2020 candidates Steyer and Inslee talk presidential plans

On the trail in South Carolina, Steyer explains why it's important to focus on communities besides the 1%, and Jay Inslee discusses the importance of being unique in a crowded field.
10:06 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for 2020 candidates Steyer and Inslee talk presidential plans
Owner of South Carolina today they got a glimpse of one of the newest candidates in the race hunts dire jumped in the race last we can billionaire activist today he's making his first campaign stops down there. Hot and our Rihanna Stewart just caught up with Tom starter for an interview a short time ago here it is. Not you're taking time news be. Maybe starting in South Carolina by a quiet I don't know I. Over first off we got a call me Tom everybody does. But let me say this. What I'm saying in my campaign. Is that corporations have taken over government. And that we need to take that government back on behalf of people who have been disadvantage. For forty years in the case of this community for hundreds of years. So actually this is the perfect for community for me to come to a going to Burke high school. Which is an overwhelmingly African American school is being pro prospect facing closure. What you can see here it's a perfect example. In South Carolina they cut the taxes paid by corporations. And that we've had to cut. School bells they had to cut education itself they can't afford health care for everybody in the state of South Carolina that's not because we don't have enough money. That's because corporations and the people who run and own and control on government. And want all the money are willing to resources are not spread around me so people are suffering this is a perfect community for you can see there at the at the mercy. Of corporations and developers who have no mercy and taking advantage. You wanna take on big corporation. But the biggest question. You announce your candidacy is that you know you're you're a millionaire how can a 1% are identical. I started my business. Whenever it was gosh at this point. I started I mean I realized how much injustice that was in the society I quit it. I took the giving pledge. You give my money to good causes and for the last ten years I've been organizing coalitions. Of ordinary people. Against unchecked corporate interest and successfully from the outside. One propositions. Directed the balance. In California and in other states. Against the oil companies against the tobacco companies against the drug companies and each case we've gone directly to the people. I also have registered. Millions of people we've not gotten tens of millions of doors we've. Basically tried to get democracy back to the people away from corporations so if you ask me how can I do it for ten years I've been successful. And I can't look at the eyes of people in these communities. To hear what their problems are high that's playing here today. Not just to see you again. To hear what the issues on the schools to your teachers are about housing he was the issues are about health care to see what people are undergoing will be. Are you positioning yourself as a preventive and it didn't have any of the present and in the race I have actually kind of actively burning anything and that. Could be another billionaire buying rate from an election would you respond to that and we need it and I'm not in any. I think a high I see this. Any differently to me I'm the outsider who's been taking on the political establishment for ten years. When I started need to impeach we have over eight million people who signed the need to impeach. Petition over a 100000 in the state of doctor line. When we started that every no one in the political stopping short standoff and go for the impeachment and removal of this president. For ten years I've been taking on the corporations and the political interest as an outsider on behalf of the people we the people standing side by side. So when I hear. Somehow I'm part of these W I'm not part of this doesn't look what they had to say about me. In fact the question is different. The question is. Is there a message about how we're going to take back our democracy and how we're gonna get any of the great for proposals to different people running Democrat for president put out. It's not a question of who has the best health care proposal. The differences are real and important the question is how we didn't get any of those health care proposals the green new deal. Who has the biggest number of divinity that's not the question such as how we can get the green new deal. If we don't beat the corporation's first and foremost that's what I'm talking about I've done it for ten years. I'd been for I have taken them on personally and beat them I understand who they are I don't owe anybody anything and nobody owns me. That accident at the but they have to ramp. The rate at a later time you have been playing among. Are you suggesting that friend I think gently I get them tomorrow evening. Possibly do a better job we'll fights. You could. He has Dee good values. And he cares about. A lot of the same things that I did. I think the difference that I have this I'm an outsider who's been feeding this system. From the outside alongside the voters for ten years the biggest point to me and politics. In