ABC News Live at Ohio debate

Devin Dwyer is joined by ABC News' MaryAlice Parks, Rick Klein, Linsey Davis and ABC News contributor Yvette Simpson to discuss the debate's top performers and moments.
9:09 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for ABC News Live at Ohio debate
In the spin room here west circle Ohio just at the conclusion of the fourth democratic presidential debate I'm here with political correspondent. Lindsey Davis stand and this team to debate moderator at that as well and we have just. I'll wash the conclusion of an exciting historic debate Lindsay twelve candidates onstage it was crowded field out there lot of energy tonight and you can see behind us as you know well Lindsey. This ministers are getting ready there's the stage those candidates a lot of them will be coming out into this room you see the signs behind me. For where they will be positioning themselves Lindsay and a lot of people wondering if he had a watched the entirety of this three hour debate. Who were the winners who were the losers were gonna break it down for a year Rossiter talk about some of the big moments tonight there will be plane into the overnight hours and it's tomorrow. So start with you Lindsay. We were talking before the show a big night for Elizabeth Warren she was center stage first debate as from our hardy think she did. I mean I think that there is pylon really ask for her and if I can use a tennis analogy for a moment I mean I think that mayor Pete put a judge had. Several places several really great shots you know they talked about Syria doc but the wealth tax he talked about gun control that's really impact full moments. So I think that he. May have emerged you are thinking kind of as the winner. I think that Elizabeth Warren though she didn't really have many unforced errors she really kind of solidified her place as leader. Everybody was trying to attackers she was coming from you know on all sides and she really kind of rebounded in really. Many lobbed back I don't think that she had any smash disk but I don't. She took her lot of incoming should reassure and people to judge we saw him much resume looted too much more aggressive than we have took a war. Slapping back a dead or work on his senate proposal to buy back. A mandatory buy back of all assault weapons he. Called tell C -- the congressman from a Hawaii right dead wrong with sorrow views on Syria and then of course was back added. Dad jury Elizabeth Warren for why she won't say whether or not taxes will go up for middle class Americans under her health care plan. Some and I'm gonna save my winner tonight was deep religious this was his best performance so far he's been climbing in the polls in Iowa New Hampshire so is he where he goes from here. Lot of these guy candidates that strong performances only to see those. And those gains erode. Let's talk about the field tonight Lindsay stay with is we're gonna we're gonna do rapid round a letter and how we saw this entire field of twelve candidates did. And in order to us let's put up on stage here as see the stage for those of you at home we didn't see the whole debate tonight was a big elements he was so we just talked about policy Gabbard. Oh how was she tonight. I like -- C came and wanted to moderate not to be door mom many moments that she turned in had questions for you know that fellow candidates on the stage. Where you know the real moderator is were like wait now or not you're not want answering questions and I think for one moment. Elizabeth Warren did answer whatever questions but then they stop it. But hey she showed up she threatened to boycott she was here Tom's Dyer making his first debate debut he of course is the billionaire businessmen. Talked a lot about this and indeed it's going viral on Twitter right now his tie where's that. I have the billionaire you. It's very aggressive in fact he talked about wanting to tax millionaires and billionaires even though he is one. So a good look tonight for him at least for people for the first time seeing. CNET Tom start of the spring primary house park she's or deputy political director here in the middle of this rapid round marianas were doing. Word association on the candidates tonight I'll talk about tell C Garrett times dire. Court workers tonight. Sailed in with the defense of Joseph by. Absolutely a unifier tonight every time the night started slinging he want it to. Lay on the complements instead he kept saying the Democrats shouldn't be fighting with each other they should be talking to each other. I was wondering if he was making a row last minute. Pitch for vice president Internet relevant zoos and argue that's a strategy led maybe it's a strategy to complement his fellow democratic. Thanks for Cory Booker for sure that's continued on the stage now moving towards the center of the stage were front runners. In this race for continuing to come on Harris tonight Lindsay you we're talking a little bit about her earlier. Stepping out to talk about women's reproductive rights something that hasn't come out that a lot of. I don't that was a great moment for her brio that up for the first time and ultimately. Does the moderator sadly we're gonna come back to that and they did it in so that was like a really great healthy discussion but