Zumba Sex Scandal: Alleged Zumba Business Partner Speaks

Mark Strong is accused of bankrolling Zumba instructor's studio she allegedly used as a brothel.
3:00 | 01/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zumba Sex Scandal: Alleged Zumba Business Partner Speaks
It is the sordid sex scandal that has turned a quiet New England coastal town. Upside down and at center and exercise instructor charged with using her Latin themed fitness studio as the front. For a bustling prostitution ring whose detailed list of alleged clients name the names of over a hundred local men. Now her alleged business partner is feeling the heat in tonight for the first time. He speaks out ABC's John -- and. This small picturesque New England town just a few miles from the summer compound at the first President Bush. Is that -- likely center of a white hot sex scandal. Authorities claim this seemingly legitimate -- but dance studio run by this woman thirty year old Alexis right. Was actually a front for prostitution ring used by more than a 150 men so -- them prominent members of this tight knit community. -- -- No matter SK about sex case that Hanson. A couple of them now. Practice cents a minute class they mean it seemed -- and -- to have fun. This scandal unraveled this past fall when -- and police raided a pure -- -- dance studio in the nearby office. Confiscated detailed records hours of videotape and what's now known as the list names of alleged clients police are making public. Today the man accused of bankrolling the studio charged with 59 counts of promoting prostitution and invasion of privacy. Is telling this side of the story for the first time -- days before his upcoming trial we had a friendship. We talked often. I may -- -- once a month. Married for more than thirty years in a father of two. Local insurance agent more strong senior admits he cosigned at least it gave -- -- -- for her resume -- studio and he says. They had a sexual relationship. Never came romantic. We did have intimate moments. But it's not what I would consider romantic. It was just physical were strictly physical how many times were you physical with there. -- -- I don't know did you ever pay here for an encounter -- did you pay -- for anything a massage now. It never got to that point now. -- we were friends. The indictment also alleges that right secretly recorded over 100 hours of video with her clients something strong denies knowing about he denies any wrongdoing. Strong is not the only one. -- -- -- have released a blotter on their web site. Documenting the arrest complete with names ages and home addresses. More than a hundred men and at least one woman. Thought to be clients of rights and today we sat down with two attorneys representing 21 of the 66 already charged with being rights clients. People's lives have been turned upside down over this and even turned upside down. From the start from the time that their names have been put any -- -- police blotter. Which is evidence of nothing it's merely an allegation that the mere allegation here is bad enough. To smear people's reputations. To play devil's advocate here the -- went looking for must such. Her ads were very risque eight. C'mon they knew they were you know if you go in for massage or even essential -- do you expect one thing and something else happens. Do not any initiation on your wrong as I think the evidence will show most of these cases. I don't think that you -- what has happened to -- now the international media scrutiny. Having been taped without your knowledge. And the fallout has begun the former head hockey coach it can debunk high school. Resigned after finding his name on the list but he has pleaded not guilty. We believe that there's a presumption of innocence. And in this case it's -- in the back quips it's a presumption of guilt and you have to go prove your innocence his intention was going for massage and Kenny bunk. It turned out that. He -- -- -- right from his perspective had a relationship. She. Wright the former dance instructor senior swinging her. It's to -- -- -- -- comment has been charged with more than 100 counts of prostitution. Violation of privacy and tax -- -- Her attorney is adamant her client is innocent. It's been tough there's been a lot of scrutiny. Getting through the day and any sort of normal way it has been difficult. She's doing the best she can she -- worried about what's gonna happen to the criminal process. We went to -- house back in October looking for answers relatively don't. No one -- but the allegations. Did you do it continents and did you run a prostitution ring you know what -- At least. It is a scandal that has a ripped apart a small town and destroyed lives and reputations. At the center of it. The woman who has yet to tell her story Alexis right. Who as everyone talking. As for mark strong senior he says. He was on the rest of his life apologizing. To his wife I'm sorry for any dishonesty. For the the intimate relationship that I had -- Alexis right. For Nightline I'm John strengthen in -- a month main.

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{"id":18254847,"title":"Zumba Sex Scandal: Alleged Zumba Business Partner Speaks","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Strong is accused of bankrolling Zumba instructor's studio she allegedly used as a brothel.","url":"/Nightline/video/zumba-sex-scandal-alleged-zumba-business-partner-speaks-18254847","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}