Tina Turner’s inspirational life story told in new documentary

She was born Anna Mae Bullock in Nutbush, Tennessee, to sharecroppers. She reached stardom while married to a man who abused her. She found the strength to leave, rebuild and find love again.
6:21 | 04/01/21

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Transcript for Tina Turner’s inspirational life story told in new documentary
Fuse live up to the word legendary but with her killer dance he. Pierce voice. And her story of resilience Tina Turner is a living next. Had a decent. He. No other way to tell the story. In the new documentary Tina the simply the best I can't owning her power this. And her story after decades in the spotlight. Ike Turner her husband in costar on hits like proud Mary. He brutalized her for decades. By sharing her truth Tina became a beacon of hope for so many I cannot overstate how much current missions she gave me women. Black women definitely but women period my life. It would die each and it was one that a lot of needy people for me was their husbands that that is and to practice brutality weren't just excellent. Don't dispense that's and I couldn't leave because too many things would be destroyed and. But the new dock by filmmakers TJ Martan and Daniel Lindsay emphasizing how deeply painful it was for her to talk about that trauma again and again. Over the course times he became a symbol of resilience and strength in I think over time he lost track. The per cent Saturday is the latter. The brave woman who became an international superstar and symbol of female empowerment and one of the unlikeliest of journeys to the time. Born and a maple in not pushed Tennessee she was the daughter sharecroppers. Abandoned by her parents as a teenager. Yeah for the cotton field. At certain myself. Of the men. It was not talk to me. And the age of seventeen Anna saw I expand play in Saint Louis she estimates she could sing a song at intermission. She was a hit and from there did duo Ike and Tina Turner was born. When I was young. I eat just. Everything I just. Am okay. I'm biased. Good team. Sending stuff. Teenager back in the sixties. I mean you love your record that they. But I had never seen him. And I saw her. And that's all I look at the senator for life for so many years with her controlling husband and hike but behind that shiny facade that was likes temper and horrific pattern of abuse. I can be having a good time and everybody would have a good time and again just let. He sent her to the emergency room multiple times. For black guys for bloody noses. Yet to know where she is that all the time she was on allowance she did have her own money. She finally left dying depicted here in the film what's love got to do with it. Starring. Literally 36 cents in her pocket and as she says a gas charge card. But if you would give me. Sporting. In 1978. Could divorce left her with only one asset I got nothing. No money no house. It's a lesson I just think money. With the stalled career and now middle aged Tina struggled to reinvent yourself as a black female rock star super stardom was far from certain. In a record. Label executive referred to her with a racial slur. Racism and being yeah you industry is justice to the race and an American society. Hurt. Her Lothian existing. Forward. For smashed 1984 hit what's love got to do with it established terrorism unified so lower. Girl who dreamed of filling stadiums. Eventually. She sold 200. She has eight grammys she is. A monumental artists in terms of R&B and rock and roll she was inducted into the rock and roll hall of pain. There aren't many women in the rock and roll hall of being let alone black women. But even worldwide fame and adulation couldn't fill the void created by her own mother. The documentary focusing on that forever strained relationship. I'd get all kinds of things. Should some of the you know how this changes make her comfortable because she didn't have aspirin she was alone. But she still didn't like me. It wasn't just a mother's love she'd been yearning for she desperately wanted a healthy romantic relationship. It that I have done in this lifetime. With this body. No one and it would that change. This city ever not disappoint you. That he is to you. There's commitment and 180000. People and again it's this kind of constant struggles desired fuel load it into it to be want. Tina finally found that love when she met her husband German record executive Arab and buck now company for 35 year. And it's really sweet actually to watch the way that Irwin. And her. Interact with each other in and tease each other and 81 Tina is finally living the life she always wanted. It. A quiet life aside from an appearance in 2019 at the debut with self titled probably shouldn't. This. Musical is my life but it's ninety. Poison. That turn to miss. Tina Turner is finally enjoying the east she's worked a lifetime to achieve.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"She was born Anna Mae Bullock in Nutbush, Tennessee, to sharecroppers. She reached stardom while married to a man who abused her. She found the strength to leave, rebuild and find love again.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"76803906","title":"Tina Turner’s inspirational life story told in new documentary","url":"/Nightline/video/tina-turners-inspirational-life-story-told-documentary-76803906"}