What two men say happened when they were arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, both 23-year-old entrepreneurs and longtime friends, said they were there for a business meeting they hoped would change their lives.
6:29 | 04/20/18

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Transcript for What two men say happened when they were arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks
of rac America? ABC's linsey Davis has the latest. Arrt for two black meno trespassing at a Philadelphia Starbucks that sparked out D indignation across the coy. Call for boycotts. Starbucks cud of modern-day ra Toth Philadelphia policesu a mea culpa. I can areciate wse two men were appalledn they asked to leave. Forhis reason, me, I a tothem. Reporter: The two men at the center it all, rashon Nelson and donterobinson, spoke out today fohe very time to ABC's robin rts. T I say is, I under that, rulesrerule buwh right is right, 23, were Philadelphia's upde house square area, waiting meet a potential business E who lives in the neighborhood. It's a restate meeting, working on this for nths. 'Reays away from changin ouole entire situation. Reporter: They'd arrive and ra says hesk the woman at the counter if he dse restroom. She stated they were for paying custo only. I left at that. Then youddonte, you're at the table. She comes arou the regi, walks up to us a if she can help us with anything. Can we start withomeri or war? Wed we're fine, we're waiting for aeting. You never heard her say, you have to leave? No. Just, youeo order something? Eporter: Then the manager called the police. , I have T gentlemen in mye who are refusing to make use O Lee. I'm at the starbuc at 18thnd space. Aright, police will be out soon as poible. Accordi T 911 accounts, a was placed at 4:37, proximately two minutes after you arrived, to 911. What did you think when Y saw police arrive? It can't be for us. WHA did Ty do, what did theydo? Rter: Shortly after, Andrew Yaffe, the friend they were Wai for, arrived. Theeren't Doi anything violent or angry. Police officers had on to move the tables away and put them in handcuffs. They W basical like perp-wal out of tore and put in aic car. How long were you INT? About eight hours. Eight ho there was no reason. They had nothing. You know, tyt kept using defiant trespassing, the for putting us behind bars Repr:s as the video was posted it went ra garnering over 11 million viewhis is brand baggage for Starbucks at they will have to quy overcome in order to really G pple to understand th it's not fabric of who they are, but an isolated dent. Reporter: The company CEO appeing on ABC on Monday. I'll sayhe circumstances surroug the incident and the outcome in our store on thus reprehensle they were wrong. And for that I personally apologize to the two gentlemen that visur certainly, you know, it's resibility T understand what happened and what led to th. Anensure that we fixit. R: The manager reportedly dded her D to enforce the store policy ordered anything. Plenty of whiteple G cofe houses and don't buy anytng. My issues Starbucks only seems to enforce the rule with regard to police for certain custom Starbucks place that doesn't J sellcoffee, it sells the culture O mmunity. Repte on CBS, company chairmanard Schultz acknleed that B was at the root of the incident. The reason they were C is because they African-American. I think -- I'm embra by that, I'm ashamed of th. Reporr: Starbuc is taking a fairly unprented step, announcing that on may 29th, it will close all ofres for an afternoon of anti-discrimination training. The beginning of what we will do to transform T Waye do buss. It's really impossible to train peo not racist or to get rid of implicitias in on day, one week,r one year. Reporter: While today phil commissioner chard Ross was forced to walk backhament he released on day. These officers absolutely nothing wrong. Eporter: Ross says reform is now under way. For many people of color, while this incident may be maddening, it's not surprising It's L you kick me O no reaso Reporter: Today a nersey L.A. Fitss apologized three employ wrongly ACC shyrod te Ack man, of G out W paying and callpolice. L.A. Fitness said the eyes are no longe with the cpa adding, our staff cessarily escalated the situation rather thk through . I do nothing, I D my work grades are good -- ter: Actress G sidibe says thehenon known as shoppingle happened to her. She went to Chanel store in icago loo F sunglasses. She says the clerkirected H to a discount store acr the street. Chanel later released a statement that'd I part, we immediate invgated knowing that this is absoly not in LI with the high standards that Chanel wishesprovide." John Hansen, a meeucks NBA star, says he was discriminated against in 2015 at a high-end jewel Stor wrote that he went dur bune Hou and that emeehe door and told him to go . Twpolice cars then pulled up.the officers questioning him aboutis ca Thomas DI own of the jeweler, she regretted the incident and racial ING is never acceptable. All ofse things part of the kind O implicit biases people havegainst bla anbrown bodies. This is why14-year-old kids get as 20-year-old kids and toy guns look like real guns. Repteonte and rashon said thirted over a simple business meeting, but in the endthey say it wasn't just the Dea thatas damaged but their dignity. What do you want to see happen he E? I want to make sure , in to not be traumatized by this. And instead motivated,inspir. Sometimes you have opportunity to be a pt of the change. And, you know, truly make the change. Really stand U and show your greatness. Reporter:or "Nightlin I'm linsey Davis.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, both 23-year-old entrepreneurs and longtime friends, said they were there for a business meeting they hoped would change their lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"54602756","title":"What two men say happened when they were arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks ","url":"/Nightline/video/men-happened-arrested-philadelphia-starbucks-54602756"}