A range of reactions to Nike's 'Just Do It' Colin Kaepernick ad

"What Would You Do?" features customer reactions in New York and Kentucky to young football players asking their coach if they can take a knee during the National Anthem.
7:36 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for A range of reactions to Nike's 'Just Do It' Colin Kaepernick ad
Kaepernick be sidelined. People S your dreams are craz ter: It's a bold move R a familiar and. Belvething. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Reporter: The latest version of Nike's signatu "Just D it" mmercial,akis televisi during last night's L season or. Don't ask if yoreams are azy. Ask hey're cra enough. Reporter: The caaign beginngarlier this week withannounceme, Colin Nick as the new face of Nike. Ihe historyf sports campaign, no ad campaign,s gg than "Just do Michael jordan,iger od Bryant. For them tk Colin ck, a guy who I not saying R now butas aug cia footpnt is something that we haven't seen before in sports. Repor the choice of Kaepernick and theple slo "Believe in something, even if its sacrificing everything," immediately reigniting the long-simmering coversy ove nflplayer first amendment rights, create Nike G in protest. Y, . I've been buying you the past 20-plu S. Not anymore. I understoth sides.t is important people stand the ground D mak a supponike. By ke Rorter: Onef theost Cal criticof players kneeling during the national anemident trump, who's used the debate rallying cry for nearly a year. Wouldn't you love to see O these NFL owners, which somebodisrespec our flag, to say,et that Off the fht out, he's fired. Cting O flag and you disrct our country. R: Tweeting on the iseveral times thiweek, strongly dending his view in an interview with fox ne. I don't like what Nike did. I don'think it'sppropriate what thedo I honor the F I honor our national anthem. Reporter: B for hers, it's not quite as clear in thiepisodef "What would you do?" Emotional reaction as Americans ar confront with taking the K questi. In baown,nt an Ie been hearing you're willing toe a knee durg the game and I'm happy. Rorter: It'sge the bystande are real this coupleoverhears the conversati. Why would you want to kneel ring the anthem? Becauset sws that we're standing up police bruty. Reporter: They stay silent as the coach issue hisultimatum. I've got the right to kic you off my . Are you? Rter: When the coach storms out -- I'm out of here I understanhy you're doing it. Reporter: Sheim know she's ones team. Ihink it's good. I disa. I think you're disrespecting theflag. Er time and place to it. Reporter: Turns out this sb wife are just as die rest america. That's something ts very stng me. To it's not disrespect respngflag. That's how you draw attention to later ie episode team formation switched. This high school football coach bus heads O the issue with team captn. I don't understand why you want to l,t doesn't affect you atwhite. Orter: The onlookers Mari veterans. I was milita at offend me time, kneeling. That is super disrful. Reporteut the most passionate argument the coa and condemn the er's protest. It's verydisrespectful T military nel, to everybody to kel on that field. I try to B my tonguenit. , ICAN't. That is just - your es one more time. Se stop I'm not rolling my eyes. Do N that makes every livid kneeling theatem is like spitting in my face. To all the men and have sacrificed their lives and have died, that is who Yo on. Pl long and hard on at you're ally doing. N't just ditecause ybody else is doing it. Reporter: But with this new caai Nikes taking a gamble on such a divisive issue would alienate a snt society. Which ismakes thishe ve with coliepernick S unique. ??? O say can you see ???reporter: Dg last night's kickoff game B phadelphia eagles and Atlanta falcons, boyz II men sang the Nati anthem. No one too knew. Eagles pyere to take a seat as then cameo an end but that action was notelevised. Protest personal. Last summer the defense D, playing for the Seattle Seahawks -- was pinned down a Las Vegas police offin he in this video obtained by tm Everybody out! Were in Ano. Somebodyai I a gun. Then that's weveryt, everybody was on th crawli, to get out.ing really fast. Repr: Bennett claim was a victim ofial proling by police. Allegas the Las Vegas metropolan police depart deed in a press conference last year. I see no evidence thatace played any role in this incident. Reporter: I S with month later.ide say to your head?'ll your Off you move. All accsichael net is O of the gd guys in the nf how does this happen to you? Blaman. Through all the stuff I've done in society, whether it's found, maturit things, working with mil kids, working with kids in Hait a er the world, here in E unit STEs -- at the end of the day, I'm still a black man. Reporter: Be incident,ennett had been protesting for racia equality on and off the field. For those who would say your is unamerican not to stand during the N anthemou sa at this point, I think it's un whappened me, know,unamerican,hat happened to Eric is unhear what happened to trayvon mt ICAN thing you can do is fight for equality everybody. Reporte this kinf racial profiling Colin Kaepernick has beeot ly two yearsand today for president ba Obama in about nional divide. Common ground exists. I have seen I I know there are whiteeo who care deeply a black peopleng treated unfairly. Eporter: And yet NFL team owners and players are sti strung with how to sound. Debating police on wheth to fine players or teams who protest during the anthem. Is tryingdifferenteople in their fan base, people who are for and again they're caught in acatch-.the NFL I my ways ishey do, damn T don't. Believe in something. Evenf it means sacrificing everything. Troublemaker Nikes in the business of making a pr. Eykeep Makin money as amers divide ovece and justice coinues.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"\"What Would You Do?\" features customer reactions in New York and Kentucky to young football players asking their coach if they can take a knee during the National Anthem.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57690977","title":"A range of reactions to Nike's 'Just Do It' Colin Kaepernick ad","url":"/Nightline/video/range-reactions-nikes-colin-kaepernick-ad-57690977"}