2020 candidates talk Trump impeachment

In a series of town halls, Democrats address the fallout of the Mueller report and what they think should come next.
2:27 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for 2020 candidates talk Trump impeachment
Did you watch the five hour CNN marathon town hall last night. We had all of the Democrats weighing in on their different opinions on these issues so our our Mundo Garcia was in the room he's now on the road but he's going to give us a look. Hey Kimberly I am in New Hampshire on center convoy harris' campaign trail and let me tell you yet talk of the town here. Are those five CNN town hall that we had last night. A repeat that you while we're time it was five. Our long back to back CNN town hall that was a very long night for all of us here on the political B. But the elephant in the room that I kept a rearing its head throughout the town hall was named Robert Moeller. Every single candidate was asked whether or not they thought that John should be impeached after reading apple report that we off port over last week. And they all had to for responses not for example senator Elizabeth Warren kind of led the way with the strongest endorsement of the impeachment process. I'm while others like Amy Klobuchar stop short of calling for the impeachment process but she did say however that she believed that congress should do a thorough investigation into this matter. Senator Bernie Sanders on the other hand he said. That he feared that the impeachment process would actually be an advantage for trump because it would distract congress from addressing other issues important to Americans. I do and highlight one other issue it's something that I saw come up a lot how much we're she last night. Well into this morning indicted senator Bernie Sanders is comment. On people or prison and whether or not they should be able to vote he said that no matter what you did if you're a prison he believes. That you should have the right to vote he was asked specifically about people like. The Boston bomber and whether or not he should be able to vote and he said even quote terrible people. Should be able. To vote senator Harris dodge this question she wouldn't say whether she agreed with Sanders but she said that she was willing to have the conversation. Mayor border judge on the other hand out right said no he completely disagree with Bernie Sanders saying you lose certain rights you lose your freedom. Now we are about two months away from the first presidential debate. That is going to be the first sign that this very crowded democratic field is going to be able to face off one another. But for now. They're out here in full force. Out in New Hampshire. Iowa there out and other early voting states here to get those voters and prove to the American people why they should be the next president. Of the United States. Our Ed Armando thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"In a series of town halls, Democrats address the fallout of the Mueller report and what they think should come next. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62578176","title":"2020 candidates talk Trump impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/2020-candidates-talk-trump-impeachment-62578176"}