Paragliding Adventure in Colombia

ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee goes on the flight of a lifetime.
5:19 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Paragliding Adventure in Colombia
A walk through a playground will prove that some kids enjoy the really big swing sets more than others and those who really -- wind and hair and stomach and throat. Those -- and who might grow up to be -- gliders throwing themselves off cliffs to store on top of thermal. The world -- apparent lighting was originally held over soccer stadium in Columbia and to better understand these birds of a different -- ABC's ginger zee took flight. Vince what it feels like when you fall from the sky. Yeah and yet but -- these competitors in this high -- sport it's much more -- In this instance that it -- -- -- Yeah. This. -- -- -- -- Super fine. Thousands of feet above the Colombian Andes each of those birds like wings. Has one of the top pair of letters in the world dangling the -- One as me. This is not my first run off a mountain but it is the first time I'll get inside the world's fiercest pair of letting competition. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But before we get there let's start the journey on terra firma. We're just leaving them in the LA city and then tap a ban on have a bunch of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nice enough to give us tonight. At the top there's a final hike -- the pilot slugged their fifty pound packs others are happy for a little help. Pending -- -- the definition have a lower court. Around 90% of those competing are meant so I wanted to in bed with one of the top women from the state. Most people give up all other. Parts of life to compete at this level you really have to dedicate your whole life. Started -- about nineteen years old so it's all I've ever done most people think we're crazy. Can't let. Our inner family as very tight. Part of that tight family -- flyer for the day a veteran pilot from the UN. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it both of -- maiden voyage and thinking differently than -- something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is really you know applicant parts -- that. There -- because they're rested and they asked for more is very long about eighty miles and very difficult. They're the best in the world and -- slightest virtual cores in just under four hours without ever -- back down and without any rest or support from an engine. Something -- and but this does. But not good writing has been the lead -- company that if you get fed up you could always put out. Believe in such a journey until you see the pilots harnessing energy in our atmosphere and it's just. Already dozens read about. But there wasn't much time to wonder or worry. I had to get ready to launch looking -- He didn't. Ones wearing -- up and and he could just rocket into the -- we have to find solar fuel and that surge starts really close to the mountainside. To gain altitude we ride that thermal -- columns of warm air billowing from the sun -- -- -- As soon as we find that list other pilots start to swarm around us soon after that. Okay. We're in the class -- meteorologist. -- Surrounded by 150. Airliners. This is called the launch again it's kinda like starting lineup -- and everyone is stretching things here they're feeling healthy here. And then the race begins. The behind -- swirling -- takes on an up to fifty miles per hour. Within minutes the once bustling sky is empty. Three hours later. We catch up by bus -- -- that need to defendants. This is their task school and only about. Fifty ourselves we'll make it -- Among many American stars Eric Reed and -- -- couldn't I didn't make it yet little bit slow etiquette position. -- -- mid race which was -- with the leaders in this. And -- back there. Just a momentary lapse in attention is is when you miss -- -- -- the -- You you are go straight instead turning -- just it's an incredible game like it's we get hooked on it it's it's it's such a fascinating game. A lot of people -- -- -- of -- -- when you landed Corsican Gil Morgan and what -- -- -- landing mid course that's how hard venture had ended a few hours earlier I landing was awesome yeah yeah. But I want that. So we flew and landed again. In this time -- little cheering section of our own. It's not enough to join the winners. More than enough to always remember the day and has its.

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{"id":18715442,"title":"Paragliding Adventure in Colombia","duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee goes on the flight of a lifetime. ","url":"/Nightline/video/paragliding-adventure-colombia-18715442","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}