How 2018 midterm election results reflect the nation's division

ABC News exit polls suggest 77 percent of Americans believe the nation is becoming more divided.
3:27 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for How 2018 midterm election results reflect the nation's division
We have called both the house and senate right now divided verdict cheery guy in the country and that he double B start wait with you right now I mean this seems to have ratified. Not president trump not the Democrats like a defeated divisions in the country. Well I think because of the way this flowed this evening I think there is this idea that this is somehow good night for president trop this is pay less bad night for president truck. Shot election date today and of course early vote. By 9% margin people voted for Democrats over Republicans on this day. In the president's saws the lowest job approval rating what he has is a wall in certain states that enabled him McGovern but losing the house. Only four presidents. Have lost the house one branch of the house going event and it was. Bill Clinton Barack Obama in their first term Barack Obama Eisenhower. And Harry Truman and so the president I think cast to in the course of this he's got what looks like he's gonna have a larger margin in the senate. But he's got a house to face that he's not a perfect never had to face he's got to figure out what is his strategy in the course of that when he knows the country voted against him. Cecilia what we're hearing from the White House let's see how I wanna come in the second and first what are you hearing from assertion went as a they're looking at this. What will we know that they've been bracing for an onslaught of investigations come as John and Mary we're both saying there are reports in have been out there that John Kelly is already. Formed a working group set to face this onslaught of investigations. You know Donald Trump has said that he will handle it very well if in fact the -- return the Democrats say take the house. But this house to have them nervous in some way they will be backed into a corner. The Democrats have said they wanna in recent re subpoenaed subpoenaed Don junior they want to hear from president terms family members and Nancy Pelosi. Said her very first order of business will be going after his tax return. Since Christmas he talked to the president often in ally ally of the White House how would you counsel. To read these results and to react to them. Well first off you react what Matthew said we had Obama Clinton. Eisenhower Truman all along reelection OK so if that's the result of this and Donald Trump will be doing just fine I I think listen. The president is who he is. And I think everybody who keeps waiting for him to become something different because of an election result or something else could be waiting three very long time. He is who we is he will be who used and that old we will determine 20/20 will be. Who do the Democrats crook the contrast with him. Because the perp report contrasts two years ago. And that's why he won. What they do this halfway to Wednesday morning when the Democrats start attacking Donald Trump and celebrating taking over the house how do you think this president will react he's gonna react when we always ends. It appointed a senate and say look what we just picked up in the senate and Georgia just want to show you this in the exit poll. If we're feeling tonight that the bill and what's reflected by the voters the polls today Republican pickups in the senate. Mostly it came in and Donald Trump states where he won handily. It in red territory already and then you see the pick up in the house for the Democrats this question are Americans becoming more united. More divided about the same and overwhelmingly voter 77%. Say this country's becoming more divided the question is who can bridge that. NN of course the Democrats have blamed the Republicans largely for this to. Divide so there were puppet that Democrats will now have control of the message don't have control of the tone and I think what are everyone is said here. If they overplayed their hand I mean remember and setting the message setting the tone going into 20/20. Remember Ben Ghazi remember the emails they can set the message going to twenty.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"ABC News exit polls suggest 77 percent of Americans believe the nation is becoming more divided.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59018420","title":"How 2018 midterm election results reflect the nation's division","url":"/Politics/video/2018-midterm-election-results-reflect-nations-division-59018420"}