President-elect Joe Biden names his Cabinet picks

Move comes after the Trump administration agreed to cooperate with the presidential transition.
6:57 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden names his Cabinet picks
Karen Travers and Rachel Scott join us now for more on the transition Rachel. In this first cabinet choices tell us about his plans for the country. Now there is a clear message that was sent to bear on backstage she's at America is we know that Joseph Biden once you were burst some of the policies that the drug administration put into place there are very clear message about diversity and should. Everyone on that C insured very personal stories about what it -- -- -- -- as an immigrant in this country or what it looked like she grew up in the segregated south she and Joseph Biden has said from the very beginning that he wanted his administration's reflect the diversity of America he -- and -- rich -- and most diverse -- an American -- -- -- you haven't -- -- history could be made up from the people on backstage -- -- -- the first -- that Burris -- Latino leading the Department of Homeland Security agree that the -- women woman -- and -- -- the intelligence community and so -- politics -- and the history could be -- that's going to be a very -- moment but there's certainly some questions -- from people in the party especially Democrats progressives should -- questioning whether or -- nobody is going far enough we know that these -- Obama -- -- officials you know -- -- -- that Joseph -- -- close relationships with -- and there are a lot of -- in the party progressive -- -- and -- noticing -- change. Karen steps for the White House now that the administration is cooperating with the transition. -- and now they have to coordinate with their counterparts on -- Biden transition team -- you know this -- a big turning -- last night when the GSA finally ascertain that Joseph -- and -- is the apparent -- certainly -- indicating something that has been known for over two weeks now but this gets a ball rolling for the actual transition process up -- this -- Joseph Biden and his team had not been able to check -- had -- access to government officials national security officials -- people working -- -- -- -- they can do -- and -- -- with all of the agencies today to see how quickly that process has started to -- and we're told that the Department of Homeland Security has already starting to work with the -- team that's a big deal of course because that is -- the -- are -- in those -- officials that the Biden -- really wanted to be talking -- -- also health and human services HHS they are also now coordinating with -- -- and we're told -- secretary -- -- says that operation -- -- officials the people working on the vaccine development production and distribution they're also working with -- team officials and it's really big -- the average transition has about seven. 57 now until inauguration -- -- -- big concerns -- -- starting from behind the starting line -- and in this process but -- their full steam ahead -- January 20. That is transitions gonna have to happen network speeds so racial what are could be next step for them by NT and. You want to an extent getting in contact with the White House corona virus house or the current one getting access to those should keep federal agencies look this is the news that Joseph Biden needed but he wasn't exactly a week in Fort Bragg he Carty should assemble those agents are being teens about. And remember is that she had been waiting in the wings to gain access these federal agencies to start jump starting these stocks that they can she did the ground running on day why that Joseph and did not take questions today but that was another question that was top of mind for a lot of reporters whether or not he had been in touch with someone like doctor -- each as we are talking about this vaccine rolling out as things are moving -- and I imagine there are also in recent critical conversations with leadership within the democratic race but also Republicans as well as that comes in terms of reality that Joseph Biden won this election should your soul at this point right now we have millions of people who are suffering during this and make people that are on unemployment -- -- -- can't afford to pay their friends she and right now congress has not any released when it comes that the end and when it comes at corona virus she and so I know that a lot of Americans including Joseph Biden is going to be looking to get relief and hand. And this has so many waiting for that act Karen president trumps. Claims data Biden when would lead to a market crash that the Dow hit another all time high today the president himself came out to address so what she's explanation for those who thinks. Well damn this is a big surprise the president is his appearance in the White House briefing room has announced just minutes before he walked up to that podium she spoke for only 66 seconds today at very very brief remarks has by the did not take any questions. Made a passing reference to the vaccine and the pandemic but really he's seem to be out there are taking credit for this big boost in the stock market he said that 30000 she is a number that has never been seen before in the markets he called it a secret number 30000. You know all of our experts including her producer Don bashers say there's nothing sacred about 30000 as a milestone it's a nice round number but there's nothing that economists were looking forward to say wow we've done something right hitting 30000. It is notable because the president. Over the last four years as often turn to the stock market Tuesday. Dance a big sign of the health of the economy that's a big sign and the success of my economic policies. Experts would say that's one aspect of this is not the only indicator of how well things are going in this country but it is notable that cherry tree going common refrain from the president on the campaign trail would you feel like Joseph Biden the stock market's going to collapse if you elect Joseph Biden. Everything will come crashing down in this hard earned economic prosperity which of course took a major hit during a corona virus pandemic he says we never be able to get out of that so you know interestingly now when you have this big number hit today. Joseph Biden certainly could come out and say that seat now that the GSA has ascertain me the apparent winner of the transition is beginning look at that president many experts say that a lot of this in the market is reacting to very good news about the prospect of three potentially successful vaccines. That is probably in this story mayor Rachel really quickly. And one of the things that's like out from the cabinet picks today was former secretary of state John Kerry being named to this completely new roles that's so special presidential envoy on climate what will that entail. Yeah and you know this is really underscoring the seismic shift that we're gonna play out in Washington in American politics. Joseph Biden making it clear that he's treating climate change of the national security issue isn't the first I'd naming. I carry as a special envoy on the as we know that they're going to be. Happening according Nader that's going to be announced inch and the White House in December that's going to be working with him and should be made it clear that climate change not only be on the agenda in the situation but also should in rooms around the world and that is just a stark stark stark changed to we have seen as ushers and Darren Rachel Scott and Karen Travers thank you both.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"Move comes after the Trump administration agreed to cooperate with the presidential transition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74385529","title":"President-elect Joe Biden names his Cabinet picks","url":"/Nightline/video/president-elect-joe-biden-names-cabinet-picks-74385529"}