'Revenge': Behind The Scenes

ABC News' Juju Chang plays herself in an upcoming episode of the hit ABC show.
3:15 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for 'Revenge': Behind The Scenes
It's a triple threat money power intrigue. A mysterious young woman rented beach house in the glitzy Hamptons -- -- to the family who sent her father to prison for life. But she didn't come to -- the -- -- on the beach nope she's out for vengeance. It's the plot of ABC's hit show revenge -- guilty pleasure for millions of loyal viewers. Including yours truly and recently I got to travel to the series set for the role of a lifetime. Action. -- saying I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV. Well I'm -- journalist then I'm playing one on TV. -- on ABC's hit show. She's -- lovely and beguiling mix and Emily Thornton the backstabbing -- -- around The -- rich Grayson family. Our heroine Emily exacts -- revenge against them amidst the opulence and decadence of high society Hamptons. -- I can tell people can hand. Indeed. Madeleine Stowe who plays the frosty Victoria. Matriarch of the Grayson family behind the scenes you see where they. Long hours weeks after weeks how can keep it fresh. Student yeah. In -- -- -- still has a deep for radian grasp of her characters vicious way it's and I keep saying -- business person. News this -- It's it's it's my goodness can she does have a great deal of humanity for somebody's. And flown but all those devious plots are actually hatched in the minds -- the riders who -- to take their actors out for dramatic thrill ride how do you. This points and then twists and turns. And an alliance candidates analysts. Because we're we're twisting ourselves trying to figure out twist and turns but that's part of its on its it's the right that we get through its well when it's time for my close up I'm should. Trailer then wardrobe and hair and makeup where I upgrade to the revenge version of myself my acting coach Nightline producers -- -- -- -- -- Are using. My first scene I can -- the king and queen of the Hamptons courts. Apparently I'm not horrible every time your reality. You know you're doing okay -- -- it. I was freaking out. Children good thing yet. Someone else who kills it week after week nick Wexler who plays -- forbidden love interest to. Quarter real -- that you -- ten seconds of television over twelve hours of them weren't citizens but it's it's like. It's just a few minutes basically just making a few minutes each each twelve -- day yeah. As you'll see on Sunday Jack has his heart broken yet again. By that Dixon Emily who repeatedly dumps him in order to take down the Grayson family by romancing instead he -- to the fortune. -- -- affair went so far as to call you this generation's John John and Caroline. I don't know about the atlas park. -- the nine throughout the --

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{"id":19055444,"title":"'Revenge': Behind The Scenes","duration":"3:15","description":"ABC News' Juju Chang plays herself in an upcoming episode of the hit ABC show.","url":"/Nightline/video/revenge-scenes-19055444","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}