America. Is that 80% of American. Eight out of ten across Republican Democrat independent across the country. Think this government has been bought by corporations and it doesn't care about them I'm in the 80%. That implies that if we're going to change this would have to change that fact we need to get government of by and for the people and I'm arguing. And I believe that only an outsider can view it's not gonna reform itself from the inside we need change. Graham Stuart with Tom sire there his entry already shaking up the race governor Jay Hensley is responding this dire. Here's what he told us. Well there are ready to welcome into the pool and has not changed my plans which is to continue to be unique in the race and I still and unique in the race because I'm the only candidate. Seeing the defeating the climate crisis has to be the top priority of those states and the candidate who is actually passed a 100% clean bills and my state. So I'm gonna continue my course I follow my own stars and or stroke continue to follow it. We just heard from the National Hurricane Center director about the storm that's coming up from Louisiana when asked about that studies. I just the past few days show us that climate change actually increases the amount of water these storms dropping Susan Hughes brought. We do in the short term on that it if you were president as a role for the federal government responding to. That problem that's that's the amount of water were seen from these extra summer storms. Well definitely there are major infrastructure things that we need to do to protect our community because there are going to be more floods or hidden. Huge precipitation events. We know these storms are becoming more frequent and more intense both. And we know that just rained because warmer atmosphere holds more humidity so this is scientific certainty. So there way that we channel storm water. So yes our infrastructure things that we're going to need to do but I think it is really important to make this point. There isn't enough infrastructure in the world to save us from the ravages of the climate crisis. We have to stop and at its source which is carbon dioxide pollution. We have to stop the stranglehold. Of the fossil fuel industry our economy. We have to put millions of people to work he carbon as in our cause and building new energy sources and more efficient buildings. We can't before cells to think you just build the day care. Last question for you Bob Mueller special counsel is going to be testifying on Capitol Hill we think next week or week after if you are on that committee and had a chance to ask Bob yeah. The question what would you what do you want to know from Republicans. I would want to ask him. Bob would you agree that my climate change planners of the State's near a single guy. Simply would simply have to say you're darn right causes a very intelligent individual and we move on Gaza and you don't know anything about so listen I'm very glad that. I'm very she do you seriously answer. Is a very serious issue right we we can't allow this president to violate the law or the constitution and we know he's willing to do that and I'm proud of my democratic colleagues who were insisting that we get the truth of this. I'm proud they're being diligent it was very comprehensive investigations. I do believe we should institute an impeachment investigation because I think we'll give us more effectiveness actually due to the truth of this. So I would ask I would ask him every issue trinity garrison additional evidence. We'll see how cooperative has he is in that regard I think he's been diligent and think he's been a good job. I hope he's willing to share all the information can with the public and then Gershon climate change then governor isn't excellent here you're. James Lee nothing if not consistent honest that's his English and what you got them home bring almost every single issue health care. Foreign policy socks and I know this fall from covering him he's gonna bring almost every single issue back to climate change is really state. His entire campaign on that issue. Becoming more prominent within the Democratic Party is banking on younger voters. Or more engaged on the climate issue and just voters in general feel like the Democrat party has not been strong and trying to on this issue threatened by Tom Snyder. You know it's interesting that actually known each other for a pretty long time not dire as next gen is a pretty big in the climate movement. But what's interesting abouts tires. New campaign here is that he's not hitting hard on the climate issue at all maybe because he sees. Is Lee as are ready occupying that track all the way so maybe for a friends for now we'll see shots at them because they think he's some of China Burma over the consumers who doesn't agree we cannot of their on the campaign trail.

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{"duration":"10:06","description":"On the trail in South Carolina, Steyer explains why it's important to focus on communities besides the 1%, and Jay Inslee discusses the importance of being unique in a crowded field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64305196","title":"2020 candidates Steyer and Inslee talk presidential plans","url":"/Politics/video/2020-candidates-steyer-inslee-talk-presidential-plans-64305196"}