1-on-1 with 2020 candidate Gov. Jay Inslee

Gov. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., talks combating climate change and his new "evergreen economy plan."
5:56 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for 1-on-1 with 2020 candidate Gov. Jay Inslee
Earlier today we caught up with one of the democratic. A 2040 challengers looking to unseat president trump who caught up with Jay ins with the governor of want Washington State he was here. In Washington DC today to promote his new climate plan. We have a look at what that plan is he's calling it the ever green economy planet is bold he's running on it on a platform of climate change. Confronting climate change nine trillion dollars for jobs she would also invest in a good number I've jobs programs green industries. Jeans Lee told me that that cost nine trillion dollars is totally worth it. It's actually a small investment. In the face of how much we will pay. In the caught in the course of inaction if we do not stop climate change is gonna eat us alive. In the multiples of trillions of dollars is doing that today it's burning down or towns it's ruining our crops look this is inexpensive way to deal with this which is to stop it. So how do you get it off the ground you've talked a lot about the green new deal as being an aspiration all documents of the U your fond. Do you see your plan the ever green economy plan is being more actionable. Actually something that you could could enact if you became president got very much so and it's very complementary to the people put out the green new deal that was very helpful because it's. Good aspirations. I see this as a compliment. Kind of puts me on the ball right I guess if I thought of an example I would think you know Kennedy said we're going to the moon. A green new deal similar to build new economy. I design a rocket ship by put policy in place yet nobody is accusing you of a middle of the road plant here or not just that it's not middle of the road it is it is detailed it is robust it's comprehensive it touches every place we have to build our economy. It is the most detailed. Any of the plans by you know a country mile because we need policy look we can't just do this on a bumper sticker we need a plan. To rebuild the economy of America this is a plan to do that I think you'll find people as they are looking added we're energy do rules. They'll Sarah's the tops you freely state your campaign on this issue you think this is this is going to be out when in the democratic primary also been starting to be critical of Samir rivals Joseph Biden. Who. Has a reported plan coming out what what do you make of Joseph Biden on on the one. Well I know. People are concerned about this comment that some we would have a middle ground because I haven't seen it yet to be clear and seen it yet go to the if you start here if you look at the lens to lose just behalf. This you have is easier let the staff have measures you're not it doesn't cut the mustard. We didn't win half of World War II so if you start with that kind of approach I don't think that that satisfactory. I will look forward to it to Joseph Biden put out a plan I hope you'll match what I've seen I think that would be delightful if you followed my lead. Like you know. I wrote a book about this twelve years ago so this is something I've been working on for a long long time. He says he's rumor ally attempt to racist nobody's been more consistent about taking on the environment green revolution and I have to disagree about. We'll see we'll see what he puts out as a plan but I'm the only candidate today that is what is true. And what is true is we have to get off Cole in the next ten years what is true is we have to get off fossil fuels their electrical grid. Now I haven't heard him say that yet. I hope you'll join me I hope all of them we're joined me so that we can getter. The candidate who McDonnell triple blip in history. And we can build a clean energy economy has thrown about rescue are too quick headlines in the news today abortion Alabama signed really restrictive bill as you know. They wanted to go to the Supreme Court how would you confront the Supreme Court. That would overturn Roe vs. Wade if you're president way. How do you confront a lot of people are concerned about the conservative majority what would you do. Well as president I would try to rally the nation for federal protections in this regard and we can do that federal basis. To protect women across. The United States look it shouldn't a woman's liberty in this is they liberty interest this is a privacy freedom initiative issue for a woman. And whether you have that are not should not depend on your zip code if you're American you should have the freedom and privacy that a woman has enjoyed for decades now. When I ask you quickly about Iran obviously and headlines very tense right now on would you be open to sitting down and talking to Iran's leaders who think they can be trusted. Look it depends on the circumstances but item can't be trusted in this Donald Trump. He lies to his every day baby every hour. And I see in the run up to the Iraq War that I oppose vigorously hero and we should not have another president who get us into another Iraq War. And I call on all my Democrats to join me to stop this this chaos. Try to. Drama threats that may not exist the president today is unveiling a new plan on immigration he says we should move away from Camry based. Priorities more towards mayor faced. For green cards that broadly principal you'd support. We'll look for a guy whose married to a woman who got in under questionable circumstances it takes my article to try to change the situation. No we're finding we are finding families to be the building block for our communities. Families are the folks who get together start businesses some of the best small business people and my Stater people who came. Who get their whole family working and in enterprise and that's why are immigrants have been such of life blood of economic development. It is sad that in a country in its state like mine. We understand the power of diversity. We want my dreamers to get an education I'm proud that I was the first governor to get dreamers and education. I was the first governor to stand up the Muslim band. And now we got a hold Donald trumps feet to the fire to honor the spirit of America which is understanding the power diversity in new blood and our country. Of the velocity of getting in today. Welcome all parties are.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Gov. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., talks combating climate change and his new \"evergreen economy plan.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63088051","title":"1-on-1 with 2020 candidate Gov. Jay Inslee","url":"/Politics/video/2020-candidate-gov-jay-inslee-63088051"}