -- again these -- that there -- but it was only after she crossed swords with other wealthy real housewives of Beverly Hills. That -- pump became both rich and famous in -- I was very sensitive and I don't you have independent health but however. You also hold a -- Thanks to somebody who might thing. Those housewives or those reality show stars they just want to be famous well as cool as summing I would be lying if I didn't say that the celebrity. Aspects of it isn't beneficial and the same custom that Palestinians -- for I have my life. And this is a -- of opportunities for instance I've written a book that. I kind of written before I had a book called is the same book I could've written history is again and that -- abortion. She's -- devoted wife and mother of two who's 52 and proud of it. Elegant and dignified -- this is so one of -- -- Russian flag and nation well you really shouldn't. -- wonder why stripped down to a leotard and jumped at the chance to be on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Okay. Standard pop up is simple answer. I just -- how -- such a challenge I mean there amendment since he started in the last nine days I thought have I lost my mind her professional part. There is a newcomer to the dancing cast Russian born dancer celebs have Shiancoe. -- more than twenty years her junior. She like thirty years ago and in school rice has no -- experiences and Havoc on the ballroom dancing and -- challenging for her. But we just taking a step by step in trying to improve. You know I've been -- in places that I didn't -- existed. Up up -- -- He. This week. -- -- That is the -- his hottest cutest thing on this planet that's not helping me now it's not helping you. And I you feeling like. Little. Prestige. Or -- and I. -- -- -- It's -- witty often self deprecating humor that may have boosted her popularity on housewives. I think sometimes you see a frame anything. On -- good that but for the most homilies that -- has -- -- reality trust me a lot of Michelle Hoffman. Welcome to the -- -- -- -- names but it's her shrewd business savvy as owner of eateries like Villa Blanca another hot -- -- prejudices and that's led to yet another golden opportunity as a TV producer. It takes a lot to get his stuff not really pissed off right now she cast her restaurant's staff of young volatile characters in and not a reality show -- Kyle -- -- rules. Even though you know I do not support into company dating a little sleeping together when my gonna do Bob Hope company -- -- kind of like. Den mother of a group of very. Sexed up. Young people -- I can -- this group of kids you know find that lies because -- or on a daily basis would be fascinating television what tactics you employed get them to behave well say this it really lands family. That behind so many occasions -- passionate about design. She's a hard charging hard working girl even though she could easily -- -- just lounge around doting on her precious dog. GG yeah I love him to even question -- I know you don't -- is preventing me up. But there's also a loving wife of thirty years hidden under all that glamorous hair and make you talk a lot about you know you're sex -- marriage and snow or trade and -- -- Expect it's not you know you've been married for thirty US -- -- thing. It's kind of -- -- she meant to deflect the kind of questions about how hot sex live but -- my husband would want to ten times won't miss getting. Up at. What Matalin back in this is those night commenced you do trust me -- come up yeah she goes he walked the dog he comes back. And I've got my -- on my competes in my hand bombing prima Mike Bates and his night I happened annual it's out. -- Glad that this hasn't happened in my live from the children younger because. It didn't you know would have been much much -- -- with a late night business saying this and the children. -- -- -- says she put raising her two key it's ahead of her early ambitions and show business. I think I made the truest kind give it up before it gave me up in I done things Leon in my -- Her in the campy eighties classic poison arrow by ABC and you could forget her big break on -- -- this is -- -- this stuff. And I want you out it was a fun things to -- that -- -- I don't think that's going to be implant itself. No vendor pump says the meaningful times in her life had been raising her daughter pandora Anderson asks. How do you motivate kids when they grow up -- -- wealthy environment want to give them money. I think it as simple as that you know that they have to -- and then them be rewarded him think it is spoiled them is simple handouts while. Pandora's to waits tables in my restaurant she has created her own business she waited tables -- way through school my son is passionate about pending the topic. He waits tables yeah. -- to pump seems like she has it all figured out. When it comes to dancing in front of millions of people she figures there's no way she can -- I have no idea whether god just to get -- freeze for a mile off I have no idea. But in Iowa if it all goes horribly -- which it possibly mines. I you know. I'm great business have been a great life is. Stop them.

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{"id":18760779,"title":"Lisa Vanderpump: Inside the World of the Rich and Famous","duration":"6:44","description":"From sparring with socialites on \"Real Housewives\" to \"Dancing with the Stars,\" she does it all.","url":"/Nightline/video/lisa-vanderpump-inside-world-rich-famous-18760779","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}