Martin Scorsese: Making 'Wolf of Wall Street' Roar

Oscar-winning director talks about the fresh and ferocious approach he took with his latest film.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Martin Scorsese: Making 'Wolf of Wall Street' Roar
His big bad movie though wolf of Wall Street Martin Scorsese brought the true story of a financial titans rise and fall to the silver screen. -- -- of drugs sex and -- the lead role played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Was a performance that could bring the star his very first Oscar. ABC's Chris Connolly sat down with Scorsese as he revealed some of the secrets behind the scenes for our series Oscar confidential. I've been a rich man and I have been a poor man. Which -- rich every time. What two hours and 59 minutes of filthy rich Wall Street's pleases -- it. Why it is spending. -- And sexing it up -- you will live. Because it's awesome declares this -- Wall -- billboard. Positioning this Leonardo DiCaprio starring film nominated for fine Academy Awards has a lighter alternative to the grim Varity is the will use the -- You have no right whatsoever to contain. DiCaprio and co stars Jonah Hill slipped three things I love my country I love Jesus Christ loved making people rich and Margot Robbie bring the -- that no. But as director Martin -- says he notes the wolf of Wall Street is a hideously troops hill. It's many -- served up with a stream of this shaking rage and she shared with us at the hotel bill later. If you get into the mindset of these guys disguised bragging about the drugs -- idea about what he's doing you -- feel that this is not the right way of going about it not only that. It's charming and funny little but you -- -- money taking Goose Creek that we do you have to be offensive at times and that's not -- everybody's taste that's true. But is -- more from Saddam what's happened. Before his 1998 arrest and indictment Jordan Belfour made an estimated 100 million dollars with his company's Stratton Oakmont. By bilking unsophisticated investors into buying sketchy stocks. He did 22 months in prison and wrote a book which DiCaprio brought to -- says it. I'm not staying home you just tried to bribe a federal -- so technically -- -- -- -- -- -- Get angry. And the funny -- aggregate. Now enjoying the -- best director nomination of his unparalleled career score says he uses the wolf of Wall Street to depict the culture of access in much the same way one of his earlier films explored the mob mindset. Using elements of a silent about -- -- good felons just cut some piece of music. Voice over and crews planned to all the sort of think that's when I knew I would never of come back from Florida line I want to take -- and explore even further pushing further. Quite honestly yet to be. Curious they can pay -- to have a 46. This doctor nominee DiCaprio is ferocious is Jordan gulf -- but the climax of movable streets filming would be his speeches to his stand. Think some superficial. Materialistic. And out of McDonald's is -- But need to be -- first thing in 2013. After -- holiday break. You've been working on this for years and not the speeches were -- can imagine you think about something for six years and then the time comes to do it got to do it. -- go by we get -- -- everybody's there -- comes in the morning when Joanna and I could tell something's wrong literally his consoles. He had this incredible. It must have been the anxiety the whole thing the council's just became so infected. And couldn't speak. And of course it then came out that they had gone to Australia. For the two week for -- we can have put an end not just relax no I don't think there were relaxing sounds like him. -- -- -- -- had some fun we didn't expect the console epidemic that occurred I mean doctors were on the set it was opened. When DiCaprio was ready -- says he had a surprise visitor to this that Steve Spielberg decided to come and say hello. It turns out as the de -- into the speech so -- comes in and it was a system and. He's looking around we had this wild shot we were doing -- that's pretty interest. You know he should how to do that what if you move at your doorstep -- -- -- -- moved back yet so we start work. Directors let's -- terror plot terrified that would come back to say hello and. Stephen sitting them we were laughing and pushing stuff happened over -- -- 350 extra extra is that he heard of the Barbara -- can. Don't worry just -- where we're just having some fun it was a flash. Back to 19767778. But those years would also be challenging times for -- -- Ceci whose late seventies drug use would eventually provide -- insight. Into what happens to Jordan after his massive cocaine binges how much is. What Jordan Belfort goes through in this movie informative by what you went through years ago for brief period. There's that yet there was there was and explorations. Randy. I have to make in new York new York film wasn't received well I had no idea of making of the film and -- -- -- living pretty difficult time. For year and half herself so I understand. The pleasure and addiction it's. On the temptation. And giving -- to the temptation and then try to fight it -- well. You know I can't fight it lets you go further you know and see what it -- -- what the debt basically takes its. And addiction here in this film from the -- the money brings power. With the power -- can during the sex is just there -- now 71 he's been rejuvenated by his five collaborations with DiCaprio. -- -- talent and box office muscle too ambitious big budget projects that's -- says he felt might not be on his menu any longer. I think we've worked on gangs of New York we had a good experience working together -- that picture -- -- it was the end of something. In -- way I've got to make small firms and but then we -- -- chance to this aviator thing and it was a good experience. Going through the process -- -- really gotten excited again I'm making pictures I want to make departed and he said he wanted to be in it. That's sort -- all over again. Today's audience Gracie -- says he at last -- best director Oscar winner for 2000 six's the departed. As moving from strength to strength. Unaware of the peaks and valleys that have marked his forty year plus career -- last few films have been his biggest box office hits ever. Can you -- mansion. In nineteen so no you know you -- had this level of acceptance. And respect to the Hollywood community never thought what happened never thought I'd get the many nominations from the DGA. The money even from the academy. Ever so the best thing you do is you do you work you just enjoying the work it's clear he did just -- -- wolf of Wall Street. Bolstered by the enthusiasm of a cast that sees him as Hollywood's greatest director. I'm not that great morning person so to get on the morning. You know. And particularly this -- more from Wall Street get there in the morning and I'm -- tired or whatever but and I see him as Joan -- on the wall up you wanna be there. That's -- I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Oscar-winning director talks about the fresh and ferocious approach he took with his latest film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"22576187","title":"Martin Scorsese: Making 'Wolf of Wall Street' Roar","url":"/Nightline/video/martin-scorsese-making-wolf-wall-street-roar-22576187"}