ABC News Live Update: Biden works to ramp up vaccine rollout

Concerns are growing over virus mutations with the first known case of the Brazil strain found in Minnesota, plus, President Joe Biden’s set to sign executive orders focusing on racial equity.
13:03 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden works to ramp up vaccine rollout
Good morning the government for Diana said a thanks restraining went past in today's update. Senators today are set to be sworn in as jurors for the second impeachment trial former president dropped. The house and deliver the article last night charging Trombley quote inciting insurrection for the attack on the capital some Republicans including senators ran hot rod Johnson. Are arguing that the trial should be tossed out since trump is out of office on both sides have two weeks to prepare their case. The trial began on the week up February 8. Today president Biden is set to sign another batch of executive orders this time. Focusing on the issue of racial of the pat forty. Kind of president would issue orders to create a policing condition improved prison conditions and -- about discrimination against Asian American and Pacific islanders. Later this week president vital issue orders to address climate change. What states are desperate for more vaccine president Biden is raising the bar when it comes to getting more shots into the arms and American sank. He thinks we could eventually see one point five million shots a day up from his goal of one million in his first. 100 days in office this is concerns grow over those virus mutation. First known case of the Brazilian variant was discovered in Minnesota. Yesterday. A doctor that she is warning that some cities and states still do not have enough vaccine doses while others have doses they have not yet distributed. But he still believes the general population will be getting the vaccine site eight crawled. That we could reached herd immunity. By the fall. And it was one year ago today when a helicopter crashed near Los Angeles killing. Nine passengers including basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his thirteen year old daughter Gianna. NBA players and co b.'s fans everywhere are paying tribute to Bryant. On the one year anniversary of his death Vanessa Bryant posted a letter on answer ramps from land G on his best friend to thanked an asset for raising. And that quote Angel of a daughter. Writing you did it right mrs. Bryant and we are all eternally grateful to you joining us now for more on CoBiz impact and legacy is ABC news contributor LC granderson thanks so much for being with us this morning. Thank you very much for having me. So I think we last Kobe and Giuliani and that Dion and a seven passengers on that helicopter just a year ago. What are we learned in the past year about CoBiz legacy. And is impact. Holland while it's palms where we're still learning we're still on correcting things urged people come forward with their personal stories of power. Our Kobe either what you did for them on the relationship that he had with someone but I still believe that Steve most shocking revelation there's turns part of his past twelve months was really about how close he and Michael Jordan were. I was in Staples Center and during the memorial I was surrounded by other journalists who had covered Kobe for much of his career such as I have. And we were all pretty shocked to learn that he in Michael Jordan were basically. Brothers. Home so often when we talk about sports athletes grapes in particular. In the NBA reaching than its rivals. Turkey must hate one another in order to go after championships. But what Michael Jordan rebuild was director wasn't a rivalry between them there was mutual respect and laughed and so as we continue to hear from people who are. Played against Kobe played with Kobe or just in his inner circle I think we continue to collect argument after reason why do you such a fascinating person. And we've learned so much about him and his relationships over the last year we've also seen semi tributes over the past year last night that Cleveland Cavaliers area tribute video and net star Carrie Irving where Kobe Jersey. There's also murals in pain teens all around the world. One of the ways and we seen players and fans honor his legacy and what are you expecting to see today. Or today I did he expect to see more of the same on social media. I know there's a documentary you mentioned a Murrow I know there's been a recent release documentaries. Are just talking to the partisan talk compelled us to do some of these liberals who wrong no Los Angeles and particularly obviously that's something that transport around the world. You don't understand. The reason why Kobe meant so much as so many people wasn't simply because he was a great basketball player. The home she was the best player of this class and many consider the class of 1996 with Iverson and Ray Allen and Steve mass to be one of the greatest walks. Made in holly board. Remember he's a break and be famous pop singer and actress to his problems and high school where he already came in registered about a pop culture tests say. And any ghosts Elway and he grows up in front of the world's ties to hides in the roles we saw mall. And so we all know how we have an affinity and love for child stars distortion due to watched him grow while and I believe that's part of the reason why his story. Meant so much in the loss for sprite so many. Reality I remember actually I think to have the Teen Magazine. We're Coby and brandy were in it at the profits again I I remember that vividly the proposed. The champions breweries the lakers championship this year was in many ways fueled and inspired by Toby how did we see his influence. In the game what we saw on the basketball court this year. You know I'd consider it is not simply because on the Laker fan go import disclosure I am a Laker fan. What are we leave this championship the lakers one. What do you most typical championship in the history can be. Because you have to Parse first start with the on trust in the pandemic and the impact it had. Point all sports leagues which accrue the NBA which require players to restart to stay in the bubble. Oftentimes away from their family and their