she. Was the first person to bring it up and a lot of times I think that she comes in with kind of her rehearsed lines that was one that worked she said you know dude got ago. The Donald Trump I think that kind of fell flat but I think of the moment where she. Hurt herself a little bit was when she decided she wanted to take senator Warren to task over whether or not they were gonna block. President trumps Twitter account you know that was a moment where. I think collectively people who were on Twitter kind of rolled their eyes like really is this the moment that you're gonna shoot at about hearing room. Write I write angry the I think that'll support kind of bested her in that moment Elizabeth Warren was making a rather large national arguments about breaking up some big tech companies. About the power of those social media giants. And Colin nurses was trying to put a find women very behind flame red I think it looks small. Real said Bernie Sanders making his first debate stage appearance since that heart attack last week also spent some time off the trail. You know it today guys I thought he didn't miss a beat Bernie was Bernie I think the burning couldn't have done any better. And I think that it was really easy for to forget that exactly two weeks ago he had a heart attack pretty interest in Joseph Biden of course front and center there as well one of the older. I candidates on this stage and there was a flash of anger there at and and Mary Alice when he got into a testy exchange Elizabeth Warren really the first time we saw those two. Take the gloves off so to speak. Yes Elizabeth Warren through some shapes she said that she applauded President Obama for the accomplishments of the Obama Biden administration. Trying to hit at one of his goatee lines just basically zug. Tight take a lot of credit from the work that the administration did in those eight years. And she she threw it right back and means she has been really careful to not go there but you felt like what she was tested she was rated vessels and heart. You rate Elizabeth Warren's performance tonight Mary Alice Lindsay was saying she thought she. And standing right there in the gas people who judge Joseph Biden both throwing some punches at her this is really her first time as the front runner in late stage she weathered it. I think you're exactly right she did it was a different headed to be more testy and we've seen and she was like it was taking the incoming and it wasn't just mayor Pete it was. Amy Klobuchar all of them were piling on at some points. But she seemed ready for that she doesn't really remarkable job at kind of deflecting it studies it's of black and sticking to her message she has a vision and she's pretty data coming back. To her vision. And the tax question one that she still has had some trouble answering we talked about. Going after some his right rivals punching up and punching down. What you think Andrew Yang today would I Andrea was very forgettable I don't think that he had a moment and certainly didn't breakthrough in the way that he needed to anybody is in the third in the November debate coming up next month has qualified general work Mary Alice. Big night tonight after a couple of slip ups on the trail recently talking about. Faith based groups and. In San Simeon them slip ups he's been trying to. Differentiate himself. The most. The take away though for Democrats is that they all want to do more gun control legislation. And the envoy Anderson Cooper said we get it the differences between you guys are pretty tiny compared to differences with Republicans. A big big night tonight and let's go down to the last of member of the stage on stage right tonight Amy Klobuchar who the on Castro. Two candidates who really Lindsay have to head have to turn things around we're in kind of mission critical stage for those. Senator Klobuchar actually did reasonably well I mean she had some good point seven she'd punched a little bit I don't know that they landed she tries to owner jokes I don't know that those landed either. But overall I thought she did pretty well. Yes she likes just. Be the moderate and she reminds people that that's her lane she is not uncomfortable or shy about saying that she wants to deliver a reality check. To those progresses she comes back to back and look I don't a lot of democratic voters that are looking for that moderate voice it residents of them. And the excitement is building here in the spin room at auto buying university and westar bill all Heil just after the conclusion. Of this debate it's great to be with Mary Alice parks a deputy political director political correspondent Lindsay I Davis is here and behind us the crowd is building the candidates about to come our orders take a short break here and ABC news live stay with us. Meet some of the candidates after this debate. Right after this.

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{"duration":"9:09","description":"Devin Dwyer is joined by ABC News' MaryAlice Parks, Rick Klein, Linsey Davis and ABC News contributor Yvette Simpson to discuss the debate's top performers and moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66307855","title":"ABC News Live at Ohio debate","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-live-ohio-debate-66307855"}