Into the World of 'Bears'

Disneynature's new film follows a mother bear and her two cubs as they brave the Alaskan wilderness.
5:25 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Into the World of 'Bears'
We humans have such mixed feelings about bears. On one hand we fear them. Think of the stories about bear maulings. We adore them. Nobody grows up without teddy bears. Tonight you are going to got up close with the animals as never before courtesy of a fascinating new documentary. You are looking at extraordinary footage of newborn bears inside the den with their mom during their long winter's hibernation. ♪ Hold on to me as we go ♪ And this, this is those same bears emerging for the first time into the world. What an amazing place to take your first steps. This new documentary called bears follows a female brown bear and her two cubs through the first year of their life in the alaskan wilderness. And it is a treacherous year. Only sky can chase him off. This mama bear is keeping a good eye. Reporter: Not only did the mama bear, named sky, have to defend her skubz, out and amber from predators but sunny need to find enough food to sustain the family through next year's hibernation. Some times this search can be comical. Mom. Never mind, I've go out. I'm fine. Mom, what, what do you do if your claw gets stuck in the clam. Let go! Mom. It's stuck in my paw. You may recognize the guy that does the strovoiceover, John C. Riley you may remember as reed Rothchild in boogie nights or from talladega nights. Why you for this movie? I'm trying to figure, envision the casting session. Let's get the dude from talladega nights? How did this come about? Yeah, I mean, I'm scratching my head as much as you are. How I got this job. I think I did all right. And yeah, certainly, esteemed company. The people that have done this before. James earl Jones, Morgan Freeman. Meryl Streep. Pretty, pretty impressive company. Riley brings the feisty male cub scout to life. Scout is looking for a role model. Which bear will he grow up to be? He could be an angry bear Little male cub. I related to. Super mischievous, and always thinking he could do more than he was capable. Reminded me of my Stefl whself when I was a kid. Go around. Go sound. To get amazing footage. Film makers from the Disney nature spent ape year in Alaska's national park and preserve. At one point the filmmakers got a visit from Dr. Jane Goodall, famous for her work with chimpanzees, Disney nature's ambassador. Were you able to get close to the bears when you were there? It was magic. I met the star of the movie, sky, and the two cubs. I met the star. She is the star. The threats facing bears these days go way beyond predators and lack of food. Humans are destroying their habitat which is what can drive bears into your backyard which we have seen on countless youtube clips of late. These encounters can turn dangerous. Days ago this woman in Florida was maul when she stumbled upon at least five bears on her prompt. I started to run. And -- and he stood up and -- just -- pushed me down. This is bear habitat. I did a story in suburban Seattle with wildlife officials found a tool to discourage bears from coming into populated areas. These adorable and fearless dogs. There it is. Wow. Look at it. You can see the dogs were right on the bear. A huge outloon of a bear. Three shadows of dogs on his tail. Incredible. They also some how convinced me to dress up as a bear to help teach local kids about bear safety. As fun as it is to play bear, that was awesome. Baes signment I ha best assignment in a long time. The dangers facing the majestic pea she's are real. And the people behind this new documentary. This guy looks like my dad watching TV. Hope they can make a whole Jen ration generation of kids and parents care abut this. I have been to national parks. Usually from a distance you may have binoculars and an amazing thing to witness them. But to get this close to them, and like you do in this film, is a really special thing. I think that's only good for the world to feel more sympathy for animals. Very cool to meet John C. Riley. A great movie. It is caed "Bears" from our parent company Disney in movie theaters starting tomorrow.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Disneynature's new film follows a mother bear and her two cubs as they brave the Alaskan wilderness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23374494","title":"Into the World of 'Bears'","url":"/Nightline/video/world-bears-23374494"}