Monster Blizzard: Northeast Braces for 2 plus Feet of Snow

A blizzard of possibly historic proportions barrels down on 42 million Americans.
6:08 | 02/09/13

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Transcript for Monster Blizzard: Northeast Braces for 2 plus Feet of Snow
Well a massive blizzard is battering the northeast dropping up to three feet of snow. Whipping up hurricane force gusts of wind Connecticut Rhode Island new York New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Have all declared states of emergency tonight and at least 500000. Homes and businesses now without power. So -- -- of us hunkered down to ride this thing out our extreme weather teams and ginger G is reporting from the bull's eye of the storm. Boston Massachusetts. Snowed in shut down and nor'easter. More than forty million Americans are being forced to spend their weekend in doors. Thanks to fix a nor'easter that will likely make weather history. The brunt of this beast is hitting right now snow falling and it -- easing rates won -- even four and a half inches prowler. Winds gusting from fifty even seventy miles per hour. And on a crazy night where only the plows are running -- -- with the captain of this Boston city plot. -- I'll buy them back and we'll. Play. To see -- the force was fighting the worst of it overnight and into the we're abundantly. How long his family out. My -- -- it's going to be a long shift for a lot of folks this whole thing started when a snowmaking clipper system the one that -- up to a foot of snow in Michigan. Doing a moisture filled storm from the sell the collision makes this nor'easter. He's gusts are really starting to come at us now you get a perspective from the light. Just how fast this and hard to snow is starting to fall this those strong or major portion. They are the -- Stay home. -- gave -- a panic -- be getting ready we don't know what's expected well we do know what to expect. One to two feet of snow for some of the biggest cities and some places even more. Then there's the wind and the storm -- major issues. That's ridiculous -- and we were just an amount mega ball all over the place from one wins just crazy right now. WABC reporter Tim Fleischer is gauging the storm surge in Stamford and I can tell you I'm standing alongside -- very. Very angry Long Island Sound like a look out -- you could see the waves already whipping up in the early stages this blizzard. Even before the bulk of the storm hit the roads were terrible. A section of I 95 in Connecticut was shut down and -- -- -- crashed this one flipped in Virginia. Solid back in Boston getting off the roads and back -- was vita. You can -- very though we never know what's happened. So labeled. Everything you find my my own -- -- it is a -- Boller. The volatile regional. More prepared that's -- millions spent their Friday. Have begun all that salt pouring into the truck that get ready here we've got a little -- -- the heaviest snow starts but they're going to be using. -- ton and tons of salt. And -- could quickly added up. Since now is really coming down here you can hardly see the buildings of Boston and it's just before 3 o'clock come down. Only about it -- -- on the ground very good packing fun playing -- but only for so long. The entire city of Boston shut down early even Starbucks was closed. But that didn't stop some of the hardy few and their pets from getting outside. Absolutely. And a little bit cooped up holidays than anything is an exercise that -- that they. Exactly. -- fluid got no car. By the markets of donors -- -- Just so that we might get a foot or two so it's down leg. 178 which I grew up hearing my parents talk about it so maybe our -- now for a similar story. At the airports more than 4700. Flights canceled through Sunday. In Boston Logan Airport was a ghost town jetBlue -- out this picture of their last three jets leaving before the store. But in New York the real worry is that areas devastated by hurricane sandy this past fall are being hit again. Doug ABC's Ron Claiborn spent the -- in the rockaway queens which practically washed away and sandy. How resources -- and her six month. And -- -- longer. Sheila Smith finally moved back home just before New -- but still can only live on the second floor of this house. -- feel like -- been kind of speed up here. We're probably getting beat up. It's just -- all -- -- the waves hands on them I'm upstairs. Hopefully this time it will not see any houses you. Are you prepared does -- Very few big almost anything. Another fear tonight is that the Powell go out again. Power lines were denying -- use carpenters to load into that holds -- Through -- often students however the team unity after days so. But I -- so -- generator -- more prepared than -- And social media it was abuzz with the images of the blizzard some even celebrating the weather. But for much of the East Coast there is little to celebrate visibility will be near zero. If you don't currently have a reason to be on the road if you're not emergency personnel that's required to report to work somewhere. Stay home. Tonight the plows will try to keep up. -- -- While standing -- You -- have a name my. -- -- have remained in the game but none I have -- Giuliani may. As the newly formed extreme team and everyone else prepares to wake up making snow filled history. For Nightline -- -- Jersey and Boston Massachusetts.

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{"id":18448373,"title":"Monster Blizzard: Northeast Braces for 2 plus Feet of Snow","duration":"6:08","description":"A blizzard of possibly historic proportions barrels down on 42 million Americans.","url":"/Nightline/video/monster-blizzard-northeast-braces-feet-snow-18448373","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}