support system in their routine. Athletes are creatures of habit. Andy bubble forced him to break all of their habits but then they had the added burden that lakers franchise to win a championship. For Colby's. And LeBron James and anti Davis were very close to Kobe Bryant follow. And they felt a responsibility. To lift up this franchise which hadn't won a championship since Max Kobe was on the court. To win a championship for this fan base for Kobe Bryant. So not only do you have the difficulties of just when you championship and general. And you have the added element of dealing with the pandemic all the protocols which required can be an iceberg and a bubble for months. And you have extra pressure of doing it for a whole week for the lakers so bad influence to the lakers alone just so's you can. How how hopeful over motivating factor Kobe Bryant boards for the lakers. But then all the other guys from Paul chores and quiet mannered hard superstars today. Who were inspired when Kobe were trapped in 1996 to pursue this day. So Kobe's impact very much like Michael Jordan's. Who hasn't played basketball in decades but issues as to number one. Cole was gonna continue to have an impact. Own this week and on the sports coach and general. Because of both the longevity but also just few people followers who were inspired by his play and his story. You mention the impact by Toby had on the city. Of Los Angeles and that fan base let's talk about that a little bit because I think sometimes people forget that these athletes are more than just. What they are on the court he was a big deal in that community. Absolutely and from big to small. Aren't who's really fortunate to be able to spend time with Colby during the duration of his career. Coverings. Freest and the magazine as well as the Atlanta journal constitution before I got two years he had. And so I got to watch him mature got to watch him go from someone who was trying to work so hard on himself because he wanted to be the best to utilize his platform. In order to help others whether went to Atlanta pretty where there isn't taking time to make sure that you spoke to children who were waiting for autographs. But the one thing that I think. For me personally that I'll always remember call before. What's his willingness to go from someone who vilified for use an anti gay slur on the basketball court to using this platform to gain. Are gay rights advocate when Jason Collins came out the first openly gay NBA player came out. Kobe were among was among the firms athletes due to Twitter to congratulate him and encourage them. Remember she was fine a 100000 dollars for direct an anti gay slur at a refereeing but he did the work. He realized what he did was wrong but he didn't stop there he did and you can start want to help others. And that was tremendous not just the Los Angeles which has a very good sport I would be teaching community but really globe. Hopefully giving cover so Dole's approach to our. Sports fans or not sports fans what happened to be over there was VT QUQ community seeing someone as below. And as it might as Kobe Bryant say I stand for you there's something I person will never forget. Now he is that platform for so many positive things we also can't forget the fact that he made being a girl dad cool and aspiration off. Everyone hash tagging up saloon girl that it after his death housing thanks so much for being with us this afternoon really appreciate it. An ABC news live will air an hour long special Kobe Bryant deaths of a legend that is tonight at eight and it will air again at 10 PM eastern. Turning now to a big change had the super ball this year will look different because of the pandemic and some of the commercials which are often as popular as the game itself. Some big advertisers are choosing to send this Super Bowl out will reef has more. This year the Super Bowl lap showdown will be missing some iconic names. That Coca-Cola polar bear. And those classic Pepsi cameos think of Pepsi isn't credited just seeing okay. Hi Cindy. Won't be part of the big game. Instead some of the biggest brands are sitting this one out. Budweiser announcing this year it won't be airing a Super Bowl and planning for the second time in nearly four decades. The brand's iconic Clyde scales which has been a fixture on Super Bowl Sunday through thick and thin. Will be on the sidelines this year. Instead of spending the roughly five point five million dollars it costs to buy a 32 commercial in 20/20 one. Budweiser says it through direct that money toward raising awareness about the cove in nineteen vaccine. Facing the trifecta of the pandemic political divisions and racial unrest advertising gurus cautioned it could be hard this year to find the right tone so we should immediately issue beans are right. In the pressure cook are so there's a lot crowd enticed to consider as it's really tough remedies and do great but for those brands ready to tackle the -- game head on. Here's what to expect to see you'll see humor you'll see her Cairo late EO. Colombia are. Pepsi's putting its money toward its half time show Coca-Cola says it'll be investing in quote the right resources during these unprecedented times. You'll still see ads for Anheuser-Busch products like Bud Light on your screen during the game. And Budweiser has released a 92 covad vaccination ad entitled bigger picture. Eva. Yes we are looking at the bigger picture right now we'll read thank you for that and that does it for this ABC news live update on you have children in for Diane estate ABC news why does your free all day with the latest news contacts and announces. I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern the Terry Moran for the breakdown. Film and. You me. It means I'm.

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{"duration":"13:03","description":"Concerns are growing over virus mutations with the first known case of the Brazil strain found in Minnesota, plus, President Joe Biden’s set to sign executive orders focusing on racial equity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75495109","title":"ABC News Live Update: Biden works to ramp up vaccine rollout","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-live-update-biden-works-ramp-vaccine-75495109"}