'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 1

July 1999: Dr. Susan Nagele helps provide healthcare in impoverished, war torn southern Sudan.
7:26 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for 'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 1
We want it on this fourth of July weekend a story that celebrated America we founded a long way from home. This story is mostly about doctor Susan vaguely midwesterner who every day Lee is in many of the qualities that have always made the country's special. There is courage caring willingness to sacrifice. And above all belief that individually in the American long and individualism. That individually we can make a difference. Doctor innately probably guessed that in practice in some HMO. She does her work in one of the poorest parts of one of the poorest places on earth. Southern Sudan. Kosovo for all the tragedies that drew this country and will war there. Apparently compared to the Sudan that the band within a tiny fraction of the billions that Kosovo will get to rebuild. Both man and nature have conspired against the Sudan. The largest country in Africa it is roughly the size of the United States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi. 48 million people 400 different languages. For the better part of three decades it has been ravaged by civil war a war that it let two million dead and more die in all the time. Just about every word you can imagine rides there besides the war there is famine starvation or order of a million last year. There is disease. Cholera malaria leprosy. There it's late. But when we need to be spent 250000. Dollars for the last four years to free slaves mostly women and children. Fifty dollars each. It is true this place that cameraman producer John Boehner traveled. Understand the people who live there and the people likes as innately who try to make their lives. The woman and child that came back on the plane with youth and yet in upper Nile where shot as a result of the conflict between cup of tides in that area. Addictive golf forgery at Lima names Julianna Lindsay and I and they UNICEF will elect information officer in the Tokyo. That woman and child were taken to icici hospital here in the Tokyo. And and it being cared for there and and then we'll be taken back to their Hanssen sentenced Diana and while. Mid this national immunization days which focuses on backs and aiding children under five against Paulina. That vaccines have to be transported first time publications. I air. They're people on stand by her immediately ready this in his aircraft lands on the ground. To take the cold boxes they keep the acting cold walk with and for a day or two its location get into the back native sit back for Nader and and conducting day. We're trying to find all of the children who are less than a 110 centimeters. Which is. The measure we use to choose children through gates or five because people here don't know they're learning. And and they've told us that a lot of people are out in their gardens Europe and the hills or having a lot of difficulty finding children work by. Revenue there from village to village and can't. Find out if there's any around. I mean fewer than angry and was pouring rain in Havana room. And then with the aforementioned. Him. I get back on because as the spirit. I have a lot. A lot given to me. I would like to be able to give bad language that I had. It. We work with it can work with announcement by one student then one can work with. And oh yeah. And and Matt. When that deep Wear red Diaz center what do you think are being one of the great does that mean. In the nineties and so. My name is Daniel Levinson. What for UNICEF. It has been very difficult I would say for the last. Years they have been a lot of I think. In the region with has the stand the lies which the people have been constantly displaced. And zip. Kind of become unwillingly descent. Whether relief was being distribute it and then had grown into it signifies. Billy. This is they NDA blanket aiding the NBA's and and deal will provide. Supplementary feeding the children on the by his own. This suits have purpose because we want to backs and they all children. Under five years old so we have combined both program the polio vaccination. And they ABA blanket evening to meet as many children as we can. When you do something over here we'll show if you say that Leva some video of it will directly Thea and under the you can actually make it big if and the those people. But then it will be the difference between that they're buying and they're limping. These are the aspect that you'll still be here that the only thing and very proud of what's he doing staying home while never being need this kind of this kind of Amy warrants. You aware if you will may be achieved some nice things. When you gun laws that's that everybody forgets about it will be here believe me nobody it's about a little remembered Daniel they'll remember the team that was here. If you're the first space that they see when he arrived in the saved their lives there will come back actually asked if you know say hey you with I. Yeah. And I. When you first came here a year ago I was at the people growth area and had very little contact with people other cultures and almost no contact at all mine. Of course they have good. And that's what have helped them reuse. Just to tell laid down on the bed and the other gunman had no idea. What we're gonna do to him. Would you have with this. Oh well I'll probably end. Initially it's just important to start to have a son relationships with people so that they can see who will be. What we have. One person can make all the difference in the world another reason why. And I don't think that's my role as necessarily. Solve all the problems. To deal with the difficulties that are here right now and make some. Some improvement and in those problems I think. I think I and our teen. We need but I had the and try to work with local. Me. More confident. And.

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"July 1999: Dr. Susan Nagele helps provide healthcare in impoverished, war torn southern Sudan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"45098721","title":"'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-making-difference-part-45098721"}