Mysterious Hawaii Crash Leaves One Twin Dead, The Other Facing Questions

Second-degree murder charges were dropped against Alexandria Duval for her twin sister's death after their SUV plunged off a Maui cliff.
7:16 | 06/09/16

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Transcript for Mysterious Hawaii Crash Leaves One Twin Dead, The Other Facing Questions
We start here with a late breaking development in a mystery involving identical twin sisters. Best friends and struggling yoga teachers who moved to maui to start a new life. After driving off a cliff one of them is dead and the other targeted by prosecutors. Hours ago, a major new wrinkle, however, and here's ABC's kana wit worth. They were truly living in paradise. Identical twin yoga instructors. Together we're weaving threads of self-love, self-acceptance. Reporter: Cruising maui's beautiful coastal highway along the scenic and dangerous road to Hahn in a, but then a tragic turn. It's white Ford explorer on a steep cliff. One behind the wheel and the other in the passenger seat when the car slammed into a wall and went off a cliff crashing on the rocky shore below. They got to the crash very quickly, and acted very quickly to rescue the survivor. Reporter: One air lifted out, surviving with minor injuries. She sustained a few rib fractured. Her arm was in a sling. She's able to walk. It's really a miracle that she is here today. Reporter: But her twin, according to rescuers was found mangled in the backseat, pronounced dead at the scene. We have two patients. One is pulseless and unrespons unresponsive. Reporter: It looked like an accident, but prosecutors accused one of killing her sister intentionally by driving them both off a cliff. Everyone standing around saw her take the explorer off the cliff with her sister beside her, plummeting them to a death. She survives with her air bag and her safety belt while her sister dies a horrible death. Reporter: Authorities said the car's data recorder indicated she was accelerating right before the crash and never applied the brakes. A key point of dispute if this goes to trial. The defense is clearly going to be they were in an argument. She got distracted by her sister who was attacking her in the car, and the car went off the cliff. This is a real and viable defense. Reporter: Eyewitnesss say they saw the blonds physically fighting in the vehicle just before it happened. I could see a pair of hands yanking on the driver's head,s and she was arguing with the person. Reporter: The ordeal seeming like a scene ripped right out of magnum P.I but hours ago after hearing testimony from witnesses and a vehicle expert, a judge in maui found no probable cause, saying she was free to go. Prosecutors say they're considering all options at this point. We believe a crime has been committed. We will use whatever means we have in the law to bring her to justice. Perhaps a sigh of relief for the twin who had been facing charges of second degree murder and has spent almost a week in jail arrested of investigators say she was trying to flee the islands. Her lawyer says she was never trying to evade the law. She had planned a trip to new York to grieve with her family and is struggling with the loss of her sister. It's tough. Her sister was the closest person in the world to her, and to come to grips with that person not being here anymore has been incredibly emotionally draining for her. Shrug your shoulders away. Get strong in your quadricep muscles. Reporter: They seemed to have it all. Successful owners of a yoga studio in Florida. Both of them, absolutely gorgeous. They're built like a brick house. They're expert yoga instructors. We love the energy. West palm beach is the heart beat. Our tag line is power the body, power the soul. Reporter: Once considered best friends, they once went by Alison and Ann. They were living it up in Florida with twin porches. They wanted to be society types. They showed up in parties where people were there to raise money for charity. They were trying to blend in. Reporter: According to reports, the pair's relationship had grown tense when they hit financial troubles. It was a surprise. They were considered as being pretty successful, but I think success got to their heads. For example, they bought matching porches. That's a lot of money, and they didn't pay some of that stuff. Reporter: The yoga studios shutting down without warning in 2014 leaving employees unpaid and leaving students with worthless prepaid memberships. I got calls saying they went to open up the studio and everything was gone. Reporter: She worked at the studio. She said the twins often seemed unstable. They were all over the place. One minute they were calm and nice. The next minute they were all over calling and wanting to know different questions and one didn't know what the other one was doing. It ended up being chaotic most of the time. Reporter: They vanished, reemerging with new identities in Utah, opening a new studio in up scale park city, and telling the park record we wanted the studio who reflect love and light. That is the goal of our practice. It is a physical practice with a touch of spirituality. Their new life didn't last long. Ann filing for bankruptcy in December of 2014. In debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars. From Florida to Utah, the pair had multiple run ins with the law. Alison having previously been conducted of fraud, disorderly conduct and property damage, Ann was convicted with disorderly conduct and battery. Their next stop was Hawaii, a new set of names, Alison now known as Alexandria and Ann going by anestasia. Their troubles followed them. On Christmas eve the sisters were cited for disorderly contact with a bench warrant ordered for their arrest after they failed to appear in court. Now she's free of second degree murder charges, but questions looming about what happened in the final moments separating these inseparable sisters. Next, the new pictures and

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{"id":39717879,"title":"Mysterious Hawaii Crash Leaves One Twin Dead, The Other Facing Questions","duration":"7:16","description":"Second-degree murder charges were dropped against Alexandria Duval for her twin sister's death after their SUV plunged off a Maui cliff.","url":"/Nightline/video/mysterious-hawaii-crash-leaves-twin-dead-facing-questions-39717879